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Pet Society Free Gift – September 16th September 20, 2010

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A new item was added for us to send as free gifts to our friends last Thursday. It’s a Small Japanese Garden Fence.

Do you like the new gift? Is your pet planning to decorate with the new fence?


Pet Society Free Gift – September 9th September 10, 2010

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A new item was added for us to send as free gifts to our friends. It’s a stack of Pet Geisha Toy.  Momo likes her new toy.

Do you like the new gift?


Pet Society Free Gift – September 2nd September 3, 2010

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Yesterday, a new item was added for us to send as free gifts to our friends. It’s a stack of White Chocolate Cookies.

Momo and I think they look delicious.

Is your pet going to have some cookies and milk?

p.s. The psychotic looking Bear in the Box from last week has been corrected to look cute and cuddly this week.


Pet Society Free Gift – August 26th August 26, 2010

Today, a new item was added for us to send as free gifts to our friends. It’s a Bear in a Box.

In the PS Blog, it looks like this:

Momo got one from a friend today…but hers looks different.  In fact, it looks a bit creepy!

If you get more than one of these free gifts, you’ll get an auto-sell window.  I think it’s probably a glitch that we can’t have more than one bear in a box.

Hope they fix this new issue…

For the past few weeks, there’s only been one new free gift per week instead of two.  I guess Pet Society’s changed the number.

Have you received or sent one of the new free gifts?


Pet Society Updates – August 19th August 20, 2010

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There were lots of updates in Pet Society yesterday.  I haven’t had time to play much, so I’ll just post the highlights here!

“New” Labels: After getting a new item, the item will have a “new” label above it and appear at the start of your clothing/inventory chest.  This should make it easier to find new mystery items, since the new way of opening them doesn’t show the item names.  Newly harvested garden produce also have “new” labels.

The new feature made it a lot easier to sell back all the crummy duplicate items I got after buying a bunch of mystery boxes.

The Free Gift, Share Email” and Collaborative Item icons are combined into an expandable navigation tab.  It reduces the clutter on the screen a bit.

Speaking of free gifts, the latest gift is a strawberry cream cake.  Hideeni was a bit disappointed that Momo refused to share hers.

The weekly digging item in the “Town Forest” is a Fast Food Meal. What a strange archaeological find!

The new mystery items are out, but Momo hasn’t found any of them!  In the gold mystery boxes, there’s a pair of Pink Headphones and an Orange Juice Machine. In the purple mystery boxes, there’s a Pet Chef Picture.  Lastly, in the red boxes, there’s a Sauces Set.

What do you think of the updates?


Pet Society Updates – August 13th August 13, 2010

There were a number of Pet Society updates today.  The maximum level has been raised to 100 now! I hope we’ll earn some new rooms for reaching higher levels, but I haven’t heard anything about this yet.

Although the Pet Society officials announced yesterday that the Jubble rings would be sold for coins through Monday at midnight GMT, they were changed to Playfish cash with today’s update.  😦 This update really stinks.

A Diamond Ring Headband was added to the “Town Forest” as the latest weekly treasure hunt item.

Also, a button headband was added as the free gift to send to your friends.


Pet Society Updates – August 6th August 6, 2010

There are a lot of new updates in Pet Society today.  When you log into the game, you’ll see a picture for the upcoming “Fantasy Week,” which looks like loads of fun!

There’s only one new free gift this week, the wizard bear plushie:

One last update was posted by a Playfish official on their forum. “From next week all Limited Items will be time-limited rather then # limited. This means that from next week, the Limited Items will be available for 24 hours. Note, this may of course change in the future, but this is the plan from next week onward.”

I think this is great news for all the players who are at work, school or asleep during the previous limited item releases.  I’m glad everyone has a fair chance to buy the limited edition items. 🙂