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Poll: Which Pet Society Fish do You Prefer? September 30, 2009

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Pet Society Sticker Collections September 28, 2009

Pet Society sticker collections were introduced today.

The mayor sent out information about the new feature in his latest newsletter:

You can go to your sticker collection by clicking the new icon on the bottom of the screen. It’s right under Momo’s feet (below).  She’s not happy that yet another icon is cluttering up the playing screen.

Here’s what the sticker book looks like:

Click the blue arrow or the category titles to flip through the pages of your sticker collection.  There are pages for food, clothes, furniture, toys, and plants.  On each page are sticker silhouettes of items that you can collect in the game.   For instance, the food pages are full of silhouettes of foods we can buy in the food shop.

Here’s how the sticker collections work. Stickers cannot be purchased, and the only way to get a sticker is if a friend gives an unopened sticker pack to you. Opened stickers cannot be gifted, and each sticker pack contains one sticker. You can give a sticker package to one of your friends by opening your sticker collection book and clicking on “send sticker packs to friends” on the left page in the front of your sticker book.  This pulls up a pop-up window that lists all of your facebook friends (not just the ones who play Pet Society), and you can select a friend (or friends) to send a sticker pack to. You can send one sticker pack to eight individual friends per day. The process of sending a sticker sends your friend a facebook “gift request,” and  your friend will receive a notification that you sent them a gift in facebook, outside of the Pet Society game.

If you receive a sticker from a friend, then you’ll get a out-of-game facebook notification that looks like this:

Then when you log back into Pet Society, you’ll receive the sticker pack in your house and you can open it to reveal the sticker. Each sticker has three versions: bronze, silver and gold.  Gold stickers are the most rare.  So far, Momo received one sticker.  It’s a bronze tulips sticker.  The sticker shows up at the bottom of the screen (as in the picture below).

You can then stick the sticker over its silhouette in the book.

You can look at your friends’ sticker collections when you visit them by clicking the sticker collection icon over their health/ happiness/hygiene bars.  Also, Playfish has stated that more collections will be added soon.

To get a trophy, you need to “Complete 5 sticker collections in bronze/silver/gold.” That means you have to collect five full double-pages of stickers with the same color border to have five collections. So, if you collect all of the stickers of foods, clothes, furniture, toys and plants with a bronze border, you’ll get the bronze trophy.

There’s also a “sticker recycler,” which can be used to get rid of sticker duplicates.  Unfortunately, you cannot gift stickers to your friends, so the duplicates just go to waste. To use the sticker recycler, drag you extra stickers to the recycle icon at the bottom left below your sticker album. When you have 1320, 2640 or 5280 sticker points,  you can redeem a bronze, silver or gold sticker pack, respectively. Each of the redeemed sticker packs includes random stickers at the respective level, so bronze sticker packs will have bronze stickers in them.

Personally, I don’t think I’m going to be collecting many stickers.  Most of my friends aren’t regular Pet Society players, so I doubt they’ll send me many.  I tried sending a few and didn’t enjoy it, since I don’t want to spam my friends with unwanted facebook notifications and the popup window took a long time to load for me (some are experiencing major glitches and can’t send stickers at all). I think it’s really annoying that we have to send the gifts through facebook when Pet Society already has an in-game gifting system. What’s Pet Society becoming –  a cutesy version of Mafia Wars?

What do you think?  Do you like the stickers?


New Pet Society Items – September 27th September 27, 2009

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The weekly Pet Society items are now in the stores!

In the DIY store, there is a new Luminous Brooklyn Bridge View Window.  I bet it’ll look nice with the lights out!

In the clothing shop, there’s a fashion pink dress and shoe set as the “this week’s special” items.  The new items include  a fashion black dress and shoe set and a ribbon rose hairpin.  There’s also a baseball shirt, pants, mitt, shoes and hat set.

The food shop has a sweet mooncake (for the Chinese Moon Festival).  It’s nice that this mooncake is different from the ones from last year.  There’s also a chilled cranberry juice and a new soft pretzel.  I love them all!

In the furniture shop, there’s a moon rabbit doll, designer hat box decor, wooden round coffee table, and city girl makeup table as the “this week’s special” items.

There’s also Pet Star Pop Art inspired by Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe artwork.  There’s a huge contemporary black sofa and ottoman set. There’s also a chrome round coffee table, a chrome cooler bucket and a baseball doll.

In the luxury shop, there’s a Pet Atlas Statue and a Hot Dog Stand.

In the gadget shop, there’s a luminous city subway lamp as “this week’s special.” There are black and pink LED tickers to “tell the world your pet’s status,” and there’s a black contemporary pendant lamp.

My favorite item this week is the Pet Star Pop Art.  I also love the new black fashion dress and the new foods.  Which items are your favorites?


Pet Society World’s Mystery Box Techniques and Tips

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Nintendo Wii

I wanted to share Momo’s strategy for finding Pet Society items in mystery boxes with her friends.  A few people have asked me questions in comments about how I find items quickly, and I had briefly mentioned that Momo just buys and sells mystery boxes until she finds what she wants. This is precisely what she and I do.

However, over my months of playing, I have more fully developed my method for finding expensive mystery box items. Since my mystery box technique works well for me, I wanted to share it with more details and an example that includes coin calculations.   Perhaps my mystery box tips will work for you too!

My strategy hinges on buying expensive (gold) mystery boxes in bulk. I buy six gold mystery boxes at a time. This requires that I have a savings of more than 3,000 coins.  I also have a goal for what I am aiming to find.  Today, let’s look for one of the gold box mystery items that were released during the last two weeks: the yellow cab, shopping bag, school locker or armillary sphere.

With this goal in mind, I purchased six gold boxes (round 1) and then opened them all.  Inside the boxes, I found the charming hearts wallpaper (666 sell back price), shell picture (999), classic jeans (99), samurai helmet (999), dodecahedron lantern (999) and elegant bamboo (333). I didn’t find anything I was aiming to find, so I’ll sell all six items back.  Let’s add the loss for buying the six boxes with the profit from selling all six items: -3000+666+999+99+999+999+333 coins = 1095 coins.  Overall,  in round 1, Momo had a total profit of 1095 coins. Momo was lucky this time!

Round 1 – six boxes -3000
charming hearts 666
shell picture 999
classic jeans 99
samurai helmet 999
dodecahedron lantern 999
elegant bamboo 333
TOTAL 1095

Since Momo didn’t find anything she was looking for in round 1, let’s try again and buy a second set of six gold mystery boxes (round 2). As Momo opened her second box in round 2, she found the school locker she was searching for. All of the items we found in this round are listed below in the table with their sell-back values.  Here in round 2, we ended up with a total loss of 1221 coins (this would have been only a loss of 222 coins if we sold back the school locker for 999 coins).  Overall, the net total of rounds 1 and 2 is = 1095 – 1221 coins = -126 coins. This means that we spent only 126 coins to find and purchase the school locker.  Happily, that’s less than the cost of the mystery box!

Round 2 – six boxes -3000
flourishing bush 116
school locker (keeping)
classic jeans 99
magic bunny hat 999
big gold bracelet 199
pink dotted wallpaper 366
TOTAL -1221
NET TOTAL (rounds 1+2)

It’s needless to say that mystery boxes are a gamble, but I’ve found that by buying in bulk (six gold boxes at a time), I roughly even out my chance of getting cheap, ugly wallpapers/carpets/plants/watches with my chance of finding an item with a sell-back price of 999 coins. That allows me to sell back all the items with roughly no net loss, and gives me the ability to try my chances again.  Still, since it’s a gamble, the technique isn’t fail-proof.

In comparison with other tips I’ve seen that suggest friends gifting boxes to one another and opening/refreshing until you find what you want, I think my technique is a lot faster, and there’s no form of cheating taking advantage of the system involved (;)).  Another advantage is that my technique works well for a single player who doesn’t have any friends obsessed with the game and willing to trade boxes with them all Friday afternoon.

It’s important to note that my strategy only seems to work with gold mystery boxes. The overall value of items in the purple/blue mystery boxes is much lower, so finding new mystery items in the purple boxes is a bigger risk, and you’re more likely to have an overall loss in coins. I sometimes don’t bother with the purple boxes unless I’m prepared to lose coins.

It’s also important to mention that this isn’t necessarily a fast process, and sometimes you may have to go through many rounds of buying and selling to find a new item.

So those are all of Momo and my mystery box techniques and tips.  I hope they help you and your pet find what they are looking for.  If you ever try my mystery box technique out, then please let me know what you think. Good luck finding your long-sought for mystery box items!


Placing Items Inside Pet Society Shopping Bags September 26, 2009

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I noticed something neat about the shopping bags that were released into the Pet Society mystery boxes yesterday.  You can place other items into the shopping bags to make it look like your pet just returned from a shopping expedition.

For example, Momo put her magic hat bunny and a candy jar inside her shopping bags.  The items sit around halfway into the bag.  I used two candy jars for comparison below.


Pet Society Homegrown Forget-Me-Nots, Part 2

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Yesterday I had posted about new Pet Society Homegrown Forget-Me-Not flowers.  I like posting follow-ups to prove I actually grow a flower  after the debacle with the homegrown hibiscus. In that case, Playfish announced the homegrown hibiscus was released, but it really came out a full week later.

Momo was pretty thrilled today when she found a homegrown forget-me-not flower in her garden.  She seems to be a bit more excited by her lunch of mac ‘n’ cheese though, don’t you think?

Has anyone else grown one yet?


Pet Society Mystery Items – September 25th September 25, 2009

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New mystery items were released today.   In the purple boxes, there’s a Big Apple Wall Sticker.  In the expensive gold boxes, there’s a yellow cab decor and a shopping bag decor.  It looks like next week will celebrate New York City. 🙂

So far, Momo’s found a shopping bag.  She loves it!

Updated to add: Momo just found the other two items.  I love the little yellow cab!  The big apple wall sticker can be placed on the wall as a decoration like other wall stickers.


Pet Society Sticker Trophies

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In the list of possible trophies, you’ll notice that there are three new ones for sticker collections.  According to Playfish, these trophies are for an upcoming feature that is not available just yet.  So stay tuned!  It looks like fun. 🙂


Pet Society Stadium Sightings of New Items – September 25th

Here are the upcoming preview clothes I spotted in the Pet Society stadium!

Fisherman Hat:

Baseball Hat:

Baseball Jersey:

Baseball Uniform  Pants:

Pink Dress:

Black Belted Dress:

Pink Rose Hairpin:

I’m guessing these will be in the cash shop:

World Wildlife Fund Shirt:

World Wildlife Fund Hat:

Leopard Cub Hat:


Pet Society Fishing – New Fish Released September 25th (Set 10)

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There were two new fish released in the Pet Society fish pond today.

Regular Fish – can be caught using any type of bait:

Clown Knifefish:

Special Fish – These fish can only be caught using special baits:

Pretzelfish – can be caught using a pretzel from the food shop.

For more info on the fish and other items in the fish pond, please visit Pet Society World’s Fish List.

Last updated: September 29, 2009.