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Personal Data and Deleting Facebook Applications May 26, 2009

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How long can a facebook application store your personal data after you quit?

I’ve been wondering about this question for some time because if you quit and re-join an application, the application somehow remembers everything about you. This doesn’t seem to respect user privacy at all. I did a few searches to find the answer to my question, and found some answers at the Facebook Developers Wiki on Storable Information.

User data you receive from Facebook that you can store indefinitely:
uid User ID
nid Primary network ID
eid Event ID
gid Group ID
pid Photo ID
aid Photo album ID
flid friend list ID
listing_id Marketplace listing ID
page_id Facebook Page ID
proxied_email Placeholder email addresses for your users
notes_count Total number of notes written by the user
profile_update_time Time that the user’s profile was last updated

When you delete an application, Facebook tells you this “If you remove XXX application, it will no longer have access to your data and be removed from your profile, bookmarks, and Applications Page,” so why is there this contradiction? Why are applications permitted to store user’s personal data indefinitely, while we are told the application will no longer have access to our data?

Indefinitely is a long time. 😦


New Pet Society Items – May 24th May 25, 2009

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Pet Society just released it’s new weekly items. I liked the clothing. There’s a cute new dodou halter top, a race car driver outfit and a Korean Hanbok outfit. I also ended up buying a dragon boat bench from the luxury store to decorate my rooftop setting.

I wasn’t much interested in any of the other items, which will make saving much easier for next week.

Here’s a screencap of the dragon boat bench and the Momo wearing the new halter top.


How to Stop Pet Society Notification Spam May 24, 2009

One of the most irritating things about playing Pet Society is that whenever you perform actions with your pet, you can send out spam notifications that are beyond your control.  For instance, if your pet visits your friend’s pet to give them a hug, then Pet Society sends a notification without your permission through facebook notifications to your friend about your action.  Likewise, you send out Pet Society notification messages for running races in the stadium.  Since visiting friends and running races are two of the most basic ways of earning coins, this ensures that you spam your friends on a daily basis with irritating, mind-numbing notifications.

Back in October I asked whether these notifications could be stopped, but was told that the only way to stop the notifications was for my friends to block them from their end through facebook.  This is a really awful solution, which was making me feel like quitting the game rather than be a spammer.  We should be in control of what notifications we send out, if any!  I would prefer none at all.

Here’s my solution to the Pet Society spam notification problem. If you always choose “fight” when you visit your friends, then they won’t get any spam from your actions.  A friend and I figured this out and tested it.  It’s a great solution, and even though you may feel mean for “fighting” with your friend’s pets, at least you aren’t spamming them.  Not spamming is the mark of a true friend.  I also only run races with two friends that have all notification from Pet Society blocked under their facebook notifications settings.  That way I don’t send out any Pet Society spam notifications at all (or at least none that I’m aware of!).

Hope this helps if you’re facing the same problem!


Also, a note about the Pet Society Photo Album. I haven’t used it because I don’t feel comfortable making an album for my fake pet photos for all my real life friends and family to see. I’ve heard that using the camera and album features also result in spam notifications from Pet Society to all your facebook friends every time you add a photo. Your album can also end up in the facebook “highlights” section, which could be supremely embarrassing. I’m not sure if there’s a solution to prevent these notification from being sent, and I can’t think of any ideas to stop them.

For now, I’ll continue to use print screen to take screencaps of my pet. I think it would be really great if Playfish added an option to take snaps and download them directly to my harddrive. That way players wouldn’t have to worry about the facebook pet society album middle man and the related notification spam issue.


New Mystery Items – May 22nd May 23, 2009

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There were new mystery items released in Pet Society yesterday.  I found the two items from the expensive gold boxes quite easily.  The new expensive mystery box items were a pink bubble chair (with the same design as the blue bubble chair introduced in last week’s gold mystery box) and an “ornate framed folding screen.” The bubble chairs are cute, but I’m not sure what to do with them.  Likewise, I’m not sure what to do with the screen.  The screen matches the “ornate framed bed” and “ornate bedside table,” but it’s too big to fit in my pet’s bedroom and won’t go behind any other items.

I had more trouble (as usual) finding the mystery item in the purple mystery box, but I found it this morning after sifting through a bunch of ugly arm bands.  The new item in the purple mystery box is a “rattle drum deco.”  I have no idea what it is for really.  The pet can’t interact with it, so as the “deco” implies, it’s just for decoration.  It’ll probably just stay stored in my chest.

Here’s a picture of the three new mystery items:



Stadium Sightings of New Pet Society Clothes May 22nd May 22, 2009

Here are some of the new sighting of future pet society clothing selections from the stadium preview:

new shirt:

New hat:

New spikey crown:


New apron:


New helmet:

New dress:

gladiator costume



Pet Society Cafe Update

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At long last, there’s an update to the Pet Society cafe!  Check out the new blended coffee and blended juice.


New Mystery Items – May 18th May 21, 2009

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The new mystery items introduced Monday include a bear mask and caffettiera.  I never drink coffee, so I gifted the caffettiera to my husband who loves it.  Then I opened another expensive/gold mystery box and ended up with another.  The item in the blue mystery box is a surf board (just like last week), and I’m not remotely interested in that, so I won’t bother searching it out.

Here’s a pic of Momo in her bear mask using her caffettiera.


The caffetiera looks nearly the same as my husband’s, only the Pet Society version is abnormally large:



Pet Society: What is an Advertisement? May 19, 2009

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In response to the hated Cash Shop, a number of forum members have suggested in-game ads and cross-promotions with companies like McDonald’s, Apple, and Starbucks. This alternative could continue to be used to bring in revenue, since it was relatively non-intrusive. The thing is, I knew that Playfish already used this idea last fall and winter because in-game ads appeared on my game screen in the food shop for months.

Playfish employee named Mark, “The Pet Society Mayor,” lied outright on the forum, saying “There’s no adverts in Pet Society.” Unfortunately for him, I remembered the in-game ads and had proof of them. I used to see a flowers ad and a blockbuster ad through last fall and early this year (I took this screencap on Janaury 10, 2009):

After struggling to get a response about the advertisement for the past day, I commented that “I also find deception insulting” to Mark’s claim that “There’s no adverts in Pet Society.”
Mark then posted:
“That’s not an advert that’s an offer. “

To which I responded:
“Come on, really?

If they’re paying to have their name broadcast, it’s an advertisement. If you choose to call that an “offer,” then that’s just semantics.”

Mark then responded:
“Well clearly I can’t go into confidential business, but an advert is when a company pays another to display their logo/etc., whereas an offer is a collaboration with another company. Two different things. This was just another way for you to earn coins. Not an advert.”

I responded to his post and included the definition of advertisement from
“LOL. Doublespeak? That’s semantics.

Call it what you want. That’s an advertisement to me.

1. The act of advertising.
2. A notice, such as a poster or a paid announcement in the print, broadcast, or electronic media, designed to attract public attention or patronage.”

Mark continued his denial:

This was a way for players to earn coins. It wasn’t an advert. They’re two different things.”

At that point, I gave up. There’s no point in continuing to converse with someone who’s insulting my intelligence.

According to Merrian-Webster’s dictionary, this is the definition of an advertisement:ad·ver·tise·ment:
1. the act or process of advertising
2. a public notice; especially: one published in the press or broadcast over the air

To me, it’s clear that the poster on the wall of the food store is an advertisement, whether Playfish chooses to call it one or not.

What do you think, is the Pet Society poster an advertisement?


Backlash Against the Pet Society Cash Shop

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The Playfish forum’s Pet Society Cash Shop comment topic exploded with anger, frustration and unhappiness for the past day. Check out the thousands of comments!

Personally, I’m very insulted with the new addition. Being able to win more hurdle races, walk through town faster, do your visits faster, and walk through and receive more coins from the trees are all ways to save time, increase the game speed, and make more money in the game. People have posted requesting variations of these features for months, but now only those who pay will benefit. There have been plenty of topics saying “visits take too long,” “There should be more coins in the trees,” and “hurdle races are unfair.”

I guess that’s how beta game development works? The developers experiment on you, watching your comments and suggestions, and then they use your ideas to cash in. Meanwhile, the true fan, who was devoted to helping the game and coming up with ideas never necessarily benefits at all. It feels like backstabbing when you contribute to the generation of ideas of your own volition, completely uncredited, and you are excluded from the fruits of the success. Forum members are being asked to pay for ideas they came up with the improve the game.

Now we know that Playfish does listen, but their priority is not to make all players happy; instead, Playfish’s goal in listening to us has been to make money. This new shop makes that perfectly clear.

Watching how this has all played out makes me far less likely to share suggestions for game improvements. What if I post a good idea, and it’s just used to benefit the pay-only players? Why should I bother to help improve the game, particularly if I don’t feel I am benefiting from the relationship anymore?

So many members feel that Playfish has played us, treating us as though we are braindead dunces, undeserving of respect. I appreciate straightforwardness and above all honestly. It would have been easy to make an announcement that the exciting new store was a cash only shop for paying users.

It’s quite simple to see why everyone is so unhappy.


How do you feel about Terrence, the owner of Pet Society's Cash Store? May 18, 2009

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This is how I feel:


You can post a pic of how you feel at the Playfish forums in this great topic: Post your anti-cash shop pictures!