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Pet Society Vacation Ticket Tips May 31, 2010

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Here’s a tip so your pet can get the vacation he or she is dreaming of in Pet Society.

If you buy the ticket yourself, then you have a random chance of going on a Safari, an Arabian Nights Vacation, or a Cruise.  It would be awful to spend 6500 coins to get a vacation your pet doesn’t even want!

To be sure that you and your pet get the vacation you prefer, you and a trustworthy friend will both need to have enough coins to buy a ticket.  You’ll buy your friend’s vacation as a gift, and your friend will buy your vacation.  Be sure to choose a trustworthy friend and tell each other which vacations you want!

To gift a vacation ticket to your friend, click “Buy as gift.”

The window that appears next will tell you which vacation you’re sending.  Here, Momo could send her friend an Arabian Nights Vacation.  If you don’t see the vacation your friend wants on the first try, then click the red “X” and repeat the process until you find the vacation your friend wants. Your friend will have to follow the same steps to send you your dream vacation!

Hope this tip helps you and your pet!  Bon Voyage!

Edited to add: a few comments have mentioned that they aren’t able to find the vacation items in their inventories after receiving the ticket.  Here’s how you access the vacation items.  After receiving the vacation package, you’ll only have the ticket in your chest.  The tickets are called the “Safari Vacation Package,” “Arabian Nights Vacation Package” or “Cruise Vacation Package.”  Drag the ticket out of your inventory chest and click it (as you would a mystery box) to open the vacation package and receive all of the included items.

Updated May 5th: Playfish changed the message so you can’t tell which vacation package you’re sending. This tip will no longer work. 😦


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Pet Society Vacation Tickets

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Here are the items you receive from the new Pet Society Vacation Tickets, which are on sale in the Market.

The Safari includes nine items:

The Arabian Nights Vacation includes eight items (the Arabian top is listed twice):

The Cruise includes nine items:

Is your pet planning to go on a vacation?  Be sure to read Pet Society World’s Vacation Ticket Tips if you are!


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Are the broken Pet Society corsage pots all growing into red roses?

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As I mentioned in a post two days ago, the broken Pet Society corsage pots have finally been fixed. The Pet Society corsage pot glitch began in late April, and all corsage pots bought during that time would not grow.

Both of Momo’s broken pots grew into red roses, and I’m curious to see if all of the broken pots grew into red roses instead of one of the other four flowers (pink orchid corsage, purple orchid corsage, white rose corsage and daffodil corsage). 

What did your broken Pet Society corsage pot grow into? Please vote in the poll below only if you bought a broken corsage pot last month that did not grow for a full month and only began to grow last week. 🙂


Pet Society Mystery Ristorante Boxes May 30, 2010

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There are new Mystery Ristorante Boxes on sale as “this week’s special” in the Pet Society food and mystery shops.  Each box costs 175 coins (quite a bit more than the mystery bento boxes, which cost 100 coins each!).  There are nine Italian dishes in the boxes: Ragu Lasagna, Pizza Margherita Slice, Pasta Al Pesto, Tortelloni, Bottled Olive Oil, Grape Juice, Strawberry Tiramisu, Hand Made Ice Cream, and Cassata Siciliana. Each of the items resell for 58 coins, and all of the items are edible. Yummy!


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New Pet Society Items – May 30th

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The new Pet Society items with an Italian theme were added to the stores today.

In the garden shop, a new “this week’s special” (TWS) tree has been added.  It’s a stone pine tree.

There’s also a limited edition shiny pink roadster.  It’s super expensive.

There’s also a rosy cute vintage car, Dante statue and Italian ice stand available as “this week’s specials.”

The “just arrived” items are a teal cute vintage car, shiny red roadster and shiny black roadster.

In the furniture store, the TWS items are a pet holiday poster, pink luggage, pink wooden chair, pink checked table, and a red designer bag.

The “just arrived” items are a red wooden chair and red checked table.

The TWS also include a pink espresso machine, pink ice cream maker, and an oak barrel. The “just arrived” items also include a cream espresso machine, and an orange ice cream maker.

In the mystery and food shops, there’s a mystery ristorante box available as a TWS item.

In the market, the “just arrived” item is a vacation ticket. Your pet can go on a safari, Arabian nights vacation or a cruise.

In the clothing shop girl’s section, “this week’s specials” are a green party dress, green ribbon headband,  white party dress, white ribbon headband, red party dress, and red ribbon headband. The “just arrived” items are pink and blue polka dot summer dresses.  There are no clothes at all for boy pets!  UGH.

In the DIY store, “this week’s special” is a shop window.

I like the mystery food box and vacation packages this week.

What do you think? Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites?


Pet Society Mystery Items – May 28th

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Four new new mystery items were added to the Pet Society mystery boxes this week. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a Rockhopper Penguin Plushie and Grape Vines. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Classy Grey Headband, and in the red mystery boxes, there are Red Summer Shades.

Momo found the penguin plushie and headband so far.

While looking for this week’s items, I found the two items I was missing from last week: the rose headband and the enchanted castle. Check them out in the updated post on the Pet Society mystery items from May 21st.

Happy mystery box hunting!


Pet Society Corsage Pots Now Grow May 29, 2010

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The Pet Society corsage pot glitch that began in late April had finally been fixed. Corsage pots bought during that time would not grow.  Now after a full month, they’ve been fixed and will grow into corsages.

Are your broken corsage pots growing too?