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Pet Society Free Gift – September 16th September 20, 2010

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A new item was added for us to send as free gifts to our friends last Thursday. It’s a Small Japanese Garden Fence.

Do you like the new gift? Is your pet planning to decorate with the new fence?


Pet Society Basset Hound Plushie Glitch September 13, 2010

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Pet Society fans were subjected to Playfish’s latest sloppiness in yet another glitch. Apparently the Basset Hound Plushie released yesterday expired way sooner than it should have, and after receiving hundreds of complaints, Pet Society will re-do the feed.  Watch for this free item on the Pet Society Facebook fan page where there will be a link to click and receive the plushie.  Hopefully, it’ll work for everyone this time.

Here’s the official spin on this latest issue.


Pet Society Free Gift – August 26th August 26, 2010

Today, a new item was added for us to send as free gifts to our friends. It’s a Bear in a Box.

In the PS Blog, it looks like this:

Momo got one from a friend today…but hers looks different.  In fact, it looks a bit creepy!

If you get more than one of these free gifts, you’ll get an auto-sell window.  I think it’s probably a glitch that we can’t have more than one bear in a box.

Hope they fix this new issue…

For the past few weeks, there’s only been one new free gift per week instead of two.  I guess Pet Society’s changed the number.

Have you received or sent one of the new free gifts?


Pet Society – Bees in the Beehive Tree

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On Saturday, I posted about the Pet Society beehive tree’s missing bees.  Today, Pet Society fixed this glitch, so if you have a beehive tree, you should see animated bees flying around your beehives tree!

Momo’s enjoying watching the bees! I’m glad they didn’t sting her. 😉


Pet Society: Glitchy Burgers August 25, 2010

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As I posted earlier today, Momo made a bunch of burgers from the Build a Burger mystery egg items in Pet Society.  Tonight, when I logged into the game, my burgers were collapsing, and layers were out of place. The tomatoes and crowns have fallen.

This is how my burgers looked this morning:

This is how they look now:

Are your burgers glitchy too?  Or is it just mine that are misbehaving?


Pet Society Beehive Tree Update

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On Saturday, I posted about the Pet Society beehive tree’s missing bees.  I’m happy to spread the word that there’s news on the Playfish Forum regarding the beehive tree’s missing bees.  On August 26th, this problem will be fixed and the  animated bees will appear on our beehives trees!

I’m glad this issue will be fixed.  Momo’s excited to see the bees soon!


Pet Society – Where are the Beehive Tree’s Bees? August 21, 2010

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Momo and I grew a beehive tree a few weeks ago. We anxiously awaited the appearance of some bees and honey pots on the tree.  Today, we found a honey pot on the tree.  Although Momo dressed up like a bee to befriend the tree’s bees, there were none to be found on her tree.

Has anyone else seen bees on their beehive tree?  The sign in the garden shop asks us to “watch the bees,” and the PS blog depicts bees on the tree in the “final evolved stage” of the beehive tree seed (shown below).

By the way, the super-cute honey pots sells for 85 coins each.  I love them!


Pet Society Treasure Hunting Update – July 19th July 19, 2010

The Pet Society treasure hunting feature was updated today with new “weekly” item at the “town forest” digging site.  The new item is the Gretel Bear.  The Gretel Bear was supposed to have been released last week, but Playfish mistakenly did not add the item to the game.  This mistake was causing glitches (pets were stuck digging forever), and no one had reported finding the new Gretel Bear.  Happily, Playfish has now corrected the mistake, and we can now find the Gretel Bear in the town forest.

Momo is posing with her Hansel and Gretel bears in the picture below.

Have you dug up a Gretel Bear?


Pet Society Cheesy Mayor Glitch July 18, 2010

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When I posted earlier today about the Pet Society cooking problem regarding the mushroom stool, I was reminded that a commenter named Chef had asked me to post about the “Cheesy Mayor glitch” moths ago.  Sorry it’s taken me so long to post!

Since Momo is only an “apprentice chef,” she has never experienced this glitch, but players who have reached the “A List Celebrity Chef” rank are experiencing huge problems cooking.  The “A List Celebrity Chef” level unlocks the recipe to cook the Cheesy Mayor. Once players unlock this level, they get a “save failed” 3008 error when cooking any dish, so their kitchens are completely paralyzed.  Pets who reach this level can’t cook the Cheesy Mayor, or anything else for that matter.

There are two long discussions of this problem on the Playfish forum here and here.  According to the posts in these topics, the problem was reported to Playfish in April, but it still hasn’t been fixed. Chef wanted me to warn everyone that we shouldn’t be in hurry to cook the Cheesy Mayor in Pet Society because you won’t be able to enjoy cooking until the problem is fixed.  I feel sad for all the pets out there who love cooking and who’ve been receiving this error for months.  Come on Playfish, get this problem fixed so the Pet Chefs can have fun cooking again!


Pet Society Glitches, Problems and Torment June 28, 2010

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Pet Society’s been full of glitches all weekend long.  Players have experienced problems loading the game, problems seeing portions of the game screen, issues with the game freezing, and glitches in sending/accepting parts of the hot air balloon.

When trying to send requested pieces of the hot air balloon to her friends, Momo repeatedly got “We are unable to process this request” messages, and after the original request was gone.  ARGH. Also sometimes the “Send Pet Society Request to Friend’s Name” button isn’t even click-able.  I know my friend’s aren’t getting anywhere in building the hot air balloon because Momo and I are stuck too.

I also have problems in loading the full game screen.  The right part of the screen is cut off frequently, and doesn’t appear embedded in the Facebook window.  The save button and right scroll button are totally cut off, making it difficult to play.

In the screencap below, the game wouldn’t load, and in the error message, the right side of the screen is missing:

Playfish posted a message on their forums yesterday that the problems are being worked on.  Hopefully they will be fixed soon!