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Pet Society Cheesy Mayor Glitch July 18, 2010

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When I posted earlier today about the Pet Society cooking problem regarding the mushroom stool, I was reminded that a commenter named Chef had asked me to post about the “Cheesy Mayor glitch” moths ago.  Sorry it’s taken me so long to post!

Since Momo is only an “apprentice chef,” she has never experienced this glitch, but players who have reached the “A List Celebrity Chef” rank are experiencing huge problems cooking.  The “A List Celebrity Chef” level unlocks the recipe to cook the Cheesy Mayor. Once players unlock this level, they get a “save failed” 3008 error when cooking any dish, so their kitchens are completely paralyzed.  Pets who reach this level can’t cook the Cheesy Mayor, or anything else for that matter.

There are two long discussions of this problem on the Playfish forum here and here.  According to the posts in these topics, the problem was reported to Playfish in April, but it still hasn’t been fixed. Chef wanted me to warn everyone that we shouldn’t be in hurry to cook the Cheesy Mayor in Pet Society because you won’t be able to enjoy cooking until the problem is fixed.  I feel sad for all the pets out there who love cooking and who’ve been receiving this error for months.  Come on Playfish, get this problem fixed so the Pet Chefs can have fun cooking again!


Pet Society Sales and Cooking the Vegetable Kebab

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In recent weeks, pet chefs have been plagued with recurring problems as ingredients are being discontinued from the Pet Society stores during clearance sales. Passerby and Penangite pointed out that the mushroom stool that’s currently on sale in the outdoor shop is an ingredient required to cook the vegetable kebab in Pet Society. The mushroom stool has always been a strange ingredient, since it was introduced as a piece of furniture, and was later relocated to the garden (now outdoor) store.  It’s a chair in the stores, not a food!

I’m still an apprentice chef, and can’t cook the vegetable kebab yet, but here’s a picture showing the ingredients required to cook it: the mushroom stool, the courgette and the pumpkin.

The last Pet Society food shop clearance sale removed the courgette and the pumpkin from the food shop, which caused problems for chefs in Pet Society. After players pointed out Playfish’s mistake, they announced that the courgette and pumpkin will return to the stores with the updates on July 19th.

Regarding the current problem with the mushroom stool, two moderators at the Playfish forum have reported the problem to Playfish.  Let’s hope that the mushroom stool is not removed from the store for good, or that Playfish comes up with a replacement ingredient to cook the vegetable kebabs. Let’s also keep out fingers crossed that Playfish will think about the consequences of placing items on clearance in the future.


Potential Fishing and Cooking Problems due to the Pet Society Food Shop Sale July 3, 2010

There are a number of potential problems with the Pet Society food shop clearance sale pointed out by Tyson and Passerby.  We will no longer be able to catch certain fish, since we’ll be missing the appropriate bait. Additionally, we may not be able to cook certain foods, since the ingredients will be gone from the food shop.  I guess Playfish didn’t think about these problems when cleaning out the store. 😦

Cooking the festive pudding requires the white ribbon cupcake, which will soon be removed.

Cooking the orange cupcake requires the yellow ribbon cupcake, which will soon be removed.

I’m not at a very high level in cooking, so there may be additional problems in obtaining ingredients to cook other foods too.

The pretzelfish can only be caught with the soft pretzel, which is on clearance.

The breadfish can only be caught with the small loaf of bread, which is also on clearance.

You might want to do some cooking and fishing this week.  It seems that Playfish and the Pet Society developers didn’t think the clearance sale through very well.

Update: There’s an official update on the status of foods used in recipes.  Please see this post for the details.


Cooking Available Again in Pet Society June 11, 2010

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For at least a couple weeks, if you tried to cook in Pet Society, you would get the following message that the feature was unavailable for a little while:

Today, Pet Society was updated and the cooking feature is back and functional again!  All the pet chefs will be thrilled!

Momo’s going to go burn some soup in celebration!


Cuisinart ICE-20 Automatic Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker White


Bake a Pet Society Orange Cupcake in Less Time December 23, 2009

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The Pet Society orange cupcake used to take a full day of slaving in the kitchen to bake, but with today’s update, it’ll only take you an hour!  Much more realistic.


Poll: Is Cooking More Fun in Real Life or in Pet Society? December 19, 2009

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According to the recipe book, there are now 16 days left to learn the festive pudding recipe. Momo’s been cooking soup like crazy to earn enough cooking points to unlock the recipe. I wasn’t even sure how many dishes she needed to cook, since the recipe book is very unclear. Luckily, Sfelaccio commented that the festive pudding unlocks at the same level as the banana split (the kitchen porter level). Thanks for the help Sfelaccio!

Unfortunately, Momo’s not the best cook, even when preparing soup. She’s managed to burn six dishes so far. Yucky! The burned food looks like poo. Ewww!

Cooking in Pet Society is nice in a way because you don’t have to monitor the oven as it cooks. However, cooking soup all the time is feeling more like a chore than a fun activity. Plus, you don’t get to eat the food you cook, which is probably the most fun part about cooking. Momo can eat her cyber-pixel food, but this week I’ve been enjoying an orange cranberry loaf and ginger cookies. I think Momo is missing out. 😉

What do you think, is cooking more fun in real life or in Pet Society? Do you like cooking in real life? Do you like cooking in Pet Society?


Cooking Seasonal Foods in Pet Society December 17, 2009

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Today, new features were added to the cooking feature.  Playfish says that some bugs have been fixed (hopefully this means my game won’t crash all the time when I’m collecting my cooked foods). Additionally, we can now cook three new seasonal recipes.  According to We must learn these seasonal recipes during the next 18 days, and once we have learned the recipes, we will be able to cook the foods at any time.

For 100 coins you can learn to cook a festive turkey, and for 500 coins you can learn to cook a festive yule log. There’s also an option to cook a festive pudding, which Momo hasn’t managed to unlock yet.  It’s not clear how much my poor pet will have to cook to unlock the pudding, and Momo is really getting tired of cooking soup. Both the festive yule log and festive pudding look very similar to items sold in the food shop last year.  So yummy!