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Pet Society Mystery Items – January 31th January 31, 2010

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Not a day’s gone by since the last mystery items release date, and there are a batch of four new mystery items out today. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a Cupid Bear Plushie and a Pink Heart Mobile. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Heart Pouch.  Lastly, in the red mystery boxes, there’s a Red Heart Wall Sticker.

Momo found this Cupid Bear Plushie in a gold mystery box.  It only sells back for 36 coins!

Updated to add: Momo also found a Pink Heart Mobile in a gold mystery box and a Heart Pouch in a purple mystery box.  Each of these items sells for 36 coins too.  Momo loves carrying around the Heart Pouch.

Here’s a picture of the Red Heart Wall Sticker:

All of these items are limited items and will disappear from the boxes sometime during the week of February 14th.


Pet Society Petlings

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A new feature was added to Pet Society tonight.  Our pets can now take care of their own pets, called petlings.  According to the instructions in the garden shop, you can buy a kitten at level 5 and a puppy at level 10.

We have to feed the petling at least once every three days or it will run away.  If your petling runs away, you can find it by either posting a message to your Facebook feed and having a friend help you find it, or by paying coins to retrieve the petling.

Also, if you choose to buy a petling, it cannot be sold, gifted or recycled.  You can only grow one petling at a time, so if you want another, you’ll have to wait until the first is fully grown.  After your petling is fully grown, you can sell it for a approximately a quarter of its original price (but you still can’t gift or recycle it).

A petling takes four feedings (one per day) to grow to adulthood, so it will be fully grown at the beginning of the fourth day after buying it. Foods for the petlings are labeled in the food shop. To feed your petling, just drop the food over its head (make sure your pet isn’t nearby, or it might eat your petling’s food).

Momo bought a puppy.  It was really hungry for a bone, so Momo fed it one and it started to grow right away.

It grew into a little grey puppy that she named Lucky.

Lucky likes to hop around and jump on all of Momo’s furniture.

Has your pet decided to buy a Petling?  What does your petling look like?

Post a picture of a your pet and his/her petling in the Pet Society World’s Flickr Group. For details on how to join and post pictures to the group, check out this post.


New Pet Society Items – January 31st

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This week in Pet Society, there are lots of St. Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year items. Any item labeled “Holiday Special”  will be on sale until February 14th GMT.

In the garden shop, there’s are two “holiday specials,” a bleeding hearts flower seed and a love tree seed.

There’s also a new section for Petlings, pets for your pet.  Pretty neat, only I hope mine never runs away.

In the DIY store, there’s a romantic sky wallpaper as the “holiday special,” and the “just arrived” items include a romantic castle floor, wallpaper and railing.

In the clothing shop, the “holiday special” is a pink Juliet dress. I’m so excited that I guessed it’s name (and some of the others) correctly from my stadium sightings! The “just arrived” items include a Juliet headpiece, dress, and shoes. There’s also a Romeo shirt with matching pants and shoes. Lastly, there’s a tiger bib, tiger shoes and a double buns wig.  I’m happy there’s finally a dark wig. 😀

In the food shop, the “holiday special” is a cupid ice cream, and there’s also a cherry ice cream. The petlings’s favorite foods are organized together on shelves near the front of the store.

In the furniture store, the “holiday special” include a first kiss statue, a baby unicorn plushie, a Lunar New Year wall decor, and a prosperity plushie. The “just arrived” items include a romantic castle flower decor, a “luck” red lantern, a golden dragon lantern, and a Chinese knot decor.

In the luxury shop, the “holiday special” is a Lunar New Year fest table, and the “just arrived” items include a romantic castle terrace and a romantic castle staircase (so expensive!!).

In the mystery shop, there’s a new mysterious food called the chocolate pet potion.

What do you think of this week’s items?  Which ones are your favorites?


Pet Society Mystery Items – January 30th January 30, 2010

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New Pet Society mystery items were released today in Pet Society.  A heart apron and cute tiger plushie were  added to the gold boxes, and a romantic cushion was added to the purple boxes.

Momo found the heart apron, and the cute tiger plushie so far.

And here’s a picture of the romantic cushion:


Pet Society Stadium Sightings of New Items – January 30th

Here are some sightings of upcoming clothes I saw in the stadium today.  We can look forward to these Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day outfits!  I’m just making up my own names for the items because I’m not sure of their official names. 😀

From left to right: tiger shirt, tiger slippers, Romeo shirt, pink Juliet dress, rust Juliet dress, pearl tiara.


Pet Society Updates – January 30th

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A few updates were included during today’s updates in Pet Society.  One of the updates is the addition of new Valentine’s gift boxes and bags.

Hideeni got tired of dressing like a turkey, and sent his costume to the dry cleaners.  He’s back in his old chicken costume; however, Hideeni is not offering a new gift yet (it’s still the reindeer doll).  Here is Hideeni, pining away after Momo.

On the left side of the screen, there’s a new button to add to the clutter on our game screen that prompts us to share our email addresses with Playfish.  I’m tired of seeing it already.  I bet it’ll keep reappearing no matter how many times I get rid of it, just like the bookmark Pet Society button.

Lastly, the Pet Society Facebook fan page has a teaser up that says, “You have asked for it, now it’s coming! What is it?…”

This new feature will be released on Monday GMT.  I’m looking forward to it, and just hope it’s not another cash shop feature.  I hope it’s a new game for the stadium or a mini game that will be fun for everyone.

What do you think the new feature is?  What do you think of the other new updates?


Pet Society Special Valentine’s Gift for Fans

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Today, the Mayor sent out special Valentine’s gifts to Pet Society Facebook Fans along with this letter.

Here’s the gift wrap:

Inside was a yellow rose bouquet! If your pet doesn’t like the gift, you’re still stuck it, since the bouquet can’t be gifted, sold or recycled.

Hope everyone loves the flowers as much as Momo!

Did you like the Mayor’s gift?


New Pet Society Fish (Release 23): Kangaroofish January 27, 2010

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Today Momo and I caught a Kangaroofish.  This special fish loves to eat Australian foods like the Choc-top and Snack roll, so be sure to use them as your bait to catch this fish.

I lost count of how many I used to finally catch the fish, but then I caught two kangaroofish in a row using choc-tops as bait.  Now, Momo’s going to eat all the extra baits we bought at the store.  She’s hungry and tired from fishing so much.

For more info on these fish and other items in the pet society fish pond, please visit Pet Society World’s Fish List!


Pet Society Mystery Item Removal – Week of January 26th

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Pet Society will be removing the following three mystery items from the mystery boxes this week:

Purple Mystery Boxes: Nine-Square Shelving
Gold Mystery Boxes: Grape Mirror, Little Frog Doll

The items will most likely disappear Thursday or Friday when the new mystery items make their appearance.  Good luck finding the items you want before they disappear!


Pet Society Magnificent Mystery Box January 24, 2010

Usually I don’t post about Playfish Cash items on my blog, but the infiltration of cash shop items into regular stores made me notice the “magnificent mystery box” now on sale in the mystery shop. For 5 playfish cash (between $0.77-0.91 USD depending on the rate you buy the coins at), you can buy a box with a magnificent mystery item inside. The label says the items are old items that are no longer in the stores.

Since I’ve played the game since there start, there are very few items that I really really want but missed buying when they were on sale for coins.  I’m guessing there are a lot of items in the new box that I didn’t even want to spend coins on.  I’d definitely rather buy something for coins than for Playfish cash.

On the other hand, the new boxes might be a good alternative for someone with real money to spend who didn’t play the game from the start and/or doesn’t trade for old items. Although, from what I’ve read so far, the contents of the new mystery box are not terribly impressive.  The magnificent mystery items include the pink toaster, feather headdress, rosy cute lamp, Merlin’s hat, hot pink laptop, deluxe toothbrush set, pet parade balloon and rosy cute dining table. You can see more items that have been found in the magnificent mystery box in a list being updated here.

The magnificent mystery box seems pretty disappointing to me. A few of the items I didn’t like the first time around, and others were only available a few short months ago.

What do you think of the new magnificent mystery box, and would you consider buying one?