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Spaceman Hideeni brings Presents to Pet Society April 23, 2010

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Today, Hideeni has been sighted in Pet Society dressed as an astronaut.  Don’t you love his latest costume?  Momo was glad to see him, and decided to ask him to go to prom with her. hee!

Hideeni’s latest gifts are called galaxy gifts. They include constellations, planets, and shooting stars. If you click on Hideeni and choose to share his gift, then your friends who play will receive one of 12 galaxy gifts. As with Hideeni’s other gifts, you can only receive a gift yourself if one of your friend’s finds Hideeni and chooses to share the news by publishing it on their facebook wall.

Momo’s collected one galaxy gift so far (Ursa Minor), and got a bunch of error messages that I already received the gift from this friend today even though I hadn’t. Lately, you can only collect one gift per friend per day even if your friend finds Hideeni multiple times and posts the news each time.

I hate getting pointless messages like this after clicking on Hideeni messages in my facebook feed.  Why do these messages appear if we’re not allowed to collect the items?  What a waste of time.

The galaxy gifts cannot be given as gifts.  Ursa Minor sells for 9 coins (not sure how much the others sell for yet). If you want to see a picture of all 12 galaxy gifts, a member of the playfish forums posted one here.

Have you collected any of Hideeni’s galaxy gift?  If so, which ones are your favorites? Are you going to try collecting all of them?