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Adding Pet Society Friends and Trading September 12, 2010

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I receive a lot of friend requests in my blog’s comments, so I thought I’d make a post on this topic.  I only feel comfortable adding my real life friends on facebook, and I’m sorry to turn down facebook friendship requests.

If readers of this blog want to add one another, then feel free to add your facebook info below, so you can befriend one another.  Another option for making Pet Society friends is the Playfish Forums, which has a “Find New Friends” section.  You have to be registered as a member there to view the section:

The Playfish Forum also has a Pet Society Trading section:
If you’re looking for an item, then more people will see your message there than if you post a comment about trading on my blog.

Hope this helps if you’re interested in adding friends and trading in Pet Society!


A Chance to Provide Pet Society with Feedback August 18, 2010

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Hey everyone!

There’s a new topic at the Playfish Forums today called “The Listening Thread” and a Playfish employee has asked for player feedback.  I spent my lunch hour writing up and posting my feedback on Pet Society.  It’s great to have an opportunity to provide feedback on a game that I’ve played for over two years, especially since I’ve felt like Playfish hasn’t listened to its players as well as it could.

Here’s your chance to provide any comments, complaints and feedback on Pet Society.  Let’s hope they really listen!

By the way, I post as Pet.Society.World over there. Feel free to add me as a friend if you’re a reader and member over there. 😀


Pet Society Jubble Ring Update August 11, 2010

A Pet Society Official has posted a Jubble Ring update on the Playfish forum.  As of Monday at midnight GMT, the Jubble rings currently being sold for coins will be sold for Playfish Cash coins.

If you buy a Jubble ring before Monday for coins, then you won’t lose your ring.  After Monday, you won’t be able to gift any Jubble rings in your inventory, so if you have one you’d like to give to a friend, you should gift the item before Monday.

Here’s the full post for more details.

I’m really annoyed.  I guess Playfish made a mistake in releasing them for coins, but why can’t they leave the Jubble rings as they are?  Maybe they realized their popularity and want to make money off them.  It really annoys be that they spread information via their forum and not by sending out an in-game message to all players.  I think they way they distribute their information is unfair. Be sure to tell any of your friends who are saving up for a jubble ring that they won’t be sold for coins much longer.

For everyone’s reference, the Jubble rings come in three varieties. There are green, blue, and pink Jubbles.

Momo and I have the blue and green Jubbles  so far, so we’re going to try to get the last one for coins before time runs out.  The Jubbles are really cute, and they follow Momo everywhere.  I wish they would remain coin items.

What do you think?


Pet Society Food Clearance Sale Update July 5, 2010

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Playfish posted an official notice about the Food Clearance Sale. Since players pointed out that they inadvertently included many of the ingredients needed for cooking in the sale, they will return these ingredients to the food store on Monday July 19th.

The following foods will be returned to the food shop on July 19th:
Yellow Ribbon Cupcake
Classic Toffee Apple
Victoria Sponge Cake
Coconut Half
White Ribbon Cupcake

Since the pretzel and small loaf of bread are not on the list of items to be returned, be aware that if you need these two items to catch the pretzelfish or breadfish in the fishing pond, you should stock up on these two foods before the sale is over!


Pet Society 99+ Gift Glitch Finally Fixed September 14, 2009

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Some players haven’t been able to log into Pet Society to see their pets for up to a year just because of their “misfortune” of receiving over 99 gifts at one time. To clarify, this means the player received 99+ gifts between one log in and the next, and 99+ gifts were piled up at their front door at once.  Having over 99 gifts at one time caused a glitch in the game that prevented users with too many gifts from playing.

I never had that problem, since I’ve never received anywhere near 99 gifts at one time, but I used to read about it on the Playfish forum and feel so sad for the players who obviously loved the Pet Society and their pets and were not able to play.  I was honestly very disheartened and disappointed in the lack of assistance offered.  Couldn’t Playfish have worked harder to fix this issue?  It was also offensive that a number of Playfish moderators said that users who experienced the glitch had cheated in the game. Just because they said couldn’t replicate the glitch doesn’t automatically mean the glitch isn’t real or that it the glitch resulted from cheating.  Today, I just read on the forum that one player who had experienced the 99+ gift glitch for five months was finally able to play again!

Hopefully, this means the 99+ gift glitch has finally been resolved for anyone else who’s been shut out from playing the Pet Society.

Updated to clarify: This glitch only occurred for players who had received 99 gifts at their pet’s door all at one time.  The glitch never affected players who received 99+ gifts at different points in time over the course of many weeks or months.


Fishy Teaser for Pet Society June 19, 2009

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Akihiro posted the following fishy teaser image in a topic on the Playfish Forums asking other members what they thought it meant.  The censorship-prone moderators deleted, re-posted and then renamed Akihiro’s topic multiple times.

The image is an official teaser posted by Playfish from the Pet Society application page:


Maybe our pets will be able to go fishing soon?

What do you think the teaser image means?


Pet Society Vegetable Re-Sale Prices June 11, 2009

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Not much has changed since yesterday with my Pet Society garden, so I’ll post some pictures tomorrow of the trees.  There was a post on the Pet Society forum with new prices for the vegetables.  I’m not sure what the original prices were, but apparently, something was wrong with them, so they were corrected.  In any case, now we know how big the vegetables can grow and what the range of prices are if we choose to sell them.

If the vegetables grow to their largest sizes, then it will be possible to make quite a profit in selling them.  It’s nice to have a new source of income in the game.

——————-Regular——Rare (Most Profitable)
very small——-121————157
below average–165 ———–215
above average–201————261
very large——–265———–345

Note: The rare (most profitable) vegetable is the sweetheart root, and the regular vegetables are the turnips, cabbages, carrots and beet roots.


Backlash Against the Pet Society Cash Shop May 19, 2009

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The Playfish forum’s Pet Society Cash Shop comment topic exploded with anger, frustration and unhappiness for the past day. Check out the thousands of comments!

Personally, I’m very insulted with the new addition. Being able to win more hurdle races, walk through town faster, do your visits faster, and walk through and receive more coins from the trees are all ways to save time, increase the game speed, and make more money in the game. People have posted requesting variations of these features for months, but now only those who pay will benefit. There have been plenty of topics saying “visits take too long,” “There should be more coins in the trees,” and “hurdle races are unfair.”

I guess that’s how beta game development works? The developers experiment on you, watching your comments and suggestions, and then they use your ideas to cash in. Meanwhile, the true fan, who was devoted to helping the game and coming up with ideas never necessarily benefits at all. It feels like backstabbing when you contribute to the generation of ideas of your own volition, completely uncredited, and you are excluded from the fruits of the success. Forum members are being asked to pay for ideas they came up with the improve the game.

Now we know that Playfish does listen, but their priority is not to make all players happy; instead, Playfish’s goal in listening to us has been to make money. This new shop makes that perfectly clear.

Watching how this has all played out makes me far less likely to share suggestions for game improvements. What if I post a good idea, and it’s just used to benefit the pay-only players? Why should I bother to help improve the game, particularly if I don’t feel I am benefiting from the relationship anymore?

So many members feel that Playfish has played us, treating us as though we are braindead dunces, undeserving of respect. I appreciate straightforwardness and above all honestly. It would have been easy to make an announcement that the exciting new store was a cash only shop for paying users.

It’s quite simple to see why everyone is so unhappy.


Pet Society Cash Shop May 18, 2009

The latest news from the mayor was sent out today.


The newest shopkeeper in Pet Society is the greedy, seedy Terrence.  He speaks with a British accent.


To buy items in the new Playfish Cash Store, players must invest real money into purchasing a new Playfish currency called “Playfish Cash.”  Playfish cash is different and separate from the Playfish coins we have been playing with since August 2008.


The only way to earn Playfish Cash is buy paying real money.  Items purchased from the Playfish Cash store can only be gifted at the point of purchase.  This means that players cannot trade the items.

There are some pretty items in the store, and many of them claim to make earning Pet Society coins easier.  I’m pretty disappointed, since so many people on the Playfish forums have complained about difficulties in earning coins.  Now, instead of just adapting the game, Playfish wants players to pay real money to make earning fake Pet society coins easier.  What a Catch-22!

I wish Playfish had stuck to the old in-store advertisements for revenue within the Pet Society interface.  This is a screencap I took on January 10, 2009 when a Blockbuster ad was visible for a month in the food store.  There was also an ad for flowers in February 2009.  These ads were a lot less intrusive.

Does anyone else have an opinion on Pet Society Playfish Cash?