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Pet Society Mutant Pink Dahlia Flowers July 26, 2009

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Yesterday, Gonzalo posted in a comment that he had grown a new flower called a pink dahlia in his garden.  I hadn’t planted flowers in a bit, since I was finding vegetable farming more profitable.  I was so curious about the new flower, that I planted a few flower seeds yesterday.  Here’s a picture of the new pink dahlia flower.  Thanks so much for the tip Gonzalo!

The strange thing about the flower is that as soon as you uproot it, somehow a lily gets attached to the dahlia flower.  It looks like a mutant flower!

You can see the two overlapping plants in this picture too.  They cannot be separated.  Isn’t it funny?

I wonder if a new vegetable seed was released last Thursday too.  Has anyone noticed anything new?


17 Responses to “Pet Society Mutant Pink Dahlia Flowers”

  1. Catalina Says:

    wow, that’s gReat!!* I saw the mutant flower in a friends house and I planted like 4 flowers, I hope that it grow to me!
    Sorry for mi english XD

  2. Catalina Says:

    it’s really cute that flower!

  3. ceres Says:

    nice flower!
    gotta spare some coins to plant some

  4. vanillas Says:

    wait, what kind of vegetables are there?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Vanillas, there’s just a new flower that came out. I was curious if there was also a new type of vegetable seed, but I don’t think there are any new vegetable seeds.

  5. Twonkiw Says:

    Thats Dumb if you look closely you just put one flower ontop of another look at the base of the flower somethings stacked on it.

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      No, it’s not dumb and I did not stack the flowers myself. There’s a glitch in Pet Society if you grow this flower.

  6. Leanne Says:

    Lol what a weird mutant flower!

    To Twonkiw, you can’t really stack flowers on top. I tried it before.

    And besides, I really like that flower. I already have all the other types, the Blue Pansy, White Lily, Luscious Lip Turnip (Rose), Orchid and Sunflower. I am very curious of that Pink Dahlia….

    I wonder if there’s new vegetable or tree seeds.
    I wonder also if there’s a new seed.

  7. Pet Society Girl Says:

    Leanne, the official pet society page says that only the pink dahlia was released as a new flower, so there were no new vegetables and tree seeds (at least not this week!)

  8. Heath Says:

    Hey, I got a pot of liliy behind a pot of cattleya orchids once too! Think was a week plus before. And I thought I planted 2 seeds in one hole. But when I pull the pot out of my chest, it turned back to normal again.

  9. megan Says:

    i have this flower and mine isnt mutated. weird.

  10. Momiji Says:

    I keep getting this flower even after planting so many seeds. Must I do anything to get a different flower insteed of this? 😦

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