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Pet Society Stadium Sightings of New Items – October 30th October 30, 2009

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Here are the upcoming preview clothes I spotted in the Pet Society stadium!

Colorful coat:

Colorful striped pants:

Decorated hat:

Decorated shoes:

Puffy red pants:

Red and black sneakers:

Fall/elf shirt:

Fall/elf pants:

Fall leaves dress:

matching striped socks and shoes:

Here’s a picture of a pet wearing the dress and socks/shoes together:

Fall flower hair pin:

Penguin shirt:


Pet Society Sale in the Furniture Store October 29, 2009

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The Pet Society furniture store is having a sale, and the prices are marked down on a number of items, including:

tropic clock – was 3,000 coins -> now 1,500 coins
tiki bed – was 2,500 coins -> now 1,250 coins
tiki torch – was 600 coins -> now 300 coins
tiki bench – was 800 coins -> now 400 coins
tiki gate – was 1,800 coins -> now 900 coins
tiki chair  – was 500 coins -> now 250 coins
tiki bar – was 3,000 coins -> now 1,500 coins
tiki folding screen – was 800 coins -> now 400 coins
tiki welcome sign – was 350 coins -> now 175 coins
Mayor doll – was 750 coins -> now 450 coins
koala doll – was 750 coins -> now 450 coins
bamboo folding screen – was 1,400 coins -> now 700 coins
elegant dinner table – was 1,200 coins -> now 900 coins
dark wooden bed – was 2,400 coins -> now 1,440 coins
royal wardrobe – was 1,000 coins -> now 500 coins
summer chair – was 150 coins -> now 75 coins
summer armchair – was 120 coins -> now 90 coins

As in previous sales, these items will likely be all gathered in the front of the store on Sunday night, and they’ll be on sale for one week until they disappear from the store.


Pet Society Chestnut Tree

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I read that there’s a new chestnut tree that was released in the game today.  I planted a couple seeds, and hopefully will have some luck growing one.

I’m really running out of room in my garden!

I haven’t grown one yet, but here’s what the tree and the chestnut looks like:


Pet Society Mystery Items – October 29th

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I’ve had the flu over the past few days, and I still haven’t fully recovered. 😦 I wish I had the energy to search for the new mystery items, but I really just want to crawl back into bed.

In the gold boxes, there’s a shower basket decor and an afternoon tea pot. In the purple boxes, there’s an afternoon tea cup.

Good luck finding the new items everyone!

Updated 11/02/09 with an image of the basket and tea cup:


Pet Society Jack O'Lanterns Now Light Up! October 25, 2009

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Last week, I was a bit unimpressed that the make-your-own jack o’lanterns didn’t light up, but after this week’s release, the pumpkins and their decorations light up.  They look so much cooler now!


Pet Society Halloween Tree – Finally, a Homegrown Halloween Lolly!

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Momo and I were beginning to lose hope that her two Halloween trees would ever produce candy.  She kept visiting them every day, but all of the Halloween tree’s branches were bare….until tonight!

Tonight, one of the Halloween trees finally produced a lolly.

Tthe homegrown Halloween lolly sells for 85 coins.

Thanks to everyone who offered to send me photos of the lolly, and to those who added pictures of the candy in the Pet Society World Flickr group!


Pet Society Skeleton Potion – Nothing Left But Bones

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Momo’s first purchase tonight was the Skeleton Potion in the Mystery Store.

Here are the rules.  Momo didn’t wait; she wanted to drink it right away.

After Momo drank the potion, she underwent the Skeleton Transformation:

Here’s Momo now.  She took off her costume to show off her new figure!