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Pet Society World’s Fish List August 17, 2009

This is a list of all of the fish freely available in the Pet Society fish pond.  I will update this list as new fish are released.

My list is split into three categories: Regular Fish, Special Fish and Decor & Garbage Items, and then subdivided into sets by the date the fish and pond items were released.

Regular Fish –  can be caught using any type of bait

Set 1 (released July 24, 2009): Altum Angelfish, Bluegill, Carp, Clownfish, Crab, Flounder, Frontosa, Paddlefish, Sardine, Shrimp, Silver Arowana, Squid, Starfish

Set 2
(released July 31, 2009): Blowfish, Blue Ram, Green Discus, Dogfish, Octopus,

Set 3
(released August 6, 2009): Clown Loach, Golden Butterflyfish, Lovefish, Schooling Bannerfish, Sheepfish, Spotted Bass

Set 4
(released August 15, 2009): Red Salmon

Set 6
(released August 28, 2009): Red Demekin Goldfish

Set 7 (released September 4, 2009): Macaronfish

Set 8
(released September 11, 2009): Mosquitofish
Set 9 (released September 18, 2009): Elephantnose Fish

Set 10 (released September 25, 2009): Clown Knifefish

Set 11 (released October 1, 2009): Black Ghost Knifefish

Set 13 (released October 16, 2009): African Butterflyfish

Set 14 (released October 29, 2009): Golden White Cloud

Set 15 (released November 6, 2009): Paradise Fish

Set 18 (released November 26, 2009): Pink Heartfish

Set 21 (released January 6, 2010): Green Neon Tetra

Set 26 (released February 19, 2010): Cactusfish

Set 32 (released April 1, 2010): Saddle Valentini Puffe

Set 34 (released April 15, 2010): Danio Tinwini

Set 32 (released April 23, 2010): Neon Tetra Jumbo

Set 37 (released May 7, 2010): Newspaper Fish

Set 38 (released May 13, 2010): Tapefish (Playfish said this fish would be available for one week only, but it is still in the pond)

Set 39 (released May 21, 2010): Saddleback fish

Set 40 (released June 4, 2010): Romantic Icefish

Set 41 (released June 17, 2010): Pink Neon Tetra

Set 44 (released August 13, 2010): Safetypinfish


Special Fish – These fish can only be caught using special baits:

Set 1 (released July 24, 2009)


Applefish – homegrown or store-bought apple
Coconutfish – homegrown coconut from your garden
Loverootfish – sweetheart root from your garden
Puppyfish – 100-coin bone from the food shop
Seahorse – 7-coin carrot from the food shop
Strawberry Donutfish – pink donut from the food shop
Watermelonfish – 50-coin  melon from the food shop

Set 2 (released July 31, 2009)


Bananafish – homegrown or store-bought banana
Cheesefish – 10-coin cheese
Lemonfish – lemon
Piranha –rare steak
Strawberryfish – strawberry

Set 3
(released August 6, 2009)


Chocolate Donutfish – donut (chocolate donut in the store)
Chocolatefish – chocolate heart
Cupcakefish – homegrown cupcake
Orangefish – homegrown orange

Set 5
(released August 20, 2009)


Catfish – milk (white milk bottle from food store)

Set 8 (released September 11, 2009)


Strawberry shortcakefish – homegrown strawberry shortcake

Set 9 (released September 18, 2009)


Birthday Cakefish – 2000 coin birthday cake from the food shop

Set 10 (released September 25, 2009)

Pretzelfish – soft pretzel from the food shop

Set 12
(released October 8, 2009)

Jack O’ Lanternfish – homegrown pumpkin, Halloween party cake, homegrown Halloween lolly

Set 16
(released November 15, 2009)

Turkey Fish – Thanksgiving foods, such as whole pumpkin pie and roast turkey, and 2008 turkey

Set 17
(released November 22, 2009)

Chestnutfish – homegrown chestnut, Mont Blanc cake, or chestnut pancakes

Set 19
(released December 17, 2009)

Festive Cookiefish – any of the Christmas/holiday foods, including the mini festive cake, chocolate roulade, giant gumdrops, (and possibly homegrown festive fruit from the festive tree, mixed reports)
Festivefish – any of the Christmas/holiday foods, including the mini festive cake, chocolate roulade, giant gumdrops, (and possibly homegrown festive fruit from the festive tree, mixed reports)

Set 20 (released December 23, 2009)

Icefish – mocha, espresso, latte or cappuccino from the Cafe or hot chocolate from the food shop

Set 22 (released January 17, 2010)

Groovy Teddyfish – groovy sandwich

Set 22 (released January 24, 2010)

Kangaroofish – snack roll or choc-top from the food shop

Set 25 (released February 14, 2010)

Alien Fish – alien jelly

Set 27 (released February 25, 2010)

Valentine Heartfish – homegrown love cherries

Set 28 (released February 28, 2010)

Breadfish – small loaf of bread

Set 29 (released March 5, 2010)

Emeraldfish – green foods, such as courgettes, broccoli, apple soda drink, alien jelly, pears, and others.

Set 30 (released March 14, 2010)

Shamrockfish – shamrock cupcake and shamrock drink

Set 31 (released March 26, 2010)

Green Eggfish – yellow flowers cupcake, green flowers cupcake, spring flowers sponge cake, Easter ham (Easter Special 2010), and hot cross bun (Easter Special 2010)

Set 33 (released April 11, 2010)

Koi fish – Japanese foods found in the Mystery Bento Boxes

Set 36 (released May 2, 2010)

Maracafish – foods from the Mexican Food Delivery Subscription

Set 42 (released July 5, 2010)
(picture forthcoming)
Fizzyfish – cold drinks from the Cold Drinks Vending Machine

Set 43 (released July 12, 2010)

Pâtisseriefish – pastries from the French Pâtisserie Mystery Boxes


Decor Items & Garbage –  can be caught using any type of bait:

Set 1 (released July 24, 2009): Bike Wheel, Broken Pot, Conch Shell, Coral, Empty Bottle, Fish Bones, Message in a Bottle, Old Boot, Sea Star Baby Doll, Sea Urchin, Seaweed, Soda Can


Set 3 (released August 6, 2009): Blue Sea Urchin Shell


Set 4 (released August 15, 2009): Clam with Pearl


Set 5 (released August 20, 2009): Sea Anemone


Set 6 (released August 28, 2009): Sea Slug


Set 8 (released September 11, 2009): Rusted Anchor, Amberstone Bug

Set 9 (released September 18, 2009): Broken Mystery Box

Set 24 (released January 31, 2010):  Heart Locker and Pink Diamond

Set 35 (released April 23, 2010):  White Anemone, Orange Seashell and Cypraea Englerti

Set 41 (released June 17, 2010): Orange Coral and Blue Anemone

Some other fish are now available using baits purchased with “Playfish cash” in the game.  I only play the free aspects of the game, so I will not be covering the cash-only fish, and I’ll cover only the freely available fish. 🙂

This list was last updated on August 14, 2010.

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1,963 Responses to “Pet Society World’s Fish List”

  1. Ozair Says:


  2. kookikat Says:

    well done 🙂

  3. domenique Says:

    i dont even know what a loverroot is and i cant caTCH THE CHEESE FISH AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE PEARL IS THAT RARE AND WHAT DO YOU CATCH THE REDSALMON ON

    • Ciborg Says:

      domenique, Loveroot is a vegetable that you can grow in your garden using the vegetable seeds from the garden shop. The chance of getting a loveroot is not very big, as it is the rarest vegetable. Most people catch their Cheesefish around the 30th try, so keep trying and you will get it. I got the Red Salmov few times with different baits, so you should simply get it while you’re hunting the rare fish.

    • Frusterated beyond limit Says:

      @ domenique. Loveroot is the heart shaped plant with polka dots in ur garden. Cheese fish is hard, but i caught it since i was actually trying to get another fish. The pearl is not rare and neither is the Red Salmon. You can catch both with lemons.

      @Ciborg. Loveroot isn’t rare. You can only really get like 4 different kinds of vegetables.

    • Cutiepiie Says:

      i caught cheese fish in one tryy 🙂

    • wakamaru Says:

      i was able to catch red salmon with an apple from the food store..was trying to get the apple fish but instead got the salmon

    • Natasha Says:

      @Domenique: Loveroot is a vegetable. To ctach cheesefish, you need to buy the cheese from the food shop and uuse it as a bait! I caught cheesefish using cheese ^^

  4. runaway22 Says:

    I just can’t catch piranha:(:(:( I’ve tried it many times but…nothing. Of course, I used rare steak for a bait:( Can anybody tell me some trick to catch this fish, please?:(

  5. domenique Says:


  6. Bonnie Says:

    I have used 100’s of lemons and cheese with no luck catching the lemon or cheese fish.I have lost hope of getting them.Anybody else having trouble with these fish?

    • JhAvIeEr Says:

      oh yeah! i caught my cheesefish around the 124th try, but i GOT IT, the strawberry fish is the one i haven’t caught, i’ve already used 30 strawberries, The fishes ARE there, is just a pretty lot of luck, so get your hope again and go fishing, just keep trying and you’ll get them, and you’ll feel so good 🙂 don’t give up, never give up ;D i just have left the strawberry, the lemon and the chocolate donut fish, besides the claim w/ pearl… Still no luck 😦 LET’S GET THEM 😉

      • Pet Society Girl Says:

        You’re determined, so I know you will find them all!

      • Chiharu Kamizaki Says:

        I’ve caught the clam with pearl several times. I used carrot and onion.

        Mostly i use the cheapest items from the food store to get my fishies -_-‘.

        Thank you for making this list. I now know how to catch all of them! ^^

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Bonnie, I had to use a lot of lemons to catch my lemonfish, not 100s though. Maybe try on a different day. The first day I tried catching a seahorse was impossible, but this week, I caught some easily without trying to catch them.

  7. Yazmat Says:

    This is great 🙂

    Seahorse was the more difficult fish to get for me.

    It seem they realease fishs at random time now!? 😦

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Thanks Yazmat! I think the seahorse was hardest for me to catch too. So far it seems the fish come out every week towards the end of the week at the same time the mystery boxes come out. There’s no exact time or day though.

    • Ami Nambu Says:

      I know I have probably used about 100 carrots to get a carrot fish but still has not got it. Ohhh I have just caught a cupcake Fish

  8. Fire Says:

    I have had trouble getting the lemonfish, must have used around 100 lemons.

    But the cheesefish was easy for me (15)

  9. Vanilla ( pet society name ) Says:

    wow, this is cool ! i love this fish list !

  10. Vanilla ( pet society name ) Says:

    special fish i got :

    piranha – SECOND TRY !
    lemon fish – about 13th try
    cheese fish – about 17 fish
    banana fish – first try
    chocolate fish – FIRST TRY ! yay me 🙂
    puppy fish – FIRST TRY
    seahorse – 20th try
    coconut fish – FIRST TRY
    loveroot fish – FIRST TRY.
    cupcake fish – second try

    i wanna get all the donut fish, strawberryfish,applefish, and orange fish ! hehehe i have all the special fish ( until set 3 ) except that 🙂 thanks Pet Society Girl for help me find those fishy and new new mysteryous box 😉 i check this site EVERYDAY ! ANYTIME ! 😀 you ROCKS !

  11. Ozair Says:

    I din’t get the cheese even if i tried it more than 100 times..!!

  12. Rachel Says:

    i can’t get the cheesefish or strawberry fish, no matter how much I try. I finally got the lemon fish… took long enough!

  13. Punks Says:

    first one to get the red salmon.. caught it last mondady night.. 😀

  14. Leanne Says:

    >..< Ohhh I wish there was some sort of viewer so that when you get a bait, you can see through the water what fish or thing you can get LOL

  15. Anvil Says:

    do they remove the old fishes when they add new ones? i’ve been trying to catch banana fish and piranha but to no avail..

  16. Twilight(my petsos name) Says:

    hey pet society girl !! i already visited other person that have a fish list too. i see there is muffin fish !! the color is purple!! but,, i’m not see a person that catch that fish..

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Twilight, there are some players who hack into the game files and get pictures of future fish (and other items). It’s a bit confusing sometimes to figure out what’s currently out and what will be released in the future sometimes. I’ve seen a picture of the purple sandwich-looking fish and a catfish, but no one I know has ever caught them in the game yet. I think we just have to wait. 🙂

  17. Evilynn Says:

    well 😡

    so you can put those fishes into a tank? and that’s it :p ? The idea is cute tho .)

  18. hello everyone oh ya,hey i just caught the cheese fish it was the second try

  19. Twilight(my petsos name) Says:

    thx pet society girl !! i hate a hacker!! i wish no one being a hacker again .

  20. drassen Says:

    Just caught a Sea Anemone. Never seen it before. I suppose it’s NEW. Frommy 35th try using a Cheese as bait trying to catch a Cheese fish to no avail 😦

  21. Beta Says:

    yeah, I also just caught a Sea Anemone. On my (I lost count) try to catch a strawberryfish… !

  22. drassen Says:

    Am I the only one with a Sea Anemone? Just a show of hand, how many of us caught it.

  23. drassen Says: caught it too 🙂 Yeah Strawberry fish is like my 25th try..

  24. Pet Society Girl Says:

    Cool! Thanks for telling me about the new sea anemone! I’m going to look for one. 🙂

  25. drassen Says:

    Just caught the Catfish using Milk on the 7th try…;)

  26. Pet Society Girl Says:

    Hey Drassen, I just caught a catfish too, with my third bottle of milk.

    I wonder if there’s anything else in the pond.

    I’ll be updating the list above soon. 🙂

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  28. jayjay Says:

    i caught a dogfish ~

  29. Pet Society Girl Says:

    Hey everyone, I just updated the fish list!

  30. Twilight(my petsos name) Says:

    hey,, what is the bait for anemone ???

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Twilight, the anemone is under the category ‘Decor Items & Garbage” and like the other items in that category, it can be caught using any type of bait. I caught mine with a watermelon slice.

  31. Snoopy007 Says:

    hey, i was wondering how you arrange your fishing items in your house. i bought two large aquariums to separate normal and special fish, but the S-shaped shelf thing i bought just isn’t big enough to hold the garbage/decor items anymore, so i’m trying to figure out where to place the stuff.

  32. splendora (Pet Society Name) Says:

    Hello Pet Society Girl,
    How long did you catch all of that fish?
    I wanted all of those.
    Oh yeah, what kind of milk that can catch cat fish?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi splendora, I didn’t time how long I took. I only took a 15 minutes to catch the ones today. 🙂

      You can catch the catfish with the white milk in the bottle in the food store. It’s just called “milk” and the bottle has a green circle and picture of a cow on it.

  33. Vanilla ( pet society name ) Says:

    hey petsociety girl ! i just wanna say , twilight is one of my school friends ! hahaa 😉

    hey, im confused with applefish i dont catch it i used lots of apples! . and about muffinfish…. i want to see 🙂 but yeah, we have to wait. anyway, can you post about pet society room decoration ? and give us any of yer idea about decoration ? it must be great 🙂

    Thank You

  34. Vanilla ( pet society name ) Says:

    anyway, splendora is one of my school friends :)) haha. and i dont know that they comment on this site too lolz

  35. mrseugan! Says:

    i still have a lot to catch! but i acutually caught a seahorse with a homegrown apple.

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Wow, that’s cool. I guess horses like carrots and apples too. I never caught a seahorse with an apple yet. 😀

  36. Moogle Says:

    How do u fish clam with pearl?thank u!

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Moogle, you can catch the clam with pearl with any type of bait. It’s like the other garbage and decor items, and doesn’t have a specific bait.

  37. Moogle Says:

    catfish can be caught using which type of milk? the one in the fridge or the this week’s special one??

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      The regular white milk in the fridge worked for me. 🙂 I never tried fishing with the special bottle.

  38. Vanilla ( pet society name ) Says:

    Wow ! your house is awesome !

    i bought 35 strawberries, then i used them for fishing. when i tried it 9 times, i caught strawberry fish ! and i have 26 strawberries at my kitchen right now :] hehe.

    now i try to catch catfish , donutfish and applefish 🙂

    sorry i commented too many, hehe. forgive me :]

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Vanilla! Your comments are great. please keep commenting as much as you wish! I’m glad you like my house. I like decorating. That’s great that you caught a strawberryfish pretty easily. I hope your pet likes to eat strawberries.

  39. domenique Says:

    well i havent caught a cheese fish tried 100 times and i cant catch the red salmon

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      domenique, it is just a matter of luck. Some people catch certain fish more easily than others. Try on another day maybe, and you might have better luck. Sorry I don’t have any better advise.

  40. domenique Says:

    can someone help

    • thomice Says:

      i’m afraid nobody can help you domenique 🙂 just keep trying… as Pet Society Girl said, it’s just a matter of luck.. some people can catch cheese fish only for 2nd attempt, but i caught the cheese fish after my 160th attemp T_T but it still fun though.. 🙂 good luck ^^

  41. Jorene Says:

    Should I use continuously the bait to catch the special fish?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Jorene, yes, you should keep using the same specific bait if you are trying to catch a special fish.

  42. Jorene Says:

    I already used more than 80 apples but I didnt get any applefish 😦

  43. tiger Says:

    does the chance of geting a rare fish increase with the price of the bait?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi tiger, in short, no, your chance of catching a rare fish doesn’t increase with the price of bait.

      The rare or special fish can only be caught with specific baits, but there’s not an association between special fish and expensive baits. For example, the chocolate fish needs a 250 coin chocolate to catch, but you can catch the applefish with a 5 coin apple.

      Of the regular fish, I noticed that I more commonly catch starfish and squid with more expensive baits and that I catch trash (like bike tires) more often with less expensive baits. However, the starfish and squid are not rare fish.

  44. shav Says:

    i have a little cheat and i dont use any software neither

  45. tiger Says:

    are you a pet socirety administrator?

  46. tiger Says:

    also if not why does it take 100 something apples to get a apple fish but it only takes a few to get a donut fish or puppy fish

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Actually, thinking about it more, I think you’re right that Playfish does make it relatively easier to catch the special fish requiring expensive baits than the special fish with cheaper baits. Nice observation. 🙂

    • hey, if you want an applefish, the best bait to use is a HOMEGROWN Apple, not one from the store. I caught mine in my 1st try with a homegrown apple, and so did my son.

  47. Lyly Says:

    Thanks for the info. It is so complete!!!

  48. Rachel Says:

    I just caught a pink anemone using a strawberry! There might be more new things.

  49. Pet Society Girl Says:

    Rachel, is it a pink anemone or a sea anemone? I added the sea anemone to the list yesterday. 🙂

  50. Jorene Says:

    I hope there will also be a rainbowfish that is glowing ang the most rare fish!

  51. Randy Says:

    I caught a cupcakefish in one try

  52. ApplePie Says:

    I have all the fish in set 3 but i dont have the sheepfish O:)

  53. ApplePie Says:

    I got a silver first try 🙂

  54. Leanne Says:

    I finally caught: Strawberry fish, cheesefish, sheepfish.


  55. Susaan Says:

    HOw do you get a sweetheart root ?

  56. splendora (Pet Society Name) Says:

    Hi Pet Society Girl,
    Where did you play Pet Society?
    Is it Facebook?
    If you had one, can i add you to be my friend?
    I really lke your blog
    Almost everyday i check your blog to see what kind of new fish

    BTW, i leave at Indonesia and im so happy that Pet Society remember our Independence day that is 64th ( age )

  57. WingsofMemories Says:

    I have all of the fish except Loverootfish on Special Set 1, Strawberryfish and Piranha on Special Set 2, Cupcakefish and Orangefish on Special Set 3, and Catfish.

    not giving up though lol.

    thanks for this helpful site btw =)

  58. Susaan Says:

    Applefish, Strawberryfish. Lemonfish, Piranha, Watermelonfish, Chocolatedonutfish, Cheesefish, Cupcakefish, Starfish, Seahorse, Loverootfish, and Blue Sea Urchin SHell I haven’t got.

    && THanks this rally helped me out.

  59. WingsofMemories Says:

    just caught the orangefish with my first orange lol. lucky i guess. XD

  60. Susaan Says:

    Waah lucky. ><

  61. WingsofMemories Says:

    keep at it Susaan.

    it took me FOREVER go get an applefish so don’t give up!

  62. WingsofMemories Says:

    waaaah must be my lucky night! i just caught a cupcakefish my first try too and i don’t even have a cupcake tree. my best friend traded me a cupcake lol.

    it just proves that it is random and depends on luck so good luck! XD

  63. TruthOfLies Says:

    WOW! This is sooo great! I caught my Cheesefish at my 20th try! 😀 It was hard but thanks to my brother who fished it up for me! I’m currently trying for Strawberryfish, Lemonfish, Coconutfish, Orangefish, Watermelonfish, Bananafish, Cupcakefish, Seahorse and Strawberry Donut Fish. IT’S AN AWESOME LIST btw!

  64. WingsofMemories Says:

    TruthofLies: good luck with all of them! don’t give up even if it takes forever to get some of them like the seahorse or strawberryfish. i’ve used probably 75 strawberries and still no strawberryfish yet lol

    best of luck XD

  65. Susaan Says:

    Cupcake fish is cute. :3
    I’m trying to grow a supcake tree.. D<

  66. Cutiepiie Says:

    do u have any idea what to catch a sheepfish with?
    i’ve been wondering
    because it looks sooo CUTEEE

  67. Ozair Says:

    We can catch the catfish with the $75 Milk from the store..??

  68. Ozair Says:

    I caught 4 red salmons all with rotten vegetable..

  69. Anvil Says:

    i think it’s an awesome list you got there and thanks for all the advice too..keep up the good work! =)


    i just chuat (sorry i am a kid who is 8 years old!) a lovefish,chocolatefish.spottedbass,sheepfish,and a schooling bannerfish.

  71. hamstercerealman Says:

    ive finally caught every single fish took me ages

  72. WingsofMemories Says:

    congrats hamstercerealman!

    i’m working on the strawberryfish, loverootfish, and piranha. that’s all i have left so for those released for now lol

  73. WingsofMemories Says:

    all i have left is a piranha now. how many did it take everyone to catch theirs? lol just curious.

  74. rice ball Says:

    thanks for the list! now i just need a couple more fishes….

  75. jorge Says:

    i got all that fishes if macaron fish exist…I WILL GOT ALL

  76. omgomgomgomg
    this is sooo useful!
    thank you!

  77. Bruno Says:

    22th milk is under water… and I haven´t catfish :/

  78. Beta Says:

    I still am missing loverootfish, cupcakefish (I have no loveroots and no cupcake trees yet!), piranha, strawberry donutfish (I’ve tried around 30 times for each and no luck!). At least I caught the strawberry and cheese fish… took me long enough, they were driving me crazy! >.<

  79. Fluffy (Pet) Says:

    Hey Pet SocietyGirl,
    I love what you are doing, posting up new items and this incredible fish list. When I found this website, I was thrilled! I always wanted to know what the new items were, different plants, fish and items that were in the mystery boxes. This is an incredible website, for all Pet Society players to go to!
    And by the way, I definitely need some tips on gardening and fishing. With gardening, I wanted to know how long it would take to actually get a cherry tree. I tried a couple of times and never got it. Also, can you post how many times it takes to catch a single fish?
    Keep up the good work! Thanks.

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Fluffy! I’m glad you like my site. I will try to add some more info on gardening in the future. Because some things are just due to luck, it is very hard to say how many tries it takes to get a cherry tree or to get certain fish. Some people get them on the first try, while others take a long time to get them.

  80. JOES PET Says:


  81. Vanilla ( pet society name ) Says:

    So Pet Society Girl, do you have ALL the Great Mysterious Box item ?

    You must be rich ! or you use little cheat for that ? just like refresh the page ? if yes, me too. i use cheat for that with no cheat engine ! :] i just want to get all the great mysterious items !!!!!

  82. Twilight(my petsos name) Says:

    you know , pet society girl! now im very happy !! i was catching the watermelon fish !! you know how many times i tried to catch this fish ?? like 40 times,, mmm i think more !! 50 i prefer!!

  83. Cjyhaha Says:

    I hav fished all kinds of garbage but not even a kind of special fish 😦

  84. WingsofMemories Says:

    I’ve finally caught all of the fish on your list. =) it took forever! lol thanks for the help.

  85. Chenchori Says:

    Despues de 136 intentos por atrapar al lemonfish, porfin me hise con este!!!! Ahora voy por el orangefish, aunque aun no capturo al bananafish, cheesefish, strawberry donutfish y seahorse =( Necesitare mas monedas y mucha suerte xD

  86. Cjyhaha Says:

    Hey pet society girl i get clam with pearl accidentally and i don’t know there was clam with pearl while i was trying to fish Bananafish(LOL).

  87. Cjyhaha Says:

    Hey pet society girl,i just caught a clownfish while trying to fish catfish using milk,so can u tell me when is the best time to fish special fish??

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Cjyhaha, it’s just a matter of luck. You won’t catch a special fish every time you use the specific bait for it, but you will eventually catch it! It took me a few tries. 🙂

  88. Cjyhaha Says:

    Pet society girl,guess what i caught?Watermelonfish!!!And i only tried twice to get it!!!!

  89. Ozair Says:

    Is it difficult to catch a catfish because I have tried many times but still couldnt catch it….

  90. runaway22 Says:

    yahooo my collection is complete!!!!!!!!i’ve got all of these fishes 🙂 🙂 🙂

  91. Karen Robles Says:

    wew i never know that there is catfish!!! can’t believe it cool! thx Pet Society Girl thx and keep updating it!!! ill gonna add this on my favorites ill gonna visit this site every day!

  92. Karen Robles Says:

    I can’t catch a catfish so hard!!!

  93. pink's momma Says:

    Just as an FYI to everyone, if you get a fish have or do not want. example, using rare steak for pirahhna, you can hit the refresh button instead of clicking the green check to accept the fish. It will bring you back to your house and you get to keep the food, instead of wasting all that money trying to catch the rare fish ❤

  94. Chenchori Says:

    Tengo la mala suerte de que cuando intento atrapar al caballito de mar, siempre me sale basura y nunca algun otro pescado =(

  95. Azazel Says:

    I still need a coconut fish!

    Anyone want to trade homegrown coconuts for sweetroot or homegrown cupcakes?

  96. Servasius Says:

    Thx petsocietyworld for infomation bait for all fish… It’s help to catch all fish..
    Now i collect all fish..
    Keep update information all about petsociety..
    Thx u…

  97. Paloi Says:

    Hey,anyone seen macaron fish b4? Not even Pet Society Girl?Try to check this link and find out wat kind of bait it needs.Reply and thanks!

  98. Kayla :)) Says:

    OMG ! I spent 100 coins on a bone and caught an octopus, fine, great! Then, a message came up saying “You already have enough of these so you throw it back” What? Did this happen to anyone else?? i only ave 5 of them!?

  99. Kayla :)) Says:

    the same thing just happened with a pizza!

  100. Cjyhaha Says:

    Pet society girl,is it that china facebook pet society already release macaron fish?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Cjyhaha, some people know how to hack the game to see possible future items, but I don’t know anyone who has caught a macaroon fish yet.

  101. pay Says:

    hi i just caught a sea slug. weird. are there new fishes?

  102. Bruno Says:

    I think they are new fishes ^^ I catch red demekin fish on milk ^^

  103. Bruno Says:

    red demekin fish.. 🙂 they are new fishes!! ^^

  104. Pet Society Fan Says:

    i caught a cool fish its called a Red Demikin Goldfish its cool i caught it with a aplle first try!!

  105. Anvil Says:

    Hey Azazel, i can trade homegrown coconuts with you! but you gotta tell me how to though. 🙂

  106. I also caught a sea slug!!

  107. Karen Robles Says:

    Hey guys there is RED DEMEKIN GOLDFISH TRY IT

  108. Karen Robles Says:

    pet society girl whats your email ill gonna email you the picture of red demekin golfish !!!

  109. rhic Says:

    ive just caught a sea slug today (august28)^^

  110. rhic Says:

    ive just caught a sea slug today (august28)^^ i forgot what bait ive used…

  111. rhic Says:

    i think there are new fishes this week

  112. Ray Says:

    I caught a red demiken goldfish!

  113. […] Pet Society World’s Fish List ← Pet Society Shopkeepers Discuss Pandas […]

  114. Pet Society Girl Says:

    Thanks for the info everyone. I updated the list with the new fish.

  115. adrian ho Says:

    hey i caught a red demiken goldfish

  116. mrseugan! Says:

    cool. i got red demi thingy too! and also another red and pointy rock looking thingy. i forgot the name!

  117. alya Says:

    i just caught sea slug with corn!

  118. CloverCat Says:

    Whew.. that’s easy I’ve already them all!!! and putted it in my Aqua-Room haha 😀

    still wondering about the rumor of the “MacaronFish” is it true?

    and somebody said to me that there are more fishing rods…

    ans thanks for the update 🙂

  119. TruthOfLies Says:

    WingsOfMemories ; Sorry for such a late reply D: Any, thanks for the goodlucks. So far I haven’t caught the Bananafish or Strawberryfish which I’m more focusing on.

    Pet Society Girl ; Your site is Uh-Ma-Zin’! I’ve referred you to my cousins and mostly my relatives. They find your list very helpful and so awesome. Keep it up! 😀

  120. purple Says:

    I already collect all the fish except Spotted bass !!! =(

  121. purple Says:

    this is weird coz spotted bass are not a rare fish….but i already have all the rare fish & another fish….I already try many food for SPotted Bass!!! T_____T….

  122. Leanne Says:

    Damn i wish we could trade fish cuz i have so many fish i have lovefish 🙂 🙂


  123. Twilight(my petsos name) Says:

    pet society girl, do you used to play any other playfish games ?? like restaurant city,, or country story , or maybe you like to playing clubpenguin(clubpenguin it’s not playfish made) ?? let me know !!

  124. Geo Says:

    I caught all the fishes already! I’m just missing the garbage or toys – clam with pearl and sea slug. But all the fishes are complete!

  125. Adna Says:

    geez i still need blue ram dog fish schooling fish and all special fish except sea horse and apple fish

  126. Sclera Says:

    i really hate fishing but i like to watch how my brother catch fish nd i like to buy new items from da shops!!! ❤

  127. flora Says:

    why i always can’t catch fish that i want to catch…..

  128. Crystal Says:

    wow! i still can’t get my seahorse, cheesefish, pirana, strawberry fish!!!

  129. Silvia Robles Says:

    Finally i have them all =3 !!!

  130. Vladimir Says:

    Only the catfish is missing in my acvarium’s!

  131. Isabella Says:

    Excuse me but i keep getting a pink lovefish is it rare?

  132. Isabella Says:

    its not the sweetroot one its a different one all covered in hearts and pink only

  133. Chenchori Says:

    me falta el orangefish, pero no me sale el naranjo y no lo consigo ¬¬

  134. anonymus Says:

    theres another fish u dont have in your list!
    its the red goldfish

  135. flora Says:

    why i always can’t catch fish like apple fish, banana fish, watermelon fish and etc.

  136. Karen Robles Says:

    Pet Society Girl can i add you in face book!!! plsss

  137. loly Says:

    yey…. i already got all the fish….XD

  138. Natasha Says:

    No, I got applefish by apple, no need special baits ^_^

  139. HotPetSocietyGirl Says:

    Is there any special way i can catch a red damenit thing? Like any special bait i should use? or is it a regular fish, because i dont even seem to be cathing regular fish nowadays8(

  140. Vladimir Says:

    I throw 15 milks and no catfish…it’s the only one i don’t have! Can someone tell me how many times do i have to try so i can catch it?
    P.S Write me on my e-mail.
    Thank you

    • Amber Ang Says:

      You can try using 1 first. If you get somethng that is not catfish, just simply press the F5. It will be still there(Your Milk) and it will lead you to another fish

  141. Vladimir Says:

    I need the catfish!

  142. pay Says:

    i have all the fishes! yay meee!

  143. who wants the catfish write me my email is

  144. Michelle Jessica Says:

    i think fish can’t be gift right??? pet society girl, why fish can’t be gift???

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      That’s right Michelle Jessica, the fish cannot be given as gifts. I think Playfish just wants each of us to collect our own aquarium of fish. It would be really nice to be able to gift them though. 😦

  145. mrseugan! Says:

    well! i only need to catch 8 fishies! mostly the ones that need special bait from homegrown food. i don’t have the right kinds of trees! and my front and back gardens are already full of cupcake trees. and that’s the only kind of fish i catch! ugh!

  146. Chenchori Says:

    Does someone know a number brought near to obtain the watermelon fish? And to the seahorse with carrots?

  147. Fisherman Says:

    U dont have red demekin goldfish but i have hah!!

  148. Michelle Jessica Says:

    oo..i see pet society girl….thanks… =) =D

  149. Lu Ciila Says:

    Traducido a Español:
    Hola soy la usuaria de facebook Lu Ciila pet: Britney venia a dejar un comentario y yo hablo español no ingles: bueno les queria decir a todos los de pet society que son de lo mejor los saluda
    Lu. muchas gracias.
    Translated into English
    Hello I am the Facebook users Lu Ciila pet: Britney came to leave a comment and I speak Spanish not English: Well I wanted to tell all of pet society that are better than Yours
    Lu. thank you very much.

  150. devabandicoot Says:

    chencori. wat do u mean? i got watermelon fish on my 5th try and seahorse an my 26th try

  151. B.Schou Says:

    . . . . . . .and with a chocolate donut…..:-)

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Thanks B.Schou, I caught a macaronfish too. I caught mine with a pink donut. The list is now updated. 😀

  152. Zeno Says:

    I got a Macaron fish with a homegrown apple too….thanks B.Schou

  153. wakamaru Says:

    i got macaronfish with a pink donut…just a few minutes ago ^_^

  154. lewis Says:

    i cached a macaroon fish and i noticed it wasnt on your list if uwant proof there is 1 i would happly show a picure of it

  155. Michelle Jessica Says:

    i can’t catch the macaron fish with homeground apple…. T____T

  156. Paris Says:

    I caught a Macaronfish today with a 50 coin watermelon

  157. […] Pet Society World’s Fish List ← Pet Society Homegrown Hibiscus […]

  158. Pet Society Girl Says:

    Hey everyone, thanks for posting about the new macaronfish! I caught one now, and I added the new fish to the fish list above.

  159. PetSocietyPearlPrincess Says:

    Wow, I really love this page… I love PET SOCIETY WORLD and Pet Society Girl… and I know it is hard to make this page (I tried, but I couldn’t ^^) I love it… I love your job!

  160. Cjyhaha Says:

    i caught macaronfish with 5 coin lemon,wakakakaka,so cheap

  161. flora Says:

    so good u could all caught it!!!!

  162. Aevali Says:

    I’ve tried over like 20 times now to get that new macaron fish and cant seem to get him! If anyone could post up some other foods they’ve tried because I’ve tried the lemon, homegrown apple, store apple, and pink doughnuts and none of them are working. Please help. Also my link is posted if anyone wants to be PS friends!

  163. Vladimir Says:

    I have the macaroni fish..but stil after 25 milks i can’t catch the it that rare to catch?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Vladimir, some of the special fish are hard to catch. It varies from person to person. Hope you have good luck soon!

  164. mitaki Says:

    the bone is really attractive to the puppy fish in only one try I caught the puppy fish very good advice .

  165. MisaChii Says:

    I can’t thank you enough! Thank you for sharing this with us!! I’m so ecstatic to get a puppyfish! 😀 It’s so cute. Lol.

  166. Vi Says:

    I only need 11 more fishes to have all the fishes. Also I just caught the Macaron Fish today using a couple of strawberries. ^-^

  167. Vi Says:

    I only need:
    1) Coconut Fish
    2) Loveroot Fish
    3) Seahorse
    4) Strawberry Doughnut Fish
    5) Watermelon Fish
    6) Cheese Fish
    7) Piranha
    8) Strawberry Fish
    9) Chocolate Doughnut Fish
    10) Chocolate Fish
    11) Orange Fish

  168. L Says:

    bwahaha, to this date i’m just missing the catfish and strawberry donutfish !

  169. guitarhmmy Says:

    All I need now is macaron fish, lemon fish, and strawberry fish. and then my whole collection will finally b complete.

  170. ahmaniee Says:

    new creature!

    SEA SLUG. i caught it using rare steak or strawberry 😀

  171. Twilight(my petsos name) Says:

    hey ,, pet society girl, when u caught the macaronfish,, what bait do u used??

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Twilight, I caught it with a pink donut, but many others posted that they caught it with apples, lemons, watermelon, homegrown apples and other foods. 🙂

  172. Toonville Says:

    i caught my macaron fish with cheese

  173. Toonville Says:

    i have everything in the regular fish except for squid

  174. lalala Says:

    i gt macaron fish with watermelon on the 1st of sept

  175. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    so far i got all the fish but watermelonfish, cheesefish, lemonfish, piranha, bananafish, strawberryfish, chocolatefish, and all the fish that need homegrown bait to be caught. and i only started collecting fish yesterday!(sept. 5):D

  176. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    once i found out about this site, we got addicted to fishing!

  177. Vladimir Says:

    I have them all..until the new fishes come i can take a rest!

  178. Stephanie Says:

    I’ve got a great trick. After u fish a fish, perhaps u dun want it, before the logo came off (just when u see the fish hang out from ur pet) u press F5 (means refresh). Then, u will be back at Pet society, and u will found u didn’t got that fish and the bait is still there in ur box.

  179. Stephanie Says:

    Is that trick ok??? I’ve also know a mystry box trick too. After u opened the box, a logo will appear that what you’ve got. At that time, if u don’t want that thing, press F5 9 (means refresh), then after u be back at Pet society, send this mystery box to ur friend and tell them to help u open and send the thing back if that thing is rare and good. If not tell them to F5 and send back to u, and open it again. Better use the 500 coins box or perhaps 200 coins that box is also ok.

  180. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    i cant get that watermelonfish. you use the whole watermelon right?

  181. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    f5 means refresh? i’ve been doing command+r. is it the same?

    • Stephanie Says:

      um… I don’t really know that then, but we usually using F5 as the refresh (which is the second line of the the keyboard). Perhaps its the same, I guess.

  182. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    does anyone know how often they make new fish?

  183. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    i know a cool trick. if you use bait (ex. cheese) and catch a fish and don’t want it, just keep it.then fish with another kind of bait (ex. banana)then refresh and you will keep the cheese and the banana plus the fish you already caught .

  184. raqha Says:

    wow. then i guess i’m pretty lucky cos i caught the cheesefish at my 20th-30th. lol

  185. yea does anyone knows how often they make new fishes

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Stefan, for the past seven weeks, something has been released each week in the fish pond, but the number of new fish per week has decreased. We’ll have to see if there’s anything new this week.

  186. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    now i only need the cheesefish, lemonfish, piranha, bananafish, orangefish, strawberryfish, cupcakefish, and the coconutfish if i remember correctly. i’m almost done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Ray Says:

    Still can’t catch applefish, cheesefish, and piranha. T.T

  188. Ray Says:

    This might sound cheesy but will the piranha eat the other fishes because in real life that will actually happen.. 😉

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Haha! The piranha should eat the others, but I don’t think it does. Maybe the piranha in Pet Society only likes to eat steak and nothing else. 😉

  189. chosen one Says:

    I caught all the fish!
    thank for this website

  190. CloverCat Says:

    Yes!!! at last I’ve the only fish that I haven’t caught the Macaronfish 😀 I just caught it while I tried to fish just this day…

  191. Andrei Says:

    Why can’t the fishes cannot be gifted?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      I wish I knew Andrei. Playfish designed fishing so that we have to collect our own aquariums. It would be so nice to give our extras as gifts. 😦

  192. flora Says:

    i thk new fish are arrival!!!!!

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi flora, the new fish are cash coin only fish, and since I don’t buy cash coins, I’m only going to be covering the freely available fish in my list. 🙂

      • Stephanie Says:

        yes, I wish that I can have the play fish coins, but of coz, I dun reli think its worth it. So, I think I will just still keep fishing with the food in the food store.=)

  193. maiza annanamonie salsasisa Says:

    wow.. youre good

  194. winnie Says:

    there’s a new glow in the dark fish 🙂

  195. Ray Says:

    Which one is harder to get cheesefish or applefish?

  196. Azazel Says:

    I have caught 10 of the new glow in the dark Fish Biscuit fish. They are all pretty cool. It is just unfortunate that you have to use real money and buy Fish Biscuits from the Cash Shop. Has anyone out there caught more than the 10 that I have. I am pretty sure that I have caught them all.

  197. Vanilla ( pet society name ) Says:

    Hey Pet Society Girl ! i saw this list on another Pet Society fan blog just like you have. But, i don’t know which bait we can use for this new fishes and i don’t know what that fishes look-a-like… Because the writer of that blog doesn’t give any pictures … Oh, they gave it ! but, i dont know what is the fish name..
    This is the new fish they told. But, as i said.. they doesnt give the picture with a name and doesnt give the name with pictures :[

    New Fish:

    1. Albino Gill
    2. Backtosa
    3. Blue Betta
    4. Bowfish
    5. Crumblefish
    6. Crystalfish
    7. Doughfish
    8. Faerie Fish
    9. Guppy
    10. Lilac Starlet Fish
    11. Luminous Gray
    12. Rapadan
    13. Pink Seahorse
    14. Spotted Cardinalfish

    Please give some response Pet Society Girl.. we need to know.

    Thank You so much for reading this comment :]

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Vanilla, the fish that were released yesterday are cash coins fish. You can only get them by using the new fish biscuit in the cash shop as the bait. Since I don’t use cash coins, I won’t be covering these new fish, but I’ll only be covering all the freely available ones. I’ve read that there were 10 cash fish, and that some people got many duplicates before they caught all ten. I can’t tell you more since I haven’t fished for them myself. I hope that helps. 🙂

    • Stephanie Says:

      HI, u have play club penguin too??? I have play that too, I know lots of cheats about it though I’m not a member. YOu can feel free to e-mail to me if u need any cheats or help. my penguin is call BillieJean02 or lollygirl123.

    • Stephanie Says:

      Hi, so I see that’s u seems have also play Club Penguin too!!! I have play this too. I know many cheats though I’m not a member. If u need any cheats, plz tell me. My penguin is call BillieJean02 and also lollygirl123. Plz feel free to ask me cheats.

  198. CloverCat Says:

    Hey I received a mail today and says that there is a new biscuit in the cash then you can catch a glowing fish…. what does the fish look like? do you know pet society girl???

  199. Vanilla ( pet society name ) Says:

    Oohh, i see ! so that are the glowing fishes ! :] hehehe thank you sooo much pet society girl ! yeah, i wont use real money for buying playfish cash that not helped our real life . i just want the free one ! THANK YOU THANK YOU ! NOW IM UNDERSTAND .

  200. Chubaca Says:

    It would be lovely to see some of the new fish. I hope someone who uses cash coins posts some pictures!

  201. Hacker Says:

    Theres a comment in the last link that says ‘you can trade cc with 999 or 4999 in the forum…’ what does that mean??? Can anybody help? Thanks!

  202. HotPetSocietyGirl Says:

    Sad because the new fish are so pretty:( And I want one but

  203. Sung Yun Says:

    can you get the glowing fish without the special fish bat?

  204. Sung Yun Says:

    Is there a way you can get the glow in the dark fish without the special fish bait?

  205. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    you know, you don’t have to buy the special bait yourself. you can just tell one of your friends to send you some if they have any. unless it can’t be gifted.

  206. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    i wish you don’t have to pay real money to get the special fish:(

  207. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    i feel very sorry for my fish. i can’t afford the big tanks. i can only afford the little one and i have more than 15 fish in it! poor fishy

  208. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    i have so many fish that if i put them all in my chest, i’ll have 4 pages! and they’re all in my tiny tank.

  209. Little Beast Says:

    Dude all of them were so easy to catch………
    I have all of them. The rare ones e.g catfish, cheesefish you need to to buy approx. 25 bait. I usually catch them around the 20th. Most of them just require specific bait, which can be expensive but can be caught 60% of the time. The onl exception is donut fish. I spent 3k on each fish.

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Little Beast, I thought some were really very hard to catch, and I took over 25 bait for quite a number. It really depends on the person. I guess you were lucky.

  210. Xenia Says:

    I have used over 60 carrots and STILL CAN’T get the seahorse! I’m so fustrated now!

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      It took me a long time too Xenia. 😦 Hope you catch it soon.

    • Stephanie Says:

      Check out my cheat. When u use the carrot as the bait and u go fish, after u found that the fish isn’t wat u want, press F5 quickly (Before the logo jump out or when u saw the fish came out from the water). After refreshing the page, u will found that ur bait(the carrot) is still in ur box and that fish is no longer here. I hope this will work. NOTICE: THIS CHEAT WILL NOT BAN YOU.

  211. julianlondon Says:

    what would you get if you use a $2000 cake?

  212. WingsofMemories Says:

    I’ve finally grown a cherry tree. I can’t grow a cupcake tree to save my life though lol

    • Stephanie Says:

      I have 2 cupcake trees but I don’t got the cherry tree!!! I would love to have one, and do u know, theres a new tree coming this Monday!!! The tree is STRAWBERRY CAKE TREE!!!!! >< I want that!!! I am now saving money to buy loads of tree seeds. I've $16000 now. I must have that tree!!!!!!

  213. where??? Says:

    i gots a feelin that the more expensive the bait is the higher the catch rate and you get less litter….this true??

    i got the chocolate thing 2nd time but the apple fish like 10000000000000000000000th time

  214. Fifi Says:

    thanks for the awesome fish list petsocietygirl 😀 it’s really helped a lot, escpecially with all of the special baits. i now have all of the regular fish and i’m working on catching the rest of the specials. the sea horse in particular is giving me trouble. i’ve probably gone through at least 200 carrots and still no luck…

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      You’re welcome Fifi! Good luck catching the rest of the special fish, and I hope the seahorse stops being so difficult!

  215. julianlondon Says:

    i am still short of the Crystal Fish and Lilac Starlet Fish 😦

    • Stephanie Says:

      Your so lucky that u can buy playfish coins…=( I didn’t buy them because I don’t really think they are worth for it…

  216. flip Says:

    every room in my house has been turned into an aquarium, i’m gonna have each type of fish in it’s own tank (eventually)

  217. fyrora Says:

    omg! i love ur efforts to provide us with a updated list!!!! i hope u will nvr give up updating this and i alr caught all the fish, even though the piranha had me buy 129 rare steaks:O. could you add me on facebook pls? i want to see your house!!!!!!! i love ps, i love ur list!!!! wheeeeee p.s. my vocab is bit limited, so dun mind me using list alot:D

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Thanks fyrora, I’m glad you like my site and the list. I only add my real life friends to my facebook, but there are a lot of others who are looking for friends here. 🙂 You can see my house in the Pet Society World Flickr Group. If you click the link on the right side of the page it should take you there. I posted pictures of the rooms in my house. Hope you’ll post some of yours too.

  218. fyrora Says:

    i really appreciate ur efforts to update this list! dun ever stop!!! could u add me on facebook? i want to see ur hse:D

  219. fyrora Says:

    whoops, sry for the repeated content, my com was lagging…

  220. tiger Says:

    i think you forgot about the glow in the dark fish

  221. Woody Says:

    I have one glowing fish
    you can go to visit my house

  222. julianlondon Says:

    I am still short of two glowing fishes the Crystal Fish and Lilac Starlet Fish.I hope it is not going to be hard…………………………(Its not cheap)

    • Stephanie Says:

      Try use my cheat. It do really work(Its saves ur money!!!) I have post that cheat up for a few times already! Check it out!

  223. glossipgirl Says:

    hi, i just caught a daifuku mochi fish, blue betta fish and pink ribbon fish.

  224. Do Soda Cans fishbones and broken pot bites the bait???i think not!!

  225. TruthOfLies Says:

    Aww. We reformat our compuet so I didn’t get to be online for a few days. FASHION DISASTER is so funny :p KEEP IT UP! So great! 🙂

  226. TruthOfLies Says:

    The fish biscuit is what I want. Too bad playfish wants to earn lots more money 😐

  227. bruno Says:

    Ou yeaa I catch Amberstone bug :] wtf ? 😀

  228. Kath Says:

    I caught the amberstone bug too (using the 7 coin carrot).

  229. Tweedle Says:

    Just got two Mosquitofish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no special bait, i must be like the person….

  230. devabandicoot Says:

    hey guys. try fishing with the 120 coins pizza fom the shop. the size of the splash really depends on the size of the bait. not the fish

  231. Ray Says:

    i caught a rusted ancor..

  232. Fluffy Says:

    I got an amberstone bug and i also have a mosquito fish it looks like a sardine but is bluish gray and looks kind of like a real life guppy. i got it with a lemon.

  233. […] Pet Society World’s Fish List ← Pet Society Mystery Items – September 11th […]

  234. Pet Society Girl Says:

    Thanks everyone for the info. I just caught the fish and new items and updated the list. 😀

  235. bruno Says:

    and strawberry shortcake fish? 🙂 is it exist?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hey bruno, you’re the one who sent me the picture, remember? Did you catch the fish or just find the picture somewhere? Maybe I should take that post down.

  236. hapy9998 Says:

    The strawberry fish is imposible for me to catch!I bought 99 strawberries and still havent got one!

  237. Bruno Says:

    I catch it on 170 try 🙂 and applefish on 270. try 😀
    you must fishing every day with 20-30 strawberries.. :]

  238. flora Says:

    it hard to catch the new fish…. can i ask how to catch those thing so fast….. i always caught thing like bottle……

  239. Toad(pet society name) Says:

    how do i catch mosquitofish? btw do u think there will b pumpkinfish 4 halloween by using pumpkin as bait?

  240. Tweedle Says:

    out of interest is there a list like this for plants you can grow?????

  241. Lil Punks Says:

    I tried 20 onions, 20 apples, 20 corn.. Finally I caught all 3 using 20 lemons as bait.. 😀

  242. Kylie Says:

    i have been trying to catcha strawberry fish and have used over 200 strawberries so far with no luck yet

  243. Lil Punks Says:

    the strawberry fish is really elusive, fortunately with 67 strawberries i caught one already.. 😀 try fishing without making the water calm, nor making the pole line red.. get it? i mean that’s the way i fish, and i’ve caught everything except the cupcake fish, because i still have no cupcake tree.. =/

  244. Azazel Says:

    Here is a list of the new glow in the dark fish that I have caught with the Fish Biscuit:

    Set 2
    Green Gummifish
    Clown Triggerfish
    Pink Starletfish
    Regal Tang
    Tancho Pearlscale
    Black Angelfish

    Set 1
    Lilac Starletfish
    Spotted Cardinalfish
    Daifuky Mochifish
    Pink Seahorse
    Blue Betta
    Pink Ribbonfish

    There are 20 in all and it does not match the lists that I have seen on other sites.

  245. Azazel Says:

    Pet Society Girl I can send you pics of them if you would like to add them to this site. I know you don’t use the Playfish cash…I don’t blame you.

  246. Lil Punks Says:

    you caught all of them? i bet you caught more than one of each, right? it must’ve cost you a fortune.. 😀

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      I caught all the free ones. I don’t want to think about how much food/money I wasted fishing. haha, but the fish are really cute.

  247. Hacker Says:

    I tried 265 Strawberries as a bait, and finally i got the Strawberry Fish, but thats not the most difficult I had, I use more then 300 baits for the Lemon Fish, It’s exiting when you complete all the set.

  248. Lil Punks Says:

    pet society girl, is it alright to post my name here so you can add me on facebook?

  249. Lil Punks Says:

    that made me a bit sad.. =( i understand.. 😀

  250. bruno Says:

    I see there is a new tree producing strawberry shortcake.. Then i find that image.. we must wait for first cakes to see it..
    and Sorry that I did not write it there :I

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      No problem bruno. Thanks for clarifying! I will have to wait and see if I can grow a strawberry shortcake tree, and then if I do, I’ll try fishing. 🙂

  251. Ashley Says:

    This is really helpful! Do you have all these fish/garbage/decor pet society girl?

  252. Crystalist Says:

    pet society girl,what level are u at now? and i would like to add u as my friend!

  253. Crystalist Says:

    pet society girl, u are really lucky! u got like everything ! i have still got so many troubles finding the items and catching the fish! 🙂 once there is something new ,u would know! anyway i wanna thank you for putting the updates so that we know what new fishes or items are there!

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      You’re welcome Crystalist! It’s really fun for me, but sometimes stressful if I can’t catch them. haha.

  254. jun pyo Says:

    i caught all of those fishes..just try all the bait so u can catch the fish u ol wish for..thats ol..

  255. mrseugan! Says:

    is the new tree real? or is it just some edited graphic or something?

  256. mrseugan! Says:

    it just doesn’t look like a pet society item. no offense. i dunno. some of my friends think it’s just made up too. i’m not sure…

  257. Crevasse Says:

    It says on pet society’s blog that there is strawberry shortcakefish, a mosquitofish and my friend has caught the macaroonfish

  258. jack swann Says:

    im on my 200th apple and my 150 steak and 300 lemon and havent caught any of them

  259. bruno Says:

    I´ve 4 macaronfish but zero mosquitofish.. 268. try.. 🙂

  260. Ray Says:

    there is a stawberry shortcake fish…

  261. christy Says:

    i caught a golden butterfly fish but i dont remember with what i think it was with an apple, strawberry, or banana but its not on the list so i thought i’d tell someone

  262. kris Says:

    i cath puffyfish yesssssssssssssssss

  263. glitch Says:

    u r welcome .. gd luck to u (pet society girl)

  264. Sushi Says:

    pet society girl can i add u plsss. i really want to gv u something and i would like to have you as a fren

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Sushi, that’s really nice of you, but I only add friends I know in real life on my facebook. Sorry, I hope you understand. 🙂

  265. flora Says:

    i have caught all fish in regular set oledy………..

  266. mc Says:

    what did u use when u got the um……….shell with pearl something well……………….i used everything to get it 1,550 was my money now it is 48 and did u already have the mosquitofish…………? and how…………….? and last thing add me lol :p

  267. mel Says:

    hey guys, what do you use to catch a sheepfish?

  268. mel Says:

    so far, 1. clown fish- 7 coin carrot
    2. crab- 5 coin corn
    3. sea star baby doll- 6 coin dog biscuit
    4. rusted anchor- 5 coin fish
    5. bike wheel- 6 coin strawberry
    6. starfish- 8 coin biscotti
    7. octopus- 10 coin coconut half
    8. sea slug- 9 coin grapes
    9. seaweed- 5 coin lemon

  269. mel Says:

    what do you use to catch a puffy fish?

  270. Stefan Says:

    I cant catch the glows in the dark fish cause ii dont have any playfish cash to buy biscuits…why dont they put biscuits in coins…and if i can i was gonna buy them but i dont live in england so i can use dollars and i dont have credit card

  271. Stefan Says:

    can somebody send me some biscuits…thanks

  272. […] Pet Society World’s Fish List ← Poll: What is your favorite Pet Society furniture line? […]

  273. Chris Says:

    I caught the amber bug with a 7 cent carrot. And how come when i fish with a large carrot it always gets taken away?? T_T

  274. Kingfisher Says:

    I caught amberstone bug with Banana. :))))

  275. Stefan Says:

    hey if somebody has biscuits please send me some..thanks

  276. Stefan Says:

    Pet society girl.are thy gonna put biscuits in coins?thats not fear biscuits in cash why don’t they put them in coins so everybody can buy them even if they are 5000 coins or more just be in coins 😦

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Stefan, I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think Playfish will change it. They are trying to earn real money in the game by offering features and tempting us to buy them.

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Stephan, I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think they’ll change it. They are trying to earn real money in the game by offering features and tempting us to buy them.

  277. Stefan Says:

    and i am level 47

  278. flora Says:

    so good…………. i just level 37……..

  279. Stefan Says:

    you will get a bigger level too flora don’t worry… and there are no other levels bigger than 47…i have 1:500:000 xp points so i’m still level 47

  280. Stefan Says:

    thanks pet society girl

  281. Vanilla ( pet society name ) Says:

    I will keep another donut for vanilla’s breakfast :]

  282. Vanilla ( pet society name ) Says:

    Stefan, you can use playfish cash with your mobile / your cellphone ! it not use dollar, but your country money or your cellphone pulse! like me, i live at indonesia and it use RUPIAH ! not DOLLAR ! i want to change my cellphone pulse , but .. it cost Rp30.000 for 10 playfish cash .. hmm , not expensive and not cheap too…
    sorry if you not understand. im not speak english very well 😛

  283. Vanilla ( pet society name ) Says:

    Stephanie : Hey, are you my facebook friends ? are you kak VANI ? because your name same with kak vani 😛 i beg you are kak vani 😀

    • Zeno Says:

      Dear Vanilla ( pet society name ),
      Can you tell me, how can I get playfish cash with my mobile? I live in Indonesia too
      Thanks a lot

  284. anvil Says:

    i need HELP…!!! i need more friends in pet society so that i can earn more coins to buy stuffs! who can help!!! 😦

  285. Liiine Says:

    I think i caugt a new fish !! Elephantfish : ))))

  286. Cjyhaha Says:

    everyone,look out for broken mytery boxes when u r fishing!!!

  287. ahuh Says:

    yay i have a lot of fish!
    did anybody catch the orangefish? i have it. u have to use an orange from an orange tree u grow in ur garden to catch it.
    did anybody catch the birthday cakefish? u have to catch it with the 2,000 coin birthday cake in the food store. im too poor to buy that lol
    and the new fish is called elephantnosefish 🙂

  288. bruno Says:

    I caught birthday Cakefish .. !! 🙂

    i am happy :)) Now I am trying to catch Elephantnosefish :]

  289. bruno Says:

    i am happy.. 🙂 birthadate cakefish :♥ now I am trying to catch elephantnosefish 🙂

  290. bruno Says:

    I catch it 🙂 Its cute..

  291. coco Says:

    i got coconut fish in my first time catch,,=p
    in one day i got 2 lemons fish..
    but i haven’t got piranha strawberry,banana..huaaaha..sad..

  292. bryn Says:


  293. bryn Says:

    i caught the birthday cake fish on my first try!

  294. Vanilla ( pet society name ) Says:


  295. Cjyhaha Says:

    i got broken mystery box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  296. Cjyhaha Says:


  297. Cjyhaha Says:

    so sad it cant be open 😦

  298. Lil Punks Says:

    i caught a broken mystery box too.. how about the ‘elephantnose’, it it just regular? and about the birthday fish, i think with the cost of bait, its a sure catch when used the cake..

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      To catch the elephantnose fish, use any type of bait. There’s no guarantee you’ll get the birthday fish, in spite of the bait’s high cost. 😦

    • WingsofMemories Says:

      I bought two of the birthday cake for bait and I didn’t catch it…I have to save up before I try again now. =(

  299. Ray Says:

    Hey Pet Society Girl I just found out that the pet society fishes are released on a daily basis. I calcualated that every 7 days (one week)playfish releases a new batch of fishes! So technically every friday there should be new fishes released. Also if you look at the dates some days are 5 days apart(so it’s faster) but when they release the new set of fish it comes out 9 days later to make it 7 days again (the average):) i just found about it yesterday and wanted to make sure so I just wanted to let you know. 🙂

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Yes, that’s right Ray. The fish and mystery boxes are generally released Thursday or Friday before the weekend. Occasionally, the release occurs later on Saturday. 🙂

  300. Ray Says:

    Sorry if my last post was a bit long 😉

  301. Ray Says:

    Pet society girl I also found about how they try to make the same amount of set for each kind of catagory. Also for each release of new fishes they try to have at least one kind of new fish for each category.

  302. flora Says:

    can i ask wat i do to the broken mystery box if i caught one

  303. Panda-Jeh Says:

    i’ve almost compete in the common and rare fishes here what i’ve got


    golden butterflyfish
    blue ram
    altum angelfish
    schooling bannerfish
    clown loach
    silve arowana
    spotted bass
    red salmon
    red demekin goldfish

    Rare fishes :

    chocolate donutfish
    strawberry donutfish

    Glow-in-the-dark Fishes *my friend give me fish biscuit*


    Didnt caught fishes :


    Didnt caught rare fishes :

    birthday cakefish
    strawberry shortcakefish

    Didnt caught Glow-in-the-dark fishes

    Green Gummifish
    Clown Triggerfish
    Pink Starletfish
    Regal Tang
    Tancho Pearlscale
    Black Angelfish
    Lilac Starletfish
    Spotted Cardinalfish
    Daifuky Mochifish
    Pink Seahorse
    Blue Betta
    Pink Ribbonfish

  304. riu Says:

    hello.can i know how to make more money? i spent 6000 coins and still cant catch the birthday cake fish and now i have no money:(

  305. Susaan Says:

    omgg i got a loveroot grown and when i took it out it was withered. ==”

  306. may Says:

    i spend on $6000 for the birthdaycakefish TwT

  307. izzyb6023 Says:

    FYI….I caught an “elephantnose fish” using cheese as the bait. I hadn’t seen it before on any of the lists. Its blue with white stripes and a long snout.

  308. tiger Says:

    can a seahorse be caught with a home grown carrot?

  309. Pet Society Lover Says:

    Icaught the birthday cake fish YAAAAY but on my first try!!!

  310. Lil Punks Says:

    yeah, now i know the one’s that got the birthday cake fish on first try were just lucky..

  311. Astroali Says:

    These updates are happening so fast! And I don’t have billions of coins to get them fast enough!

  312. riu Says:

    yay i caught the birthday cake fish on my 4 th tries

  313. Toad(pet society name) Says:

    how to catch elephantnosefish? what does regu;ar bait mean? is it the normal fruits tt can b bought in the food shop??

  314. groggy_grubbs Says:

    don’t you think it’s sort of unfair to be able to fish some of them with only playfish money? shouldn’t they, like, have some sort of coin-playfish cash exchange in the game to be sort of fair for the others? HMP!

  315. Astroali Says:

    Well, I caught the birthdaycake fish on my second try. It was kind of surprising to just only catch a carp on my first try… ha ha. Toad, regular bait means any bait that’s not really special. Ex. apples, lemons, leak, strawberries… the cheap stuff.

  316. riu Says:

    wow I caught macaronfish with a lemon!!

  317. flyawayys ~ Says:

    Zzz .. i only caught my birthdaycake fish at the 5th try ==

  318. Jess Says:

    i have got the clam with a pearl.

  319. Momiji Says:

    Haha. I started catching fishes when I saw this fish list and I now have

    1.Puppy fish
    3.Red Demekin Goldfish
    4.Elephant nose fish heart fish
    6.Red salmon
    9.Schooling banner fish
    11.African butterfly fish
    12.Clown loach


  320. Archy Says:

    Hi, I hace a question.

    Anyone knows if I can still catch fishes from special themes? (I mean, if I have an item from halloween or thanksgiving, I can still catch the fish from that theme?)

    • kevin.... Says:

      yes you can still catch a special themed fishes…just make sure you have the food/ bait that are required to catch those fishes….

  321. […] Pet Society World’s Fish List ← Pet Society World’s Picture of the Week: Clothing Characters Pet Society Mystery Items – September 18th → […]

  322. Babeh Says:

    I got a Longbill Spearfish just now with the mini xmas cake! its a big ole sword fish!!!! wow (i also had on the full fishing gear set)

    heres a screen shot :3

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Babeh, that’s a special fish you can only get with the pro suit on. My list has only the freely available fish. 😀

  323. Ray Says:

    hello pet society girl! i just caught a festiver cookie fish and festiver fish!!! thanks to all ur imfor!!!!!! love ur blog!!! 😀 ❤ ❤

  324. Archy Says:

    How I catch the holiday fish? Any holiday food works, or there is any special?

  325. Momiji Says:

    I caught the festive fish but still couldn’t catch the festive cookie fish even after buying so many holiday food.

  326. Nelly Says:

    Has anyone caught the Mola Mola? It’s huge and weird! Got one with a watermelon and one with a strawberry.Very strange….

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      A few people have caught it that have the pro fishing outfit. It’s really cool looking. My list here has only the free fish though, so I haven’t included it.

  327. Zazazoo Says:

    Dear PS Girl,
    Today I caught a fish that is not in your fishlist. It’s called Longbill Spearfish. I used holiday food as bait, as I was trying to catch the 2 new fish ps released.

    I caught a picture too. Are you interested in sending the capture to you?

  328. LaheziS Says:

    i have a question. those x-mas fishes, with which bait can i catch them? are the baits x-mas food from food shop or is it the bait from cash shop?

  329. xerxes Says:

    hi pet society girl How did you get the festive cookie fish… it’s quite difficult to catch i always catch the festive fish…by watermelon fish was also difficult to catch…one the last four fish i couldn’t catch… tnx…

  330. xerxes Says:

    I’m glad your site was up again ms. pet society girl… THANKS…. I really like your site in pet society list and activity..

  331. jionem Says:

    I caught festive fish with mini festive cake from the food shop. I can’t figure out the festive cookie fish yet. If someone knows what bait to use I would love to know 😉

    Happy holidays!

  332. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    hey pet society girl you forgot to say what bait you can use to catch the cookie fish and the festive fish.

  333. xerxes Says:

    wow the site is snowing…. cool

  334. masterfisherman Says:

    i’ve tried several times to catch the festive fish and festive cookies fish with no luck. What am i doing wrong?

  335. Archy Says:

    I have a question. Blue Baublefish, Silver Bellfish, Snowman fish, and the others, are from the cash shop? or I can get it without any playfish cash?

  336. Cc Says:

    I wanted to have a strawberry fish. I used a strawberry but at the end i got 3 sheepfish! Is there another kind of food to catch the strawberry fish?

  337. Bagas mahardika Says:

    I’am not found the”Paradise Fish”

  338. Emzie Says:

    k peeps, this 1 fish just came out and i’m dieing to get it, it’s called the mince piefish, can u tell me how 2 get i pplleeaazzee!!! thanx 😛

  339. Emzie Says:

    BOO YAH!!! 🙂 😦 😉 😀 😛 :3 :O

  340. Audrey Says:

    guys, if you still have some of the Thanksgiving foods can you please trade it for something you want? ’cause i want the turkey fish

  341. Shining Star Says:

    I’m having trouble catching the Festive Cookiefish 😦

  342. tiger Says:

    recently i caught a fish called the rainbow fish

  343. Yes! I finally caught a Festivefish!!! 🙂

  344. Can you catch the Holiday fish with the Festive foods in the recipe book?

  345. Chadz Says:

    I get Ice fish . . .
    Yay !!

  346. jeh Says:

    i’ve almost collect those common fishes and rare fishes ..!!

  347. kevin.... Says:

    only three to go!!!

    i’m having hard time to catch festive cookie fish, festive fish and the paradise fish…..


  348. xerxes Says:

    Just passing by : ) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

  349. kaori Says:


  350. chinjung Says:

    I use 70 capucino from cafe to catch ice fish. It’s so boring. Finally I got it!!!!

  351. Amanda Says:

    I just thought I’d let you know how much I love your blog. Your fish list is amazing. I check it every week for new fish because I know the new ones will be up in no time. 😀 Thanks for being great!

  352. Kevin Says:

    i have heard that some players have caught a teddyfish with the help of a Homegrown it true..??

  353. Shining Star Says:

    ohkay , finally caught up with fishing lol . got the Festive Cookiefish and Icefish . how are you doing , Pet Society Girl ?

  354. Piffy Says:

    Hay, theres a new fish called the tinsel fish its really really cute and can be caught using holiday foods

  355. Piffy Says:

    i mean holiday fish bait

  356. Piffy Says:

    Too bad its playfish :<

  357. Holiday(Pet's name) Says:

    Caught the Icefish! so cute!

  358. J4in4 Solo Says:

    Love the new look! 🙂

  359. ray Says:

    Dear Pet Society Girl if u want some help to know any new fishes pls log in to ur facebook home and then type Pet Society Friends at the search and click enter u should look a pickure like this thank u

  360. Cc Says:

    Dear Pet Society Girl,

    This website made me find out lots of things. Is there another way of getting a festive fish?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Cc, from what I’ve heard, you can catch it with any holiday foods and the festive fruit from the trees. I still haven’t caught one yet.

  361. Cc Says:

    Also, according to the ice fish, I used mocha and I got a lovefish. How can this happen?

    • Shining Star Says:

      For the Icefish , you can’t get it on the first try .

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Cc, if you use a mocha, there’s a chance you will catch an icefish, but you can also catch many other types of fish. While you must use a drink from the cafe as bait to catch the icefish, there’s no guarantee that you’ll catch it even with the correct bait. Some people have had a lot of trouble catching it. I caught mine on my second try luckily.

  362. ~~~CHEATforFISHING~~~
    This is a cheat!!!

    All you need to do is……………………………..> let’s say you bought a 2000 coin b-dae cake. You fish… and got a stupird rusty anchor instead. You do NOTHING, but refresh the page. Ta-da! Back at home your bait will still be there.


    Spread the word about this and be blessed in PEt SOciety. If you copy and paste the whole thing to 5 other PS blogs which are super-popular.


    Catrox99, Si Ying and Kathlyn, Abby Kate.


    From: Jeanette and A-Zenn

  363. chachachuchu Says:

    yes..finally i got icefish!! love it so much…thx for the information about icefish PS girl!

  364. I still can’t find the Festive Cookiefish!!! 😦
    It’s making me mad! and to make things worse today is my last chance to catch it because the festive deadline is today!!
    8ol 8ol 8ol

  365. Archy Says:

    Hi. the jack o lantern really can be caught with the homegrown lolly? or it was only with the cake?

  366. I wonder if there’s going to be any New Year fish?
    I test it with the Peach Soda Drink, but no luck.

  367. Kels Says:

    Pet Society Girl,

    I’ve caught lots of new fish. I’ve caught a Mahi Mahi, a Rainbow Fish, and a Royal Gramma. I thought you might want to look into adding these fish to your list.

    • Piffy Says:

      Oh-Em-Gee you forgot the best of them all the Indian Glassy fish :3 its so transparent(real life) yes i’ve seen these fish in another forumn place… umm it’s called pet society anonymous…

      Please tell us what is the bait??? Is it any bait?

      On the anonymous forumn it said someone caught it all with an apple wairing the pro gear :X

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Kels, those are all new pro fish. I only add the free fish to this list. 🙂

      • Kels Says:

        Ah ok I didn’t know if they were or not. And I caught all mine with the mini festive cake in my attemps to get the festive fish and the festive cookie fish lol. So I’m assuming any bait will do.

  368. Babeh Says:

    here is a new one!

  369. Hi PS Girl,
    I’ve been having trouble catching the Icefish, and I’ve tried several times with each of the beverages! Can you give me some advice?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      You’re doing everything right Tyson. I caught mine with the mocha. Maybe that one will give you the best luck. 🙂

  370. Kels Says:

    I caught mine with the Mocha as well. 🙂

  371. Kaken Says:

    Hey, I just caught a royal gamma fish, i was wearing the pro fishing gear though, im not sure if it was just a coincidence that i was wearing it. I used a cappucino to catch it.

  372. whatever Says:

    i catch alllll fishes 80 fishes!!!!

  373. erick Says:

    this is one method of catching any special bait fish you want but it requires cash( my angel gave me over 50 cash for free!!!) just catch all the fishes that don’t need a specific bait, then you can use a special kind of bait to catch the special fish trying it only once!!! but it needs cash and 1000 coins

  374. mike Says:

    I caught a mali mali or mahi mahi in pet society with the giant candy but im wearing the pro fishing stuff so i dont know but can you check for me

  375. britney Says:

    I have a big package come eat it!

  376. mike Says:

    Dear momo

    This does not have to do with just fish but I want to know does playfish tell you when new stuff is released if that is personal you do not have to answer it but I really would like to know!

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Mike, I am just a regular player like you, and Playfish doesn’t give me any special information. I just love to share anything I learn playing with everyone here.

  377. mike Says:

    O and I got all fish WOO!

  378. Crystal Says:

    woah…=3= so hard to get the ice fish and all… anyone got a roast turkey?

  379. Kendra Says:

    I caught a Mahi Mahi today with a regular apple. Would you like the screen shot I took to capture the image?

  380. Voraprach Wongsathapornpat Says:

    But I did catch all those fish already.

  381. Mirium Says:

    Hi,nice to meet you.I’m from Hong Kong. May I ask that is christmas fish available after X’mas ?^^thanks!

  382. Mirium Says:

    And can I use other things such marshmallo driedel or raspberry trifle to catch the festive fish?

  383. Hey Pet Society Girl,

    I’m still having no luck on catching the Icefish. 😦
    I’ve tried like 15 times! But still nothing. 😦

  384. Kendra Says:

    In trying to catch the Icefish today, I caught a Rainbow fish instead — with Espresso as bait.

  385. kyle Says:

    i caught a flap fish today Is it pro!

  386. mike Says:

    if this is to much can you post a picture of your tank on this it would really be nice to see ill show you mine in my next post if I can figure out how to

  387. erick Says:

    yay i finally caught all the free fish and pro fish all thx to my ps angel, i used my tatic which required 12 hrs of my time so i will definetely catch the festive fish and festive cookie fish.

  388. Shanxx Says:

    Hey pet society girl, why is it that i keep on fishing ( two days once) yet i cannot get a cheesefish?? I fish each time with about ten cheese, and i think i have already lost count of the amount of cheese that I have used. Sigh… And the same goes for loads of others… Lemonfish, Strawberry Fish, Piranha, Pink Donut Fish, and so on… Does it mean that i have to fish some more or i am just lousy at fishing?? =(

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Shanxx, I don’t think you are lousy at fishing. I found all of the fish you mentioned difficult to catch. It’s getting harder lately to catch those fish, since each week even more fish are added to the pond. I hope you have great luck soon! You might want to read through the comments because other players have given their tips too.

  389. dfj Says:

    your website is kool. luv it. fabs

  390. dailam Says:

    Hi, can I catch

  391. dailam Says:

    Hi, can I catch a turkey fish with festive turkey as bait?

  392. I finally caught the Icefish! 🙂 :)I caught it with the Hot Chocolate on my 1st try with it! But I tried and failed a lot of times with the beverages from the café. 😦 I’m just excited that I finally caught it! 🙂

  393. Anki Says:

    I found another new fish the Blackcap Gramma. I can give u a picture of it if you need it

  394. mochi Says:

    hehe I got a pink heartfish when I was trying to get an ice fish haha xD lucky me …its sooo cute though

  395. hui ning Says:

    there is a fish missing from the list it is called the green neon tetra i caught it twice with the white milk bottle i was actually going for the cat fish but caught it instead
    if the fish is already there sorry i must have missed it when checking the list

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Thanks for the info hui ning! You’re right, the green neon tetra is missing right now, only because I haven’t caught the fish yet. I’m working on fishing for one now. 😀

  396. Harrison Navrestad Says:

    omg i just realized i dont have a birthday cake fish !! i better get fishing

  397. lewiss reidd Says:

    i caught a yellow jack and a blackcap gramma with hot chocolate with all fishimg gear

  398. Eizarc Says:

    i caught a green neon tetra fish…that fish is not in the list…
    update the list of fish..

  399. J4in4 Solo Says:

    Awesome fish list! Have not bothered to catch any fish…i hope they will have bigger fish. 🙂 Like sharks or something. 🙂 Or pizzafish. won’t that be fun? 😛

  400. LaheziS Says:

    i just caught a new fish! 😀
    check it out!

  401. nas Says:

    Using all the fishing gear and apples bought from Food store, I was able to catch Green Neon Tetra, Purple Firefish, Blackcap Gramma, Yellow Jack and Roosterfish… no luck yet on the Helfrichi Firefish…

  402. luquipie Says:

    this blog is exelent !!
    i love pet society !!

  403. Vio Says:

    How to catch an icefish? How many times do i need to fish?
    Help me please….

  404. erick Says:

    i caught all the newly released fish!!! the blackcap gramma was harder to catch though.

  405. hugo Says:

    is there a flap fish? thanks

  406. Katelyn Says:

    Hi, I’m so happy today because I managed to catch the pro fishing gear spearfish, Purple Firefish, Blackcap Gramma, Yellow Jack, Rooster fish and the Helfrichi Firefish. 😀
    I only needed to buy 7 vegies and I caught them all.
    Now to try and catch the neon tetra, do you know what kind of bait is needed?

  407. nas Says:

    Finally caught the Helfrichi Firefish after 7 attempts using apples… Also, finally caught the Birthday cake fish and the chestnutfish…

  408. Andro Says:

    Oh no, I dont know festive fish can be caught with festive fruits

  409. katjalaamj Says:

    how do you get home grown cakes etc. it make no sense

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      The homegrown items are all grown on trees in the garden. Seeds to grow trees are available in the garden shop.

  410. Hey PS Girl,

    I was just wondering, is there any specific foods you can catch the Green Neon Tetra with?

  411. nas Says:

    still catching up… finally caught jack o’ lantern fish (6 tries) and strawberry shortcake fish (2 tries) using their homegrown counterparts…

  412. Zazazoo Says:

    I haven’t manage yet to catch a festive cookiefish!! Is this so hard??
    I still have some mini festive cakes, bu can i catch it although Christmas have gone? And, if I can, if I run out of festive cakes, can I catch it with festive food i cook myself??

    Ouff, too many questions…! 🙂

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      I think so Zazazoo! I have had trouble catching the festivefish myself. I’m going to use festive foods I cooked when I run out of gumdrops to fish with. 😀

  413. nas Says:

    Caught the loverootfish a while ago…

  414. nas Says:

    after 2 weeks of non-stop fishing, finally caught the last glow-in-the-dark fish using the biscuits… the biscuitfish!!!

    first attempt of catching the cupcakefish and it’s successful!