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Pet Society Mystery Corsage Pot Glitch April 29, 2010

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Have any of you bought a mystery corsage pot in Pet Society recently?  The first set I bought grew into corsages just fine, but I bought another two pots to see if I could grow a daffodil corsage (the only one I was missing).  The plants refuse to grow it’s been days.

Has anyone else experienced this Pet Society glitch?


Gift from the Pet Society Mayor

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The Mayor of Pet Society gave out a gift to all Facebook fans of the game today.  It’s a pretty Pet Society Heart Flower.

If you got the flower, do you like it?


Pet Society Eco Tree

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Here’s a picture of the new Eco Tree with a fruit on it from a friend of mine.  It’s a blue version of the cupcake tree (below left).

The homegrown eco fruit is really cool, since it’s a little globe.  The fruits sell for 85 coins each.

I may have to uproot a tree and plant and eco tree seed!  At the very least I’ll buy a seed.  When the eco tree seeds first came out, they were labeled with a just arrived sign, but this week they’re labeled with a “last week in stores” sign.

Have you grown an eco tree?


Pet Society Free Gifts – April 28th

Yesterday, two new items were added for us to send as free gifts to our friends in Pet Society, the Bad Wolf Plushie and the Poppy Flower Crown.

Tyson mentioned in a comment that the three pig plushies resembled the characters in the story, “Three Little Pigs.”  It was a great observation! The Blue Pig plushie holds a straw in his hand to build his house of straw. The Pink Pig plushie has a wood log to build his house of wood. The Green Pig plushie is sitting on a pile of bricks to build his brick house. Now we have the Big Bad Wolf to go with them.

Here’s a link to check out lots of versions of the Three Little Pigs folk tale.

Do you like the folk tale?  Have you collected all four characters?


Pet Society Mystery Items – April 28rd

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Four new new mystery items were added to the Pet Society mystery boxes yesterday. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a Mexican Chihuahua Plushie (TWS) a White Sombrero (TWS). These two items are both labeled as TWS (This Week Special) in the official PS blog, so that means they’ll only be available for this week! In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Cactus Luchador Mask. In the red boxes, the latest item is a Small Flowering Cactus Pot.

Momo’s found the white sombrero so far!

Happy mystery box hunting!

p.s. While looking for the latest mystery items, I found some from prior weeks, so the Mystery Item posts for April 23rd and April 15th are now updated!


Pet Society Fish (Release 35): Neon Tetra Jumbo, White Anemone, Orange Seashell and Cypraea Englerti April 28, 2010

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A new fish and other pretty items  were released in the Pet Society fish pond last Friday. The fish is a Neon Tetra Jumbo. It’s a regular fish that can be caught with any type of bait.  Three decorative items were also added in the pond: White Anemone, Orange Seashell and Cypraea Englerti. All three items can be caught with any type of bait.

Momo caught this Neon Tetra Jumbo with a lemon:

She caught this White Anemone with a rotten vegetable:

Here’s the Orange Seashell she caught with a lemon:

Lastly, here’s the Cypraea Englerti that she caught with a lemon:

For more info on the fish and other items in the pet society fish pond, please visit Pet Society World’s Fish List!


Happy 1st Birthday to Pet Society World April 27, 2010

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Today is Pet Society World’s first birthday!  It’s been such fun to post about Momo’s adventures over the past year.  Thanks to all the great readers, who’ve made this blog so much fun to run!

Please join Momo and me in eating this giant birthday cake!