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Pet Society Win or Lose Box March 28, 2010

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I am having a blast with the new Win or Lose box in the Mystery Shop. Each box costs 150 coins, and your pet can either win the prizes below or lose and get splatted in the face with a delicious pie.

Here are the resale and recycle point values of the new items:
White Cute Crown – 499 coins, 3000 recycle points
Black Cute Crown – 399 coins, 2400 recycle points
Moody Kitty – 299 coins, 1800 recycle points
Blue Elegant Throne – 833 coins, 5000 recycle points
Pink Elegant Throne – 999 coins, 6000 recycle points

Has your pet been winning and losing too?


New Pet Society Items – March 26th

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The new Pet Society items were added to the stores a few days early this week, but I only had time to blog about them at the regular weekly update time. There are more “Easter Special” items this week, which will be available in the stores until midnight April 11th GMT.

In the mystery shop, there’s a new Win or Lose Box for sale.

In the furniture store, there are new “Easter Specials,” including a ribbon rattan chair, elegant tea table, Easter Bunny portrait, pastel pillow seat, ribbon rattan sofa, and an Easter dessert table.

The “just arrived” items include a colorful pillows seat, an elegant white side table,  shelf, dining table, chair, and kitchen set, and an elegant pink shelf, dining table, and kitchen set.

In the market, the new “Easter Specials” include baby chick and pink baby chick balloons, “Happy Easter” wall decor, cute pink and cute blue Easter baskets, and blue Easter bells, along with the plushies and cards that were released last week.

In the food shop,  the new “just arrived” items are yellow and green flowers cupcakes, and a spring flowers sponge cake.

In the clothing shop, the “Easter Specials”  are a white bunny costume head, top and legs, a black bunny costume head, top and legs, a pink and green jacket, elegant green shoes, and a pink and green dress, ribbon, and shoes set. The “just arrived” items include a blue and brown jacket, cream pants, elegant brown shoes, a blue and brown dress and ribbon, and cute brown shoes.

In the DIY store, along with the “Easter Specials” from last week, there is a new sweets cream wallpaper and cream spotty floor. The “just arrived” items are the sweets blue wallpaper, sweets chocolate wallpaper, pink spotty floor, and spring view window.

Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites?

I like the bunny costumes, Easter bunny portrait and spring view window.


Pet Society Mystery Items – March 26th

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Three new new mystery items came out Friday. In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a Cute Blue Bonnet and a Sleepy Cat Hat. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Flowers Wheelbarrow.

Momo’s found the two gold mystery box items. She loves the bonnet, but the cat kind of creeps her out. 😉 If you leave it on the ground, then the sleepy cat looks like a toy.

Have fun searching for the new mystery items!

Updated to add: Although Playfish announced last week that the St. Patrick’s Day mystery items were to be removed upon the addition of the items listed above, the St. Patrick’s Day items are still in the boxes. You still have a chance if you want a cute mushroom decor, shamrock rug and shamrock cushion!


New Pet Society Fish (Release 31): Green Eggfish

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There’s a new special fish in the Pet Society fish pond.  It’s a green eggfish, and it can be caught with the yellow flowers cupcake, green flowers cupcake and spring flowers sponge cake, which are available in the food shop.

Momo just caught one after fishing with two green flowers cupcakes.  I think this new fish will get along with the shamrockfish.  What do you think? Have you and your pet caught the green eggfish?

For more info on the fish and other items in the pet society fish pond, please visit Pet Society World’s Fish List!


Pet Society Updates – Remodeled Town and More – March 26th March 26, 2010

There were more major updates in Pet Society today.  Since I’m super-busy this weekend, I’ll be brief in covering some of the notable changes.

My noticeboard had a newsletter from Pet Society that looks a lot like the newspapers published by fans on the Pet Society forum. Among other news, it announced changes in the town.

It’s too bad no one noticed the newsletter is dated “Sun Apr 25 2010.” 😐

The Luxury and Gadget shops are gone, the Cash shop has been renamed “the Boutique,” and there’s a new shop called the “Market.” The items in the demolished shops have been relocated. There are new subdivisions in each store to organize  similar merchandise.

I’m not sure how I feel about the changes.  Although I think the items are more organized, and there’s less scrolling involved in getting through each store, there are so many subsections that I’m very confused about how to find certain items. What’s most irritating is that there are Playfish Cash items everywhere, and it’s impossible to avoid them.  I guess this is the way the game’s been heading for some time…

How do you feel about the changes in Pet Society?

In the books tab (where the cookbook and sticker books are located), there’s a new diary with information on your pet.  Apparently, all female pets are listed as male, and all male pets are listed as females.  Along with being confused about her gender, Momo’s very confused because her birthday is listed wrong.  She’s not nearly old enough to begin fudging her age! I started playing Pet Society in August 2008, but for some reason Momo’s birthday is listed as June 2009.  Strange stuff!

In other news, according to Playfish, the shrinking petling problem has been fixed, so I hope all the shrunken pets are back to normal now.

All the new items for next week have been released early, and new mystery items are out.  There are also two new free gifts that you can send to your friends. I’ll hopefully post on them soon.

Please comment if there are any updates I forgot to post, and do share how you feel about the latest changes!


The Pet Society Newcomer’s Kit March 25, 2010

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Brand new Pet Society players now receive a great newcomer’s kit.  Dolphin Cruz showed me the following images of the newcomers kit, which includes all the lovely furniture and decorations pictured below. All players who joined after mid-March 2010 received these new items. Aren’t they lovely? These items are much nicer than the drab, barren room Momo started out in!

New Pet Society pets are dressed in a blue hoodie and jeans.

What do you think of the Pet Society newcomer’s kit?  Are you an old player who wishes your newcomer items were just as nice? Do you think this is a nice gesture to keep new players playing the game?


Pet Society Easter Egg Trees and Eggs

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A few people have asked what the Easter egg trees look like.  Momo and I decided not to grow any because we want to save plots for flowers and veggies, but here’s a picture of the tree types of trees and their corresponding Easter eggs, which I adapted from the official PS blog. You have a chance of growing one of the three trees below from the “holiday special” Easter egg tree seed. The trees have a fun, swirly shape and pastel colors.

Have you and your pet grown an Easter egg tree? If so, which colored tree(s) did you grow?

Courtesy of Nenaah, who posted pictures in the Flickr group, here’s a picture of her pet Bunnypoo with the blue chocolate Easter egg tree and the homegrown blue chocolate egg. Thanks Nenaah!

The homegrown blue chocolate egg sells for 85 coins.