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How to Hide Your Pet Society Christmas Tree Ornaments December 31, 2009

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A number of people have asked me what they should do with all their Pet Society Christmas tree ornaments after they take down their trees, since many ornaments cannot be sold, gifted or recycled.  Momo hasn’t taken down her tree yet, and I generally leave mine up through mid-January; however, here are some tips for hiding your ornaments whenever your pet decides to take down her/his tree.

Since there are so many ornaments, leaving them in your pet’s inventory means you may have to scroll through pages to find other items.   If it bothers you to scroll though ornaments in your inventory and you need an alternative, then I think the best option is to hide the ornaments behind furniture or decorations in your house.

Hiding the ornaments takes a bit of experimentation because of Pet Society’s layering issues.  First, place an ornament on the floor. Then, test and see which items can be placed in front of the ornaments. Alternatively, you try dropping an ornament behind an item to see if the ornament layers behind or in front of the item.

Here’s Momo’s pile of ornaments:

After putting the verdant shrub in front of the pile, all of the ornaments were completely hidden.

The following items can be placed in front of the ornaments to hide them. This is not a complete list, since I just tested a few options, but it may give you some ideas:
verdant shrub, orange tree, as well as other plants and plant pots
world traveler suitcase
doll basket
old clock
Moulin Rouge miniature
toxic barrel
amberstone bug
conch shell
washing machine
simple basket
picnic basket
treasure chest

I thought some of the larger pieces of furniture would work (like cabinets), but they layer behind the ornaments and can’t be used to hide them. Toys can also be placed in front of ornaments, but I wouldn’t recommend using them, since your pet may pick up the toy and move it at any time to reveal the ornaments.

If you want to save your tree for next year, then Christmas/holiday trees can be placed in your pet’s garden (or as part of an outdoor scene in another room in your pet’s house) all year round.  They look nice as pine trees.

I hope that helps if you’re not sure what to do with your Christmas tree and ornaments now that Christmas is over!  If you have any other tips, do share them in the comments.


Pet Society New Year’s Resolutions December 29, 2009

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Does your pet have a New Year’s resolution?

Momo wants to eat more healthily and stop buying cakes at the Pet Society food shop.  They sure are tempting though. 😉

What are your pet’s resolutions for 2010?


Poll: Do you think the cheap mystery boxes in Pet Society are neglected? December 28, 2009

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As Momo was busy hunting in mystery boxes for new items, I wondered when was the last time Momo bought a cheap (pink/red) mystery box.  I couldn’t quite remember.  A comment from owee mentioned that cheap mystery boxes should have some new items.  I fully agree. Why are the cheap boxes so neglected?  They’re really great when you first start the game because  they are the most affordable way to get a few furnishings and outfits.  Once you’re established in the game though, there’s no point to buying them.  Look at Momo, she’s walking right by them as she browses the purple and gold boxes.

The last new items that were added were the colored balloons months and months ago, two of which were removed without warning last July.  I think the last time I bought a cheap mystery box was to try to find green balloons last summer before their removal was announced.  Lately, Momo and I can’t see any reason to buy them.  There’s nothing new or exciting in them that we haven’t seen before.

What do you think?  Does your pet buy cheap mystery boxes?  Do you think Playfish should add new items to the cheap boxes as they have for the purple and gold mystery boxes?


New Pet Society Items – December 27th December 27, 2009

Today all of the “Holiday Special” and Christmas items were removed from the Pet Society stores, and many new items were added. You can now design a ballroom and prepare to celebrate the new year.

Also, keep in mind that “the biggest ever clearance sale” is taking place in the Pet Society shops where 100 items are now 50% off.  The sale lasts until January 13th GMT when all of these 100 items will be removed from the shops.

As for the new items, the DIY store has pink ballroom wallpaper and a gold ballroom winter view window as this “week’s special” items. The “just arrived” items include a ballroom wallpaper, door, winter view window and a red ballroom carpet floor.

In the clothing shop, there are new options to dress your pet his or her very best for the new year.  There’s a princess ball gown with matching princess golden shoes and a princess golden tiara.  For the male pets, there’s a prince tuxedo shirt, with prince tuxedo pants, prince golden shoes, and a prince golden top hat. There’s also a Chic party dress with a matching hair ribbon and shoes, along with a modern tuxedo shirt and pants.  I’m glad the number of outfits is equal for boy and girl pets.

In the food shop, the “week’s special” items include green, red and blue 2010 balloons, a ballroom cupcake, peach soda drink, ballroom cake, and luxury sparkling grape juice.  The “just arrived” items include gold and silver party hats, luxury sparkling berry juice, and an apple soda drink (it looks noxious to me!  haha).

The furniture shop, thankfully there are no “week’s special” items, so there isn’t a rush to buy them.  The new items are all ballroom furniture pieces.  There’s a ballroom hall chest, sofa, flower decor, side table, teddy, chair and table.  I love the vase of flowers!

In the luxury shop, there’s a New Year feast table and a ballroom staircase.  The staircase is stunning!

In the gadget shop, there’s a ballroom chandelier and a ballroom wall light.

I think this week’s items are beautiful.  What do you think?  Do you like this week’s items? Is your pet planning to decorate for New Year’s or throw a grand ball?


Pet Society Homegrown Festive Fruit December 26, 2009

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In Pet Society, Momo had fully grown festive tree on December 9th, but since then, my pet’s tree hadn’t grown a single festive fruit.  Finally, Momo spotted a festive fruit on her pretty white tree tonight.  I wish the trees weren’t so slow at producing fruit.  They’re horribly slow lately. When they first were introduced, my pet’s trees grew fruits much more often.

The homegrown festive fruit sells for 85 coins.


Merry Christmas from Pet Society World December 24, 2009

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Momo and I want to wish all of the readers of Pet Society World a very merry Christmas!  Hope you all have a lovely day. 😀

If you want to share a picture of your Christmas tree or holiday decorations, then add a picture in the Pet Society World Flickr Group. I know many of you already have.  For details on how to join and post pictures to the group, check out this post.


Surprise Pet Society Gift December 24th/25th December 23, 2009

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This morning, the Mayor sent out a letter informing us that we’ll receive a surprise gift for logging in on December 24th or 25th!

When Momo logged into Pet Society tonight, she received this pretty gift.  She looked excited but walked right by it at first.

I convinced her to open it, and inside there was a letter from the Mayor with a Holiday Gift inside.

The snow globe is enormous:

Momo wanted to show off her muscles by carrying the globe around the room.  Heehee!

Make sure you log in to Pet Society to receive your gift. 😀


Pet Society Stadium Sightings of New Items – December 23th

Here are some preview items I saw in the stadium today.  They look so cool!  I’m really looking forward to the New Year and winter items below:

Golden New Year Top Hat:

White and Gold Jacket and Bowtie

Red and White Gown:

Red and White Hair Ribbon:

Golden Gown (like Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast)

Golden Tiara:

Ear Muffs:

Silver New Year’s Hat:

Golden New Year’s Hat:

Ice Skates:

New Shirt:

Blue Slippers:

Knitted Sweater:

Blue pants:

New shoes:

Grey Vest and Jacket:

New shoes:


New Pet Society Fish (Release 20)

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There were special new fish released today in the Pet Society pond.  It’s a cold Icefish, which is attracted to the hot beverages from the Cafe.  I caught one with a mocha. Try using the mocha, cappuccino, espresso and latte from the Cafe as your bait to catch this fish.

For more info on these fish and other items in the pet society fish pond, please visit Pet Society World’s Fish List!


Pet Society Mystery Items – December 23rd

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Six new mystery items were added to to the mystery boxes today.  There will be no mystery box items added next week.

New Gold Mystery Box Items:
Robin Plushie
Party Balloons Decor
2010 Balloon Hat
Hot Water Bottle

New Purple Mystery Box Items:
Golden 2010 Balloon
Snowboard Decor

Here are pictures of three of the new items!  If you want to see the rest, then check out MrsVicorn’s picture in the Pet Society World Flickr Group (Thanks MrsVicorn!!).