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Pet Society Basset Hound Plushie Glitch September 13, 2010

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Pet Society fans were subjected to Playfish’s latest sloppiness in yet another glitch. Apparently the Basset Hound Plushie released yesterday expired way sooner than it should have, and after receiving hundreds of complaints, Pet Society will re-do the feed.  Watch for this free item on the Pet Society Facebook fan page where there will be a link to click and receive the plushie.  Hopefully, it’ll work for everyone this time.

Here’s the official spin on this latest issue.


Adding Pet Society Friends and Trading September 12, 2010

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I receive a lot of friend requests in my blog’s comments, so I thought I’d make a post on this topic.  I only feel comfortable adding my real life friends on facebook, and I’m sorry to turn down facebook friendship requests.

If readers of this blog want to add one another, then feel free to add your facebook info below, so you can befriend one another.  Another option for making Pet Society friends is the Playfish Forums, which has a “Find New Friends” section.  You have to be registered as a member there to view the section:

The Playfish Forum also has a Pet Society Trading section:
If you’re looking for an item, then more people will see your message there than if you post a comment about trading on my blog.

Hope this helps if you’re interested in adding friends and trading in Pet Society!


Pet Society Basset Hound Plushie

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If you’re a Facebook fan of Pet Society, then you’ll notice that Pet Society is giving away a free Basset Hound plushie. Click the link in your facebook news feed to retrieve it. 

Edited to add: There’s a glitch with this Pet Society item.  For more info, please see this update post.


Gift from the Pet Society Mayor April 29, 2010

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The Mayor of Pet Society gave out a gift to all Facebook fans of the game today.  It’s a pretty Pet Society Heart Flower.

If you got the flower, do you like it?


Pet Society: The Case of the Missing Friends April 20, 2010

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A few comments have reported that many friends are missing from Pet Society friend lists. Momo is missing 25% of her friends too right now.  I read that facebook is undergoing some changes right now, and once they’re finished everything will be back to normal.  If anyone hears any news on this issue, please post a comment!


The end is near for Pet Society notifications in Facebook January 21, 2010

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As I was logging into Pet Society a moment ago, I received the following notice from Facebook.

It reads that “Soon, applications won’t be able to send you notifications on Facebook.”

I’m so excited about the notice because I find Facebook notifications from applications to be a huge nuisance. While it’s relatively easy to ignore the notifications you receive, it bothered me that I had no control over the notifications  I was sending to my friends through my actions in the game.  It really troubled me that I was potentially spamming my friends just by playing Pet Society, while completely unaware of the fact. I’ve posted previously on how to prevent sending some notifications, but a complete block of these notifications is the ideal solution.  Hopefully, this new Facebook decision will fully eliminate Pet Society Facebook notification spam!