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Pet Society – Oversized Pocketwatch August 17, 2010

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The latest limited edition item in Pet Society is the oversized pocketwatch.

It costs 8000 coins! What do you think of the price?  Is the pocketwatch worth it?


Pet Society Jubble Ring Update August 11, 2010

A Pet Society Official has posted a Jubble Ring update on the Playfish forum.  As of Monday at midnight GMT, the Jubble rings currently being sold for coins will be sold for Playfish Cash coins.

If you buy a Jubble ring before Monday for coins, then you won’t lose your ring.  After Monday, you won’t be able to gift any Jubble rings in your inventory, so if you have one you’d like to give to a friend, you should gift the item before Monday.

Here’s the full post for more details.

I’m really annoyed.  I guess Playfish made a mistake in releasing them for coins, but why can’t they leave the Jubble rings as they are?  Maybe they realized their popularity and want to make money off them.  It really annoys be that they spread information via their forum and not by sending out an in-game message to all players.  I think they way they distribute their information is unfair. Be sure to tell any of your friends who are saving up for a jubble ring that they won’t be sold for coins much longer.

For everyone’s reference, the Jubble rings come in three varieties. There are green, blue, and pink Jubbles.

Momo and I have the blue and green Jubbles  so far, so we’re going to try to get the last one for coins before time runs out.  The Jubbles are really cute, and they follow Momo everywhere.  I wish they would remain coin items.

What do you think?


Pet Society Louis XIV crown July 16, 2010

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Ran asked in the comments why I hadn’t covered the Louis XIV crown.  To be honest, I haven’t paid attention to the limited edition items, since they’ve been cash coin items for weeks.  I don’t even visit the clothing stores after my Sunday night shopping is done.  Seems that Playfish is trying to mess with my shopping system to make me visit stores mid-week on the off chance that a single items is on sale for coins, not Playfish cash.  Me and Momo had no clue that the crown was sold for coins, and we missed out.  The crown is already sold out now.  Momo doesn’t really mind; she has enough crowns and tiaras anyway!

This blog just covers Momo’s adventures in the game, so please don’t expect it to be all-inclusive!


Pet Society Blinging Gold Watch and Wimbledon Set June 22, 2010

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If you’re shopping in the accessories section of the clothing shop, you might have noticed the blinging gold watch, which appears to be part of the Wimbledon set.  For clarification, the gold blinging watch is not included in the Wimbledon set. It’s another Pet Society glitch that the watch is placed in the Wimbledon display.


Pet Society Bonus Coins January 22, 2010

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There’s a new feature in Pet Society to receive bonus coins. After you spin the lottery wheel, you’ll have the opportunity to send 50 bonus coins to your friends. Unfortunately, you have to “share” the coins by posting about them on your facebook wall.  The first five friends who click on your facebook wall message will receive 50 coins each.

I don’t like the idea of posting about the coins on my wall. I wish I could just send the coins to directly to friends in the game. It just seems like another feature to get players to market the game. What do you think?


Cleaning Pets in Pet Society Becomes Even More Profitable

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Last week, cleaning and brushing pets by hand became twice as profitable (from 2 coins to 4 coins for each increase in hygiene or happiness).  While that update was great, our pets levels fell off far more rapidly while we were offline, so most of us had to feed our pets more often and waste our new coins on food.

During today’s update, cleaning and brushing your pet, or another pet in your neighborhood or in the cafe, gives you 10 coins for each increase in hygiene or happiness!  That means, if you meet a pet with 0% hygiene and 0% happiness, cleaning and petting it will give you a total of 140 coins!  If you clean your neighbor’s pet, save the game, and log in again, the pet will be dirty and unhappy again.  This can be a great new source of income. 😀


Pet Society Updates – January 15th January 15, 2010

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Today, Pet Society was updated, and there are some great new features for players.  Playfish listened to its players and added more ways for us to earn coins. Hopefully the prices of next week’s items don’t go up too. Here’s the letter from the Mayor:

1) Caring for your pet by cleaning, brushing and petting it gives you twice as many coins as before.
2) The trees reportedly will produce more fruit more often (I haven’t noticed a difference with mine yet, but I hope this is true!).
3) We can sell non-seasonal food for double the previous profits (ex. the King Burger has a profit of 80 coins now, while previously the profit for selling it was only 40 coins). I was getting bored of cooking after I unlocked the seasonal foods, but I’m going to cook something today!
4) Ornaments from the Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendars can now be gifted to your friends, sold for 5 coins each, or recycled for 32 coins.  I’m keeping mine, but this is great news for anyone who likes to trade or wants to have a clean inventory. You won’t have to hide the ornaments now, unless of course you want to!
5) New mystery items are out – I’ll be posting on them soon.
6) New pro fish are in the fishing pond – unfortunately there are no signs of free fish this week.
7) For all fans of Pet Society on facebook, Playfish sent out a Pet Society Teddy as a gift today.  It’s a cute little bear with an I heart PS shirt.  If you want a bear and didn’t receive one today, you can still get one by becoming a fan of the game before Jan 20th.   The bear cannot be gifted or traded. Here’s the page to become a fan of Pet Society.

Let me know if you noticed any other changes in the game. I’m so happy the developers listened to player feedback.  What a fun Pet Society update! 😀


Pet Society Homegrown Festive Flowers December 7, 2009

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Yesterday, I planted two of the new festive flower seeds from the garden shop. The seeds cost 450 coins each, and they are a “holiday special,” which are only on sale until December 27th.

Today, Momo found two fully-grown festive holiday flowers in her garden.  She had a preview of them last week when a Pet Society glitch temporarily turned all of the aquilegia flowers into the snowflake-shaped, homegrown festive flowers for a few hours.

I think the flowers are really cute!

The only bad thing about them is that they cannot be sold for a profit.  Though the seeds cost 450 coins, the festive flowers can only be sold for 208 coins each. 😦


New Pet Society Lottery December 4, 2009

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Today, a new lottery was introduced in Pet Society.  Here are details on the update from the Mayor:

Momo spun the lottery wheel (she felt like she was on the game show Wheel of Fortune), and she still only got 50 coins.  At least it wasn’t 10 or 25 coins though!  Yikes, I didn’t think my chances could get worse.  haha.

The frame the game is set in is also updated with links to all of the other Playfish games.

What do you all think of the new lottery?


Pet Society Sale in the Furniture Store October 29, 2009

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The Pet Society furniture store is having a sale, and the prices are marked down on a number of items, including:

tropic clock – was 3,000 coins -> now 1,500 coins
tiki bed – was 2,500 coins -> now 1,250 coins
tiki torch – was 600 coins -> now 300 coins
tiki bench – was 800 coins -> now 400 coins
tiki gate – was 1,800 coins -> now 900 coins
tiki chair  – was 500 coins -> now 250 coins
tiki bar – was 3,000 coins -> now 1,500 coins
tiki folding screen – was 800 coins -> now 400 coins
tiki welcome sign – was 350 coins -> now 175 coins
Mayor doll – was 750 coins -> now 450 coins
koala doll – was 750 coins -> now 450 coins
bamboo folding screen – was 1,400 coins -> now 700 coins
elegant dinner table – was 1,200 coins -> now 900 coins
dark wooden bed – was 2,400 coins -> now 1,440 coins
royal wardrobe – was 1,000 coins -> now 500 coins
summer chair – was 150 coins -> now 75 coins
summer armchair – was 120 coins -> now 90 coins

As in previous sales, these items will likely be all gathered in the front of the store on Sunday night, and they’ll be on sale for one week until they disappear from the store.