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Pet Society Updates – August 26th August 26, 2010

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There’s a new way to shop in Pet Society. If you’re visiting a friend’s house and see an item that you like, then you can click the shopping basket icon on the left side of the screen.  It’ll bring up a window to “Go on a shopping spree!”

This will allow you to view all the items in your friend’s room that are currently available in the stores. Any currently available items will have a dark brown outline around them.

When you mouse over an item that you like, you’ll see its price, and you can choose to purchase it directly from your friend’s house.

What do you think of the new shopping feature?  Do you think you’ll like shopping at your friend’s house, or do you prefer shopping and browsing in the Pet Society stores?


Pet Society Mystery Box/Egg Updates – August 6th August 6, 2010

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There’s a brand new mystery box and mystery egg feature.  It’s hard to get used to the changes.  I tried the new feature out this afternoon, and think it has both good and bad points.

One of the negative points is that the feature has added more clutter to the playing screen.

By clicking the new button, you can look at all your mystery items (unfortunately, the names of the items aren’t included). I think it’s a plus that we can see how many items of certain sets that we’re missing.

You can buy mystery boxes/eggs from the new screen or from the store. Purchases from the store  will also pull up the new screen.  For buying 3 or 10 gold boxes, you’ll receive free boxes with your purchase. That’s a nice new feature (though I’ll miss my old method of buying six boxes at a time)!

Our pets can’t open the boxes/eggs by themselves anymore.  Now you can only open boxes and eggs through this mystery egg/box screen. The mystery items you open will appear on the left side of the screen. Unfortunately, the name of the mystery items are nowhere to be found while opening boxes. While you can brag about or gift the new item, you can’t sell the item.  I think a selling feature would be far more useful than bragging (a feature I’ll never use)!

I bought a bunch of mystery boxes today, and I didn’t find a single item that re-sold for 999 coins!  I think that trying to find new mystery items is near impossible, and I’m really sad that the probability of finding junk is so so much higher than finding valuable items. I don’t think mystery box hunting is nearly as much fun as it used to be. 😦

Well, here’s my summary of  positive and negative points for the new mystery item feature.

Ability to see all mystery items classified in one screen
Bonuses when purchasing certain quantities of boxes/eggs

Finding new or valuable items is nearly impossible after the update
Mystery item names are not available in the list or after opening a box/egg (how will we find new items in our inventory if we don’t know their names?)
Inability to sell new or old mystery items through this feature (it would be great to be able to sell duplicate mystery items easily)
New icon adds more clutter on the playing screen
Pets are not involved in opening boxes/eggs
Feature would be more useful if incorporated into the inventory chests, so that we could find and interact with items from a certain set, instead of just viewing them.

I used to love opening mystery boxes, but these updates took the fun out of opening mystery boxes.  Momo lost far more coins than usual, and didn’t find any nice items today.

What do you think?


Pet Society Treasure Hunting June 11, 2010

There’s a new feature in Pet Society that was introduced today.  Now our pets can go on treasure hunts!  Just click the new icon between the camera and notice board to begin a treasure hunt.

You’ll open up a map with locations to explore.  Right now, the only active choice is the town forest.

Once you enter the forest, you’ll see the list of the treasures you’ve found. Right now, Momo doesn’t have any treasures.

You have to buy some shovels to begin.  Five shovels cost 300 coins.  In the future, we are supposed to receive five free shovels per day, which can only be used on the day we receive them.

Your pet will begin digging in a plot of land, and can choose any small square to dig.  Once you start digging, you’ll receive clues on whether a treasure is nearby or not.

Momo is hard at work looking for treasures!

The first treasure she found was a pink monkey plushie.

After finding four items at this site, the treasure hunting session ended.  You’ll see a summary of what you collected, and you can choose to do more treasure hunting!

Later Momo found the divine tiara (weekly item).

Here’s the forest aquarium (rare item).

She also found seven pieces of a dinosaur skeleton!

Momo had a lot of fun treasure hunting!  Here’s some of what she found.  This is a fun new feature, but you can spend a lot of money buying shovels!

Here’s Momo’s full set of Town Forest treasures:

Here’s a list of the Town Forest treasures (as pictured above from left to right) with their resale values:

Dinosaur Skeleton – 50 coins
Pink Monkey Plushie – 200 coins
Pink Snail – 200 coins
Running Pet Amphora – 200 coins
Summer Sofa – 200 coins
Flower Seed – 66 coins (grow the flower seed into a flower and sell for 200+ coins)
Ancient Wall Painting – 100 coins
Blue Fossil Shell – 100 coins
Ceramic Flute – 100 coins
Purple Mushroom – 100 coins
Fish in a Jar – 100 coins
Forest Aquarium (Rare) – 3,500 coins
Divine Tiara (Weekly) – 150 coins

What do you think of the new feature?  Which treasures did you and your pet find?


Pet Society’s “Empty Room” Feature June 5, 2010

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There’s a neat, new feature in Pet Society that allows us to empty a room with a click of a button.   I’m really glad that Playfish added this feature because players have been requested it since the early days of the game.  It will certainly come in handy when redecorating!

You’ll notice the “empty room” icon just below the gift icon inside the inventory chest.

Click it when your pet is inside a room that you’d like to empty, and all of the items will be removed aside from the wallpaper and flooring.

What do you think of the new feature?


Pet Society Petlings January 31, 2010

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A new feature was added to Pet Society tonight.  Our pets can now take care of their own pets, called petlings.  According to the instructions in the garden shop, you can buy a kitten at level 5 and a puppy at level 10.

We have to feed the petling at least once every three days or it will run away.  If your petling runs away, you can find it by either posting a message to your Facebook feed and having a friend help you find it, or by paying coins to retrieve the petling.

Also, if you choose to buy a petling, it cannot be sold, gifted or recycled.  You can only grow one petling at a time, so if you want another, you’ll have to wait until the first is fully grown.  After your petling is fully grown, you can sell it for a approximately a quarter of its original price (but you still can’t gift or recycle it).

A petling takes four feedings (one per day) to grow to adulthood, so it will be fully grown at the beginning of the fourth day after buying it. Foods for the petlings are labeled in the food shop. To feed your petling, just drop the food over its head (make sure your pet isn’t nearby, or it might eat your petling’s food).

Momo bought a puppy.  It was really hungry for a bone, so Momo fed it one and it started to grow right away.

It grew into a little grey puppy that she named Lucky.

Lucky likes to hop around and jump on all of Momo’s furniture.

Has your pet decided to buy a Petling?  What does your petling look like?

Post a picture of a your pet and his/her petling in the Pet Society World’s Flickr Group. For details on how to join and post pictures to the group, check out this post.


Pet Society Updates – January 30th January 30, 2010

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A few updates were included during today’s updates in Pet Society.  One of the updates is the addition of new Valentine’s gift boxes and bags.

Hideeni got tired of dressing like a turkey, and sent his costume to the dry cleaners.  He’s back in his old chicken costume; however, Hideeni is not offering a new gift yet (it’s still the reindeer doll).  Here is Hideeni, pining away after Momo.

On the left side of the screen, there’s a new button to add to the clutter on our game screen that prompts us to share our email addresses with Playfish.  I’m tired of seeing it already.  I bet it’ll keep reappearing no matter how many times I get rid of it, just like the bookmark Pet Society button.

Lastly, the Pet Society Facebook fan page has a teaser up that says, “You have asked for it, now it’s coming! What is it?…”

This new feature will be released on Monday GMT.  I’m looking forward to it, and just hope it’s not another cash shop feature.  I hope it’s a new game for the stadium or a mini game that will be fun for everyone.

What do you think the new feature is?  What do you think of the other new updates?


Pet Society Updates – January 15th January 15, 2010

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Today, Pet Society was updated, and there are some great new features for players.  Playfish listened to its players and added more ways for us to earn coins. Hopefully the prices of next week’s items don’t go up too. Here’s the letter from the Mayor:

1) Caring for your pet by cleaning, brushing and petting it gives you twice as many coins as before.
2) The trees reportedly will produce more fruit more often (I haven’t noticed a difference with mine yet, but I hope this is true!).
3) We can sell non-seasonal food for double the previous profits (ex. the King Burger has a profit of 80 coins now, while previously the profit for selling it was only 40 coins). I was getting bored of cooking after I unlocked the seasonal foods, but I’m going to cook something today!
4) Ornaments from the Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendars can now be gifted to your friends, sold for 5 coins each, or recycled for 32 coins.  I’m keeping mine, but this is great news for anyone who likes to trade or wants to have a clean inventory. You won’t have to hide the ornaments now, unless of course you want to!
5) New mystery items are out – I’ll be posting on them soon.
6) New pro fish are in the fishing pond – unfortunately there are no signs of free fish this week.
7) For all fans of Pet Society on facebook, Playfish sent out a Pet Society Teddy as a gift today.  It’s a cute little bear with an I heart PS shirt.  If you want a bear and didn’t receive one today, you can still get one by becoming a fan of the game before Jan 20th.   The bear cannot be gifted or traded. Here’s the page to become a fan of Pet Society.

Let me know if you noticed any other changes in the game. I’m so happy the developers listened to player feedback.  What a fun Pet Society update! 😀


Pet Chefs: Cooking Up a Storm in Pet Society December 11, 2009

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A new feature was added today in Pet Society.  Our pets can now cook.  I think Pet Society is becoming a mesh of all the other Playfish games (Country Story/gardening, Restaurant City/cooking).   I wanted to see how the new cooking feature worked because it seemed interesting.

Here’s the letter Momo received from the Mayor:

Then I clicked on the recipe book, which is the leftmost icon on the bottom of the playing screen (circled below).  I wish there wasn’t so much screen clutter!

Here’s a screencap from the recipe book.  As you cook recipes, you gain cooking points and unlock harder recipes.  To start, we can all cook vegetable soup.  The recipe book explains how to begin and warns us that we have to collect the cooked food after the cooking time is over to prevent the food from burning.

Here’s the second page of recipes.  It’s nice that we can cook foods that are not available in the stores.  However, it costs coins to “learn” how to perform new recipes, and we also have to pay for the ingredients. That means, we can’t make a profit immediately because of the investment to “learn” the recipes.

After learning the recipes, you can eventually make a profit if you sell the items you cook. Unfortunately, the profit information is only visible after you learn to cook the recipe.  I assume (and would hope) that the profits will continue to grow if we spend a lot of time using this feature, but I’m can’t tell for sure yet.  The profit for making vegetable soup is 1 coin, the profit for the giant hotdog is 9 coins, and the profit for the king burger is 40 coins.

Momo was given this cooking stove.

I started by cooking the vegetable soup.  To cook a recipe, just click on “cook” under an available recipe in your cooking book.  The vegetable soup takes 10 minutes to cook.

Here’s my finished soup.  My husband’s pet made some soup too, and he was annoyed at the girlish pink bowl, which didn’t match his house.  Too bad more things in Pet Society aren’t gender neutral.  It’s not like women are the only ones who cook!

Next, I cooked a giant hot dog. It took two hours to cook, and I was given two hours to collect the food before it would burn in the oven.

It’s important to note that the collecting time is generally equal to the cooking time.  For example, if the food takes 10 minutes to cook, then you’ll have 10 minutes to collect the food.  If the food takes two hours to cook, then you’ll have two hours to collect the food.

In case you’re wondering, the giant hotdog really is giant!  Just look at the size of it.  The soup gives off little puffs of smoke.

Also, in case you’re wondering, yes, your pet can eat the foods. You’d think I starved Momo by her behavior, but she was fed earlier today!  heehee!

I like aspects of the new feature so far.  I like that we don’t have to monitor the cooking and that we can get some new foods.  I hope that some of the later recipes are more profitable too because it might be a good way to make some money in the game, though it’s unclear how profitable it will be right now, considering the costs of ingredients and learning the recipes.  It’s definitely a smart move by Playfish to make sure we log into the game multiple times a day.

What do you think of it?  Has your pet tried it out?  Are there recipes you can’t wait to try?


Pet Society Pro Racing November 19, 2009

One of the other updates while I was on vacation is pro racing, which is a feature now available in the stadium.

You can only run pro races if you own and wear the entire pro athletic clothing set (shoes, vest and shorts) from the Pet Society cash shop.  These three items cost a total of 45 playfish cash coins. If you wear all three items, then you can run one pro race per day. The pro races are very tough and give you the chance of winning 200 gold coins per race.

What’s interesting is that even though pro races require you to spend playfish cash coins (blue coins), you have a chance of winning only regular gold coins not more playfish cash.

Have any of you paid to run pro races?  Do you think it’s worth it?

Personally, I wish there were some new features added to the stadium that involved other sports besides running hurdles, and I wish these features were open to all players, not just those willing to spend real money on the game.

I also noticed another change in the stadium.  The old advertisements along the wall of the stadium for other Playfish games (Word Challenge and Who Has the Biggest Brain?) are gone. In there place are pictures from Pet Society. One of the pictures shows a pets playing sports and cheerleading.


Pet Society Nannybot

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Last week while I was away, Pet Society introduced a new Nannybot that is available for purchase in the furniture and gadget shops.  It’s a robot that can care for your pet while you are away.  Too bad it wasn’t introduced before my trip!

When Nannybot is charged with a battery, she can feed, clean and make sure your pet stays happy when you are both online or offline. The mayor gave everyone a free Nannybot battery as a gift. The battery lasts for three days.

The Nannybot costs 400 coins.

After the free battery runs out, new batteries must be purchased for 5 playfish cash coins if you want your Nannybot to continue running.  I’m not planning to purchase a battery with playfish cash, but I wanted to test the Nannybot out with my free battery.

The free battery cannot be gifted, recycled or sold, so you’re stuck with it in your inventory unless you buy a Nannybot to use it up or borrow a Nannybot from a friend.  Additionally, if you have a friend with a Nannybot, then you can enjoy her features and get some free food during your visits. The Nannybot only feeds your pet free toast, and does not feed your pet any food items from your inventory.

Here’s a picture of Nannybot cleaning Momo.

Here’s Nannybot tickling Momo with a feather and playing with her to keep her happiness level high.

Here’s Nannybot shooting toast at Momo’s head to feed her (or knock her unconscious) and keep her health level high.

The animations are cute, so I’m going to enjoy them during my three days of having a powered Nannybot.  I did notice that having a Nannybot means you will lose coins and pawpoints for feeding, cleaning and playing with your pet.  The battery itself is quite costly. Besides, nothing bad ever happens to your pet when you’re gone. While I was in Turkey, I ignored poor Momo entirely, so she was sad, hungry, and covered in flies when I returned. As soon as I logged in, I cleaned her, fed her and played with her, and she was back to normal. (One thing I was sad about was that I thought I might receive multiple lottery envelopes for the days I missed playing, but I just received one lottery.)

What do you all think of the Nannybot?  Will you ever use her?  Did you test buy one to test her out with the free batter?  Do you think the Nannybot is worth it or not?