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Intrusive Pet Society Share Button January 22, 2010

While opening mystery boxes just now, I was annoyed by the changes to the Pet Society interface.  There’s a new lime green “share button,” under the ugly bracelet I just got.  Along with that, the “skip” button is greyed out, so that you’re far more tempted to “share” than “skip,” even if you want to hit skip.  I don’t like sharing my Pet Society activities with friends who don’t play the game. On top of that, I have no interest in sharing with anyone that I opened a gold box and got an ugly bracelet. :p  I give a huge thumbs down to this new intrusive interface change.

What do you all think of the new Pet Society “share” and “skip” buttons?  Has anyone pressed the green button by accident?  I’m sure I will press it unintentionally; it’s only a matter of time.


The end is near for Pet Society notifications in Facebook January 21, 2010

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As I was logging into Pet Society a moment ago, I received the following notice from Facebook.

It reads that “Soon, applications won’t be able to send you notifications on Facebook.”

I’m so excited about the notice because I find Facebook notifications from applications to be a huge nuisance. While it’s relatively easy to ignore the notifications you receive, it bothered me that I had no control over the notifications  I was sending to my friends through my actions in the game.  It really troubled me that I was potentially spamming my friends just by playing Pet Society, while completely unaware of the fact. I’ve posted previously on how to prevent sending some notifications, but a complete block of these notifications is the ideal solution.  Hopefully, this new Facebook decision will fully eliminate Pet Society Facebook notification spam!


Personal Data and Deleting Facebook Applications May 26, 2009

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How long can a facebook application store your personal data after you quit?

I’ve been wondering about this question for some time because if you quit and re-join an application, the application somehow remembers everything about you. This doesn’t seem to respect user privacy at all. I did a few searches to find the answer to my question, and found some answers at the Facebook Developers Wiki on Storable Information.

User data you receive from Facebook that you can store indefinitely:
uid User ID
nid Primary network ID
eid Event ID
gid Group ID
pid Photo ID
aid Photo album ID
flid friend list ID
listing_id Marketplace listing ID
page_id Facebook Page ID
proxied_email Placeholder email addresses for your users
notes_count Total number of notes written by the user
profile_update_time Time that the user’s profile was last updated

When you delete an application, Facebook tells you this “If you remove XXX application, it will no longer have access to your data and be removed from your profile, bookmarks, and Applications Page,” so why is there this contradiction? Why are applications permitted to store user’s personal data indefinitely, while we are told the application will no longer have access to our data?

Indefinitely is a long time. 😦