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Playfish Cash Promotion April 10, 2010

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Many have mentioned that Playfish is promoting its latest game, Hotel City, with a Playfish Cash Promotion.

The full details on the promotion are here, but these are the highlights:
“• Install Hotel City and complete the tutorial to earn 2 Playfish Cash!
• Play Hotel City and reach level 10 to earn another 4 Playfish Cash!
• Play Hotel City and reach level 25 to earn yet another 4 Playfish Cash!”

Since Playfish cash is used across all Playfish games, you can play Hotel City to earn a maximum of Playfish Cash to use in any Playfish game, including Pet Society. This may be a good option for players who don’t spend real money on Playfish Cash in Pet Society.


Electronic Arts Buys Playfish November 19, 2009

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One of the big Playfish news events that happened just before I left for Turkey was that Electronic Arts (EA) purchased Playfish on November 9, 2009.  I’d posted about the growing rumors of the acquisition back on October 24th. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to post about the news of the purchase before my flight.

According to the press release Playfish posted, “EA has acquired Playfish for approximately US$275 million in cash and approximately US$25 million in equity retention arrangements. In addition, the sellers are entitled to additional variable cash consideration, up to a maximum of US$100 million, contingent upon the achievement of certain performance milestones through December 31, 2011.”

What do you think this means for Pet Society players?  Will Playfish games like Pet Society stay the same?  Will they improve?  Will there be an even greater focus on making money?


Article on Pet Society at November 6, 2009

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Facebook’s fantasy games cost more than time: Games like ‘FarmVille’ and ‘Pet Society’ serve up players on a silver platter by Helen A.S. Popkin,, November 6, 2009


Playfish to be purchased by Electronic Arts? October 24, 2009

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I’ve been reading rumors and news articles today that mention that Electronic Arts (EA), the maker of games like the Sims, is in discussion with Playfish to buy Playfish for $250,000,000.

Here are a choice few of many articles that have been written on the rumored or pending deal:
Panic At EA As PR Scrambles To Close Leaks On Playfish Rumors (ERTS) by Nicholas Carlson, The Business Insider, October 15, 2009
Hold’em Or Fold’em? Looks Like Playfish Is Still In Play, Tech Crunch, The Washington Post October 23, 2009
More Rumors on EA-Playfish Deal: Due Diligence, Acquisition Numbers by Eric Eldon, Inside Social Games, October 23, 2009

According to the Business Insider article, when Playfish was asked about the rumors, they responded “We don’t comment on rumors. Full stop.”

What do you think? Would you rather play Pet Society if it were owned by EA? Do you have experience playing EA games? Do they treat their players well


Playfish vs. Apple September 7, 2009

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There’s an interesting recent article on Virtual Goods News with Playfish’s CEO Kristian Segerstrale.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:
“This week Playfish CEO Kristian Segerstrale stated that the iPhone was not yet a mature platform for social games that use microtransactions as part of gameplay when compared to social networks like Facebook and MySpace. Segerstrale blames this on the “monopolistic distribution environment” common to all mobile games and exemplified by the App Store. He states that this environment is “hostile to growth.”

“The first iteration of how Apple allows you to do micro-transactions is restrictive in terms of how you define what you’re selling. In Pet Society, for example, we might launch 20 or 30 new virtual items every week. That’s just not feasible on the App Store,” said Segerstrale.

Elaborating on the problems with mobile social gaming, Segerstrale considers it problematic that players can only buy from one source (the App Store) that offers only “shallow” discovery and a “limited” business model. With online social games, Segerstrale notes that developers and publishers are free to “try out anything you want.””

Here’s the full article:

I translate all the jargon-coated insults to mean that Segerstrale is making lots more money on Facebook and MySpace, so he won’t be bothering with the App Store.