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Pet Society Updates – August 13th August 13, 2010

There were a number of Pet Society updates today.  The maximum level has been raised to 100 now! I hope we’ll earn some new rooms for reaching higher levels, but I haven’t heard anything about this yet.

Although the Pet Society officials announced yesterday that the Jubble rings would be sold for coins through Monday at midnight GMT, they were changed to Playfish cash with today’s update.  😦 This update really stinks.

A Diamond Ring Headband was added to the “Town Forest” as the latest weekly treasure hunt item.

Also, a button headband was added as the free gift to send to your friends.


Pet Society Jubble Ring Update August 11, 2010

A Pet Society Official has posted a Jubble Ring update on the Playfish forum.  As of Monday at midnight GMT, the Jubble rings currently being sold for coins will be sold for Playfish Cash coins.

If you buy a Jubble ring before Monday for coins, then you won’t lose your ring.  After Monday, you won’t be able to gift any Jubble rings in your inventory, so if you have one you’d like to give to a friend, you should gift the item before Monday.

Here’s the full post for more details.

I’m really annoyed.  I guess Playfish made a mistake in releasing them for coins, but why can’t they leave the Jubble rings as they are?  Maybe they realized their popularity and want to make money off them.  It really annoys be that they spread information via their forum and not by sending out an in-game message to all players.  I think they way they distribute their information is unfair. Be sure to tell any of your friends who are saving up for a jubble ring that they won’t be sold for coins much longer.

For everyone’s reference, the Jubble rings come in three varieties. There are green, blue, and pink Jubbles.

Momo and I have the blue and green Jubbles  so far, so we’re going to try to get the last one for coins before time runs out.  The Jubbles are really cute, and they follow Momo everywhere.  I wish they would remain coin items.

What do you think?


Pet Society Deep Ocean Treasure Hunt August 6, 2010

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Today, Pet Society added a new “Deep Ocean” digging site to go treasure hunting at.

It looked really neat…until we realized it was a Playfish Cash treasure hunt site.

Happily, Playfish seems to have some sympathy for the non-Playfish cash players, and each player will receive 5 free Playfish cash  shovels (blue shovels) per day along with five regular shovels.  You have to use the shovels that day or you’ll lose them.

With her 5 free blue shovels, Momo found a deep ocean chair and a blue mermaid dress. Yay!

What did you and your pet find in the deep ocean treasure hunt site?


Pet Society Updates – May 22nd May 22, 2010

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Today, two new items were added for us to send as free gifts to our friends in Pet Society, the Bear Princess Plushie and the Pug Plushie.

When your pet is in his or her garden, you’ll notice a new meerkat icon on the left of the screen. If you click it, the following window will appear:

The new feature is a meerkat auto-harvest service that costs 4 Playfish Cash and lasts for seven days.  The service doesn’t make any sense to me, since growing a gigantic vegetable takes nine full days.  What do you think of this new feature?


Playfish Hotel City Cash Coin Promotion April 16, 2010

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Now that the Playfish Hotel City cash coin promotion is over, how many cash coins did you earn? Have you decided what you’ll but with the cash coins? Are you still interested in playing Hotel City now that the promotion’s over?

I managed to reach level 10 just before the deadline, so I earned 6 cash coins. I’m not really sure what to buy with them in Pet Society. I just visited the cash shop (boutique) and looked around for what I could afford, and nothing seemed particularly interesting. I didn’t realize that all the cash coin items were so expensive. I feel like I just wasted my time playing Hotel City for cash coins that won’t go very far at all. I’m not really interested in playing Hotel City, so I deleted the game tonight. None of my friends started playing it at all, and I’d rather spend my time on Pet Society.

What are your thoughts on the promotion?


Playfish Cash Promotion April 10, 2010

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Many have mentioned that Playfish is promoting its latest game, Hotel City, with a Playfish Cash Promotion.

The full details on the promotion are here, but these are the highlights:
“• Install Hotel City and complete the tutorial to earn 2 Playfish Cash!
• Play Hotel City and reach level 10 to earn another 4 Playfish Cash!
• Play Hotel City and reach level 25 to earn yet another 4 Playfish Cash!”

Since Playfish cash is used across all Playfish games, you can play Hotel City to earn a maximum of Playfish Cash to use in any Playfish game, including Pet Society. This may be a good option for players who don’t spend real money on Playfish Cash in Pet Society.


New Pet Society Items – April 4th April 4, 2010

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Happy Easter!

The new Pet Society items were added to the stores today. Also, remember there’s just one more week to purchase any “Easter Special” items you like, since they will be removed from the stores  midnight April 11th GMT.

In the garden shop, there are new black modern and white modern petling beds.

In the furniture store, there are lots of new items. There’s a hotel city plushie, which is also available in the market.  “This week’s special” items include a sweet pink sink, recycle bin, toilet paper, room scent and toilet.

“This week’s specials” also include a sweet pink towel, bath tub, soap basket, bin, and cabinet. There’s a new sweet green washing bin and a blue detergent bottle.

The “just arrived” items include a sweet pink washing machine, pink ribbon rattan washing bin, yellow detergent bottle, sweet blue washing bin, sweet pink washing bin, sweet blue washing machine, summer house blue chair, pet skater poster, and a summer house blue sofa.

Additionally, there’s an elegant black sink, recycle bin, toilet paper, room scent, toilet, towel, bath tub, soap basket, bin, and cabinet.

And if you prefer blue, there’s a sweet blue sink, recycle bin, toilet paper, room scent, toilet, towel, bath tub, soap basket, bin, and cabinet.

In the market, there’s the hotel cite plushie and a mole plushie.

In the food shop,  the  “just arrived” item is a a massive pile of chocolate profiteroles.

In the clothing shop, “this week’s special” is a pink detective hat, and a blue shiny ribbon, with a blue shiny ribbon dress and shoes. The “just arrived” items are a brown detective hat, a purple shiny ribbon, with a purple shiny ribbon dress and shoes.

In the DIY store, “this week’s specials” are elegant black floor tiles, sweet pink floor tiles, and sweet pink tiles. The “just arrived” items are the sweet blue tiles, elegant bath tiles, sweet blue floor tiles and elegant white floor tiles.

There are so many cash shop items this week spread all over the place.  It seems like the game has reached the point where Playfish only sells fun items for real money and sells toilets to everyone else.

I bought the two new plushies, the brown detective hat (appropriate since I’m reading Sherlock Holmes stories right now) a pile of chocolate profiteroles and the two new pairs of shoes (the matching dresses are too shiny and plastic looking). I can’t believe there’s nothing else being sold for coins that I’m remotely interested in this week.

Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites? least favorites?