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Pet Society Brown Home Dye Station September 6, 2010

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I wanted to share a great tip that pinku provided in the comments!

Even if you don’t use Playfish Cash, if you have a friend with a new brown home dye stations, then your pet can use it for free!! You can use it to dye your wigs three shades of brown (ash, light brown, and dark brown).

I hope one of the rich pets in the cafe buys one soon, so we’ll all have access to dye our wigs! Cross your fingers that fingers Playfish won’t change this on us. 😀

Thanks pinku!!

Edited to add (Sept. 9, 2010): Pet Society ruined the fun, so we can no longer dye wigs at friends’ dye stations. So lame.


Pet Society Blue Mailbox March 10, 2010

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I bought the new blue mailbox in Pet Society today, and I noticed that it was interactive!  The mail box is normally closed, and if your pet clicks on it, it will open to show all the letters inside. Your pet will laugh the same way it does when it tells a joke to its friends. It’s cute!  I love learning that items are interactive and clickable. 🙂


How to Hide Your Pet Society Christmas Tree Ornaments December 31, 2009

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A number of people have asked me what they should do with all their Pet Society Christmas tree ornaments after they take down their trees, since many ornaments cannot be sold, gifted or recycled.  Momo hasn’t taken down her tree yet, and I generally leave mine up through mid-January; however, here are some tips for hiding your ornaments whenever your pet decides to take down her/his tree.

Since there are so many ornaments, leaving them in your pet’s inventory means you may have to scroll through pages to find other items.   If it bothers you to scroll though ornaments in your inventory and you need an alternative, then I think the best option is to hide the ornaments behind furniture or decorations in your house.

Hiding the ornaments takes a bit of experimentation because of Pet Society’s layering issues.  First, place an ornament on the floor. Then, test and see which items can be placed in front of the ornaments. Alternatively, you try dropping an ornament behind an item to see if the ornament layers behind or in front of the item.

Here’s Momo’s pile of ornaments:

After putting the verdant shrub in front of the pile, all of the ornaments were completely hidden.

The following items can be placed in front of the ornaments to hide them. This is not a complete list, since I just tested a few options, but it may give you some ideas:
verdant shrub, orange tree, as well as other plants and plant pots
world traveler suitcase
doll basket
old clock
Moulin Rouge miniature
toxic barrel
amberstone bug
conch shell
washing machine
simple basket
picnic basket
treasure chest

I thought some of the larger pieces of furniture would work (like cabinets), but they layer behind the ornaments and can’t be used to hide them. Toys can also be placed in front of ornaments, but I wouldn’t recommend using them, since your pet may pick up the toy and move it at any time to reveal the ornaments.

If you want to save your tree for next year, then Christmas/holiday trees can be placed in your pet’s garden (or as part of an outdoor scene in another room in your pet’s house) all year round.  They look nice as pine trees.

I hope that helps if you’re not sure what to do with your Christmas tree and ornaments now that Christmas is over!  If you have any other tips, do share them in the comments.


Pet Society Luminous Film Camera November 8, 2009

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I was tempted to buy the Pet Society luminous film camera decor in the luxury shop.  It’s pretty neat.  If you turn off the lights with a light switch, it glows.  Then if your pet touches the camera, the reels of the camera spin and it projects a film countdown from 5 to 1. It projects with the lights on too, but looks much better with the lights off. 😀


Pet Society Jack O'Lanterns Now Light Up! October 25, 2009

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Last week, I was a bit unimpressed that the make-your-own jack o’lanterns didn’t light up, but after this week’s release, the pumpkins and their decorations light up.  They look so much cooler now!


Pet Society Fangs October 20, 2009

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A commenter asked me how Momocula got her fangs, so I thought I’d make a post on it.

They’re available at the stylist.  If you go there, and click on the mouth options,  choose the absolutely last one.  It looks like a black line because the teeth don’t show up against the white background.  I bought they in the past, so they show up as free for me now whenever I want to wear them.  I’m not sure what the original price is anymore.

The lucky thing is that Momocula won’t have to pay to get her old Momo mouth back after Halloween is over.


Pet Society World’s Mystery Box Techniques and Tips September 27, 2009

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Nintendo Wii

I wanted to share Momo’s strategy for finding Pet Society items in mystery boxes with her friends.  A few people have asked me questions in comments about how I find items quickly, and I had briefly mentioned that Momo just buys and sells mystery boxes until she finds what she wants. This is precisely what she and I do.

However, over my months of playing, I have more fully developed my method for finding expensive mystery box items. Since my mystery box technique works well for me, I wanted to share it with more details and an example that includes coin calculations.   Perhaps my mystery box tips will work for you too!

My strategy hinges on buying expensive (gold) mystery boxes in bulk. I buy six gold mystery boxes at a time. This requires that I have a savings of more than 3,000 coins.  I also have a goal for what I am aiming to find.  Today, let’s look for one of the gold box mystery items that were released during the last two weeks: the yellow cab, shopping bag, school locker or armillary sphere.

With this goal in mind, I purchased six gold boxes (round 1) and then opened them all.  Inside the boxes, I found the charming hearts wallpaper (666 sell back price), shell picture (999), classic jeans (99), samurai helmet (999), dodecahedron lantern (999) and elegant bamboo (333). I didn’t find anything I was aiming to find, so I’ll sell all six items back.  Let’s add the loss for buying the six boxes with the profit from selling all six items: -3000+666+999+99+999+999+333 coins = 1095 coins.  Overall,  in round 1, Momo had a total profit of 1095 coins. Momo was lucky this time!

Round 1 – six boxes -3000
charming hearts 666
shell picture 999
classic jeans 99
samurai helmet 999
dodecahedron lantern 999
elegant bamboo 333
TOTAL 1095

Since Momo didn’t find anything she was looking for in round 1, let’s try again and buy a second set of six gold mystery boxes (round 2). As Momo opened her second box in round 2, she found the school locker she was searching for. All of the items we found in this round are listed below in the table with their sell-back values.  Here in round 2, we ended up with a total loss of 1221 coins (this would have been only a loss of 222 coins if we sold back the school locker for 999 coins).  Overall, the net total of rounds 1 and 2 is = 1095 – 1221 coins = -126 coins. This means that we spent only 126 coins to find and purchase the school locker.  Happily, that’s less than the cost of the mystery box!

Round 2 – six boxes -3000
flourishing bush 116
school locker (keeping)
classic jeans 99
magic bunny hat 999
big gold bracelet 199
pink dotted wallpaper 366
TOTAL -1221
NET TOTAL (rounds 1+2)

It’s needless to say that mystery boxes are a gamble, but I’ve found that by buying in bulk (six gold boxes at a time), I roughly even out my chance of getting cheap, ugly wallpapers/carpets/plants/watches with my chance of finding an item with a sell-back price of 999 coins. That allows me to sell back all the items with roughly no net loss, and gives me the ability to try my chances again.  Still, since it’s a gamble, the technique isn’t fail-proof.

In comparison with other tips I’ve seen that suggest friends gifting boxes to one another and opening/refreshing until you find what you want, I think my technique is a lot faster, and there’s no form of cheating taking advantage of the system involved (;)).  Another advantage is that my technique works well for a single player who doesn’t have any friends obsessed with the game and willing to trade boxes with them all Friday afternoon.

It’s important to note that my strategy only seems to work with gold mystery boxes. The overall value of items in the purple/blue mystery boxes is much lower, so finding new mystery items in the purple boxes is a bigger risk, and you’re more likely to have an overall loss in coins. I sometimes don’t bother with the purple boxes unless I’m prepared to lose coins.

It’s also important to mention that this isn’t necessarily a fast process, and sometimes you may have to go through many rounds of buying and selling to find a new item.

So those are all of Momo and my mystery box techniques and tips.  I hope they help you and your pet find what they are looking for.  If you ever try my mystery box technique out, then please let me know what you think. Good luck finding your long-sought for mystery box items!