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Pet Society Fishing – List of Ten New Fishes Released July 31st (Set 2) July 31, 2009

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Today, ten new fishes appeared in the Pet Society fishing pond.

New Regular Fish – Five of the new fish can be caught using any type of bait:



Blue Ram


Green Discus




Octopus – often caught with homegrown fruits and vegetables


New Special Fish – The other five new fish can only be caught using special baits:

Bananafish – may be caught using a banana (either homegrown or store-bought) as the bait


Cheesefish – may be caught using a piece of 10 coin cheese from the store as your bait


Lemonfish – may be caught using a lemon as the bait


Piranha – may be caught using a rare steak as the bait


Strawberryfish – may be caught using a strawberry as the bait


Here’s a picture of Momo with her new fish:


For more info on the fish, please visit Pet Society World’s Fish List.


Pink Dahlias Fixed

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Two weeks ago, the pink dahlias were introduced, but they had a problem the second they were pulled out of the ground.  Somehow, the mutant flowers had a white lily attached to them.  On Thursday, the flowers were fixed, and the white lilies no longer appear stuck behind the dahlia.  They look much better now.  The update fixes all of the flowers, whether they are newly planted ones, or mutant flowers already grown and stored in your chest.  They will all appear normal now.

This is how they looked before:


This is how the pink dahlia looks now:


Pet Society New Mystery Boxes, New Fish, More Fun

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Today’s Pet Society update included new fish in the fishing pond and new mystery box items in the mystery boxes!  I’ll post later tonight with more info and hopefully some more pictures of the items!  Good luck fishing for fun everyone.

Here’s one a new catch for now:




Bye bye Pink and Green Balloons July 29, 2009

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I have some sad news today. There are no longer any pink and green balloons in the cheap (pink/red) mystery boxes, according to a Playfish forum admin.  The pink and green balloons were removed without notice.  I wish some new things were introduced into the cheap mystery boxes each week, along with the purple and gold boxes.  There’s even less of a reason to buy the cheap boxes now.

Likewise, the old stool is no longer available in the furniture shop.  It was one of the original furniture items in the store when I started playing Pet Society last August.  The old stool can now only be found in the cheap mystery boxes.



Pet Society Fishing – List of Fishes Released July 24th (Set 1) July 27, 2009

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This morning I caught my first applefish.  I had to fish with a load of 5 coin apples from the food store to finally catch it!  I was so excited.


The last sea creature I was missing was the seahorse.  I ended up fishing with a total of 46 carrots from the food store to finally get one tonight.  I felt like I was fishing in my sleep by the end, but now I’m so glad I finished my aquarium collection.  I updated the list of Pet Society fishes, and sea creatures with all of the pictures in my previous post on Pet Society fishing. There’s also info on the baits necessary to catch the special fishes.

Here are all my fishies and other miscellaneous catches:


p.s. This is the complete list of fishes released on July 24th.

For more info on the fish, please visit Pet Society World’s Fish List.


New Pet Society Items – July 26th July 26, 2009

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It’s such a pain to log into Pet Society lately.  I’ve been seeing the error pages more often than the game..  The errors keep alternating…. First there’s a 502 bad gateway no server to handle my request error, then the error message tells me “There are still a few kinks Facebook and the makers of Pet Society are trying to iron out…”, then the mayor’s face error shown up, and then I get an error message telling me to upgrade my flash player. The last error is the most ridiculous,  since I know my flash player is up to date and the persistant problems are not on my end. Errors errors errors!

I finally got in!  There are some new pots in the garden shop this week.  I think the pretty flower pot and brown bear pot are especially cute!

There’s nothing new in the DIY store. In the clothing shop, there are two new pairs of shades called the baby rabbit and baby panda shades. There’s also a new blue hoodie, a cute baby hat, and a blue baby bib.


There’s baby milk in the food store.

The furniture store and luxury shops are overloaded with baby stuff.  There’s also a new gray kitchen cabinet/stove set in the furniture store along with more kitchen accessories.

Here are the new items in the furniture shop:


Here’s the stuff in the luxury shop (baby’s laundry decor, cute baby bathtub and cute baby crib):

In the gadget shop, there’s a dainty ceiling light fixture.  It’s nice and modern compared to a lot of the other lighting fixture choices.


It’ll be a week for saving coins for me. I’m kind of glad about that, since fishing was expensive the past few days.  I really like my current kitchen and have no interest in the drab looking, new, gray one.  I’m also not interested in buying the cutesy baby furniture and clothing. I think the only thing I’ll buy for Momo is the new blue hoodie shirt.


Pet Society Mutant Pink Dahlia Flowers

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Yesterday, Gonzalo posted in a comment that he had grown a new flower called a pink dahlia in his garden.  I hadn’t planted flowers in a bit, since I was finding vegetable farming more profitable.  I was so curious about the new flower, that I planted a few flower seeds yesterday.  Here’s a picture of the new pink dahlia flower.  Thanks so much for the tip Gonzalo!

The strange thing about the flower is that as soon as you uproot it, somehow a lily gets attached to the dahlia flower.  It looks like a mutant flower!

You can see the two overlapping plants in this picture too.  They cannot be separated.  Isn’t it funny?

I wonder if a new vegetable seed was released last Thursday too.  Has anyone noticed anything new?


Pet Society Mystery Items – July 24th July 25, 2009

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Amidst all the fishing  fun, there were also mystery items released yesterday.  The two new items from the gold mystery boxes are the cat baby doll (two are shown below) and the baby’s wind chime. The new mystery item in the purple boxes is a baby tambourine decor.


The items look like they match the upcoming baby clothes seen in the stadium.  I’m guessing there will be a baby theme tomorrow.


Pet Society Fishing Part III

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I found a few new fish today in Pet Society.  I added them to the list of fishes here.

I caught a bluegill with a melon.


Then I caught this cute strawberry donutfish with a pink donut.  I tried a few times to get it.


I also caught a watermelonfish.  I’d been trying to get one since yesterday night!



Pet Society Stadium Sightings – July 24th

Here are some previews of next week’s Pet Society clothing, as seen in the stadium.

Blue baby bib:

New hat: