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Pet Society Updates – August 26th August 26, 2010

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There’s a new way to shop in Pet Society. If you’re visiting a friend’s house and see an item that you like, then you can click the shopping basket icon on the left side of the screen.  It’ll bring up a window to “Go on a shopping spree!”

This will allow you to view all the items in your friend’s room that are currently available in the stores. Any currently available items will have a dark brown outline around them.

When you mouse over an item that you like, you’ll see its price, and you can choose to purchase it directly from your friend’s house.

What do you think of the new shopping feature?  Do you think you’ll like shopping at your friend’s house, or do you prefer shopping and browsing in the Pet Society stores?


Pet Society Glitches, Problems and Torment June 28, 2010

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Pet Society’s been full of glitches all weekend long.  Players have experienced problems loading the game, problems seeing portions of the game screen, issues with the game freezing, and glitches in sending/accepting parts of the hot air balloon.

When trying to send requested pieces of the hot air balloon to her friends, Momo repeatedly got “We are unable to process this request” messages, and after the original request was gone.  ARGH. Also sometimes the “Send Pet Society Request to Friend’s Name” button isn’t even click-able.  I know my friend’s aren’t getting anywhere in building the hot air balloon because Momo and I are stuck too.

I also have problems in loading the full game screen.  The right part of the screen is cut off frequently, and doesn’t appear embedded in the Facebook window.  The save button and right scroll button are totally cut off, making it difficult to play.

In the screencap below, the game wouldn’t load, and in the error message, the right side of the screen is missing:

Playfish posted a message on their forums yesterday that the problems are being worked on.  Hopefully they will be fixed soon!


Pet Society Updates – April 23rd April 23, 2010

There are two new free gifts to send to your Pet Society friends: a cream teddy plushie and a pastry headband.

There’s also a new feature to “make items with your friends.” If you click the hammer on the left side of the screen (more screen clutter!!), you’ll see that you can collaborate to build items with your friends.

You can build a totem pole or a pink teepee by getting help 25 times.  You have to post a message on your facebook wall and if a friend clicks on it, then you’ll be closer to building the item.  Each friend can click your link one time per day, so even if you don’t have 25 friends who play, you can still build the item.

I don’t mind the idea of collaborative items, but I find it annoying that so many of Pet Society’s new features involve spamming my friends with these types of messages.  We could request help just as easily within the game. Likewise, we could share free gifts in the game and send Hideeni gifts to friends through the game too.  Why involve facebook walls necessarily?  It’s spam, and it slows down gameplay a lot. It takes so long to “share” any Pet Society info, and then we have to constantly exit Pet Society, click facebook messages and re-enter the game to collect items.  I really don’t enjoy the way the game is heading with “sharing” all the time.

Speaking of the “share” feature, Pet Society’s switched positions of the “share” and “skip” buttons.  This seems like a trick to get people who don’t share Pet Society events to accidentally share their Pet Society actions. Sneaky, very sneaky! 😦


Pet Society: The Case of the Missing Friends April 20, 2010

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A few comments have reported that many friends are missing from Pet Society friend lists. Momo is missing 25% of her friends too right now.  I read that facebook is undergoing some changes right now, and once they’re finished everything will be back to normal.  If anyone hears any news on this issue, please post a comment!


Pet Society Updates – Remodeled Town and More – March 26th March 26, 2010

There were more major updates in Pet Society today.  Since I’m super-busy this weekend, I’ll be brief in covering some of the notable changes.

My noticeboard had a newsletter from Pet Society that looks a lot like the newspapers published by fans on the Pet Society forum. Among other news, it announced changes in the town.

It’s too bad no one noticed the newsletter is dated “Sun Apr 25 2010.” 😐

The Luxury and Gadget shops are gone, the Cash shop has been renamed “the Boutique,” and there’s a new shop called the “Market.” The items in the demolished shops have been relocated. There are new subdivisions in each store to organize  similar merchandise.

I’m not sure how I feel about the changes.  Although I think the items are more organized, and there’s less scrolling involved in getting through each store, there are so many subsections that I’m very confused about how to find certain items. What’s most irritating is that there are Playfish Cash items everywhere, and it’s impossible to avoid them.  I guess this is the way the game’s been heading for some time…

How do you feel about the changes in Pet Society?

In the books tab (where the cookbook and sticker books are located), there’s a new diary with information on your pet.  Apparently, all female pets are listed as male, and all male pets are listed as females.  Along with being confused about her gender, Momo’s very confused because her birthday is listed wrong.  She’s not nearly old enough to begin fudging her age! I started playing Pet Society in August 2008, but for some reason Momo’s birthday is listed as June 2009.  Strange stuff!

In other news, according to Playfish, the shrinking petling problem has been fixed, so I hope all the shrunken pets are back to normal now.

All the new items for next week have been released early, and new mystery items are out.  There are also two new free gifts that you can send to your friends. I’ll hopefully post on them soon.

Please comment if there are any updates I forgot to post, and do share how you feel about the latest changes!


Pet Society Updates – March 12th March 14, 2010

On Friday, Pet Society had another minor face lift and a few features were changed.

The coins for visiting increased to 50 coins for the first 50 visits each day, 25 coins for each of the next 25 visits, and 15 coins for visits after that. Each player can see their total paw points again (but you can’t see the total paw points of your friends). Additionally, you can get more paw points for washing pets. There’s a new coin bag symbol indicating friends you haven’t visited yet in your friend list (I thought the colored backgrounds were simpler). The shops in the town navigation map now have their names under them, which makes the map look sort of busy to me.

Pet Society has also added a new way to spam your friends. After you visit a for the first time during a new Pet Society day, you can post a free gift on their Facebook wall. Friends who accept the gift can send you coins back in return for the gift in another Facebook wall post, this time on your wall.  I think all this Facebook wall posting is thoroughly irritating.  I realize Playfish wants to advertise the game, but far fewer new players will join after seeing barrages of obnoxious spam all over their friend’s walls.  Since there’s already an in-game method for sending gifts, it would be simpler, more fun, and less intrusive and embarrassing to send gifts within the game.

Now that you know what I think, what are your thoughts on the new free gifts and the means of sharing them?


Pet Society’s New Look – March 5th March 6, 2010

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Yesterday when I logged into Pet Society, I received the following note from the Mayor along with 3,000 coins.  I was hoping Pet Society would finally be out of “beta,” but the “Pet Society Beta” title is still on the game. I wonder if it will ever be out of beta.

The redesign includes many alterations.  As you can see in the screencap below, the playing screen is substantially larger, since the ads for other playfish games are now placed above the game screen rather than on the left side of the screen.

There are far less icons on the playing screen. All of the blue “settings” icons on the right side can be minimized or expanded.  The icons are more colorful and glossy than the old ones. The Paw Point display has been changed.  At each level, the number of paw points returns to zero, and the total displayed is only the number of points you’ve earned in your current level. The health bar is located on the top of the screen rather than on the side.  The house room navigation is located on the bottom right corner rather than the top right corner.

If you click the door icon in your house, then you’ll see the shops in town. The shops have new looks too, which remind me of the board game Candyland. If you click on “Friend Street,” then you can view the old neighborhood with trees to bump into for coins (but minus the shops).

When your pet visits its friends, the action icons also have a new look.  It no longer matters if your friends are actively playing Pet Society or not. Each visit will earn your pet 35 coins for your first 50 visits each day, 20 coins for the next 25 visits, and 15 coins for each visit thereafter.

Our pets no longer have happiness or hygiene bars. Happiness is no longer a factor in the game, so we can not earn coins and paw points for caring for pets anymore. Although the hygiene bar is gone, flies serve as a measurement of how dirty a pet is. Really filthy pets will have a five flies buzzing around them instead of the old maximum of two flies (see below). You can still earn coins for cleaning pets.  For each fly you wash away, you will earn 20 coins.  You can earn a maximum of 80 coins and 4 paw points per pet. When the pet is fully clean, you’ll see a message that says “All Clean!”

The inventory and wardrobe chest now have the option to view all items or view items by categories.



The book icon expands to reveal the tutorial book, cookbook and sticker book.

When you receive gifts and messages, they will appear on a notice board, which allows you to open and read them very quickly.  You can also open them the old way with your pet.

I really like the larger playing view and the fact that the icons are mainly off the screen.  I’m not used to the glossy new icons and the new shop buildings yet, but they are pretty cute.  I like that there are less confirmation screens, and if you click the home icon, you actually go straight home.  That will save some time.  I’ll miss brushing pets for coins..I guess the brush is pointless now.

Things look ok for me, but my husband plays on a Mac, and his Pet Society screen is a disaster.  He can’t even see the right side of the playing screen:

What do you think of the new changes?


Intrusive Pet Society Share Button January 22, 2010

While opening mystery boxes just now, I was annoyed by the changes to the Pet Society interface.  There’s a new lime green “share button,” under the ugly bracelet I just got.  Along with that, the “skip” button is greyed out, so that you’re far more tempted to “share” than “skip,” even if you want to hit skip.  I don’t like sharing my Pet Society activities with friends who don’t play the game. On top of that, I have no interest in sharing with anyone that I opened a gold box and got an ugly bracelet. :p  I give a huge thumbs down to this new intrusive interface change.

What do you all think of the new Pet Society “share” and “skip” buttons?  Has anyone pressed the green button by accident?  I’m sure I will press it unintentionally; it’s only a matter of time.


New Pet Society Lottery December 4, 2009

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Today, a new lottery was introduced in Pet Society.  Here are details on the update from the Mayor:

Momo spun the lottery wheel (she felt like she was on the game show Wheel of Fortune), and she still only got 50 coins.  At least it wasn’t 10 or 25 coins though!  Yikes, I didn’t think my chances could get worse.  haha.

The frame the game is set in is also updated with links to all of the other Playfish games.

What do you all think of the new lottery?


Winter in Pet Society

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A snowy winter has arrived in Pet Society.  Here’s Pet Society’s cute winter logo (apparently the game is still in beta even though they forgot the beta tag and this is being corrected):

When you log in today, the neighborhood will be snow-covered.

Momo was so thrilled that after she had her breakfast, she went for a walk around town (she didn’t even wait to put on her sweater, naughty pet!).  She loves the cute snowmen and snowy trees. The fishing pond isn’t frozen over yet.  Lucky us!  That means we can still go fishing.

Does your pet love the snow too?