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Pet Society – White Kittens August 31, 2010

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Momo spun the lottery wheel last week, and got yet another white kitten.  It used to be exciting to get a plushie, but since the wheel has had the same prize on it for so long, winning white kittens is really dull now.  Right now, Momo has a total of 14 white kittens, and I might have sold some extras before. It seems as though Pet Society has completely forgotten to update the plushie prize on the lottery wheel.  I’d love it if there was a new prize soon!

How many white kittens do you have?  Do you want the lottery plushie prize to switch to something new?


New Pet Society Items – August 29th August 29, 2010

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This week’s Pet Society items have a fairy tale theme.

In the outdoor shop, the new collaborative item is a regal garden dome.

There’s also an regal garden stone fountain, which is so enormous that I think it might almost take up a whole room!

In the furniture store, the “one week only” items are the frog prince pink armchair and table. The “just arrived” items are the frog prince dark armchair and table, and the frog prince blue armchair and table.

In the bedroom section, the “one week only” items are the princess and the pea bed and the frog prince pink bed. The  “just arrived” items are the frog prince blue bed and frog prince dark bed.

In the market, a new limited item will be released tomorrow that sells for coins.  It’ll be a Princess Merry-Go-Round. There’s a frog prince plushie available as the “one week only” item. So cute!!

In the food shop, the “just arrived” item is a blackberry cake.

In the clothing shop girl’s section, the “just arrived” items are a blue party dress and blue party shoes. (Don’t they look familiar?)

In the boys’ section, yet again, there’s nothing new. 😦

In the DIY store, the “one week only” items are the sweet dreams pink floor and the regal palace wallpaper. The “just arrived” items are the sweet dreams blue floor, sweet dreams wallpaper, gothic palace carpet, and gothic palace wallpaper.

There’s a regal garden view window.

For “one week only” you can buy a regal palace pink chandelier, and the “just arrived” item is a regal palace blue chandelier.

I try to ignore Playfish cash items, but it’s virtually impossible this week.  There are more cash items than coin items.  I’ve been feeling like there isn’t room in the game for coin players lately. 😦

It’s also sad that many of the coin items are duplicate items with different colors (i.e., three versions of the frog prince furniture), or recolored, recycled versions of old items, i.e. the carpets (recolored copies of the old retro cream and red carpets, and the golden ballroom carpet). The blue party dress is a recolored copy of the chic party dress from earlier this year.  The blue party dress is also very similar to the blue ribbon dress. Momo has way too many dresses that same bright blue color. Along with the blue party dress, there’s the Alice dress, Marie Antoinette blue dress, blue princess dress, brown and blue dress, prom queen blue dress, and probably more that I’ve missed mentioning. I wish that there was something special to wear for girl and boy pets who use coins this week, which didn’t look like a hand-me-down.

My favorite items are the princess and the pea bed and the frog prince plushie. I’m looking forward to the merry-go-round tomorrow! The new wallpapers look nice too.

What do you think? Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites?


Pet Society Treasure Hunting Update – August 26th August 28, 2010

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The Pet Society treasure hunting feature was updated a couple days ago with new “weekly” item at the “Town Forest” digging site.  The new weekly digging  item is the Prince Statue.

Momo and I thinks the Prince Statue is really cute!  I love his frog headwear!

Have you found the latest treasure hunt item?  Do you like it?


The Frog Prince


Pet Society Updates – August 26th August 26, 2010

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There’s a new way to shop in Pet Society. If you’re visiting a friend’s house and see an item that you like, then you can click the shopping basket icon on the left side of the screen.  It’ll bring up a window to “Go on a shopping spree!”

This will allow you to view all the items in your friend’s room that are currently available in the stores. Any currently available items will have a dark brown outline around them.

When you mouse over an item that you like, you’ll see its price, and you can choose to purchase it directly from your friend’s house.

What do you think of the new shopping feature?  Do you think you’ll like shopping at your friend’s house, or do you prefer shopping and browsing in the Pet Society stores?


Pet Society Free Gift – August 26th

Today, a new item was added for us to send as free gifts to our friends. It’s a Bear in a Box.

In the PS Blog, it looks like this:

Momo got one from a friend today…but hers looks different.  In fact, it looks a bit creepy!

If you get more than one of these free gifts, you’ll get an auto-sell window.  I think it’s probably a glitch that we can’t have more than one bear in a box.

Hope they fix this new issue…

For the past few weeks, there’s only been one new free gift per week instead of two.  I guess Pet Society’s changed the number.

Have you received or sent one of the new free gifts?


Pet Society – Bees in the Beehive Tree

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On Saturday, I posted about the Pet Society beehive tree’s missing bees.  Today, Pet Society fixed this glitch, so if you have a beehive tree, you should see animated bees flying around your beehives tree!

Momo’s enjoying watching the bees! I’m glad they didn’t sting her. 😉


Pet Society Mystery Items – August 26th

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There are new updates in Pet Society today, one of which is new items in the mystery boxes. In the gold boxes, there’s a Dancing Pet Figurine and a Groundhog Plushie. In the purple boxes, there’s a Brown Cat Plushie.

I haven’t had much luck at all lately with mystery boxes, but today Momo and I found the groundhog plushie in the gold mystery boxes after buying just a few boxes.   I don’t think it looks like a groundhog at all!  What do you think?

Have you found any of the new items?


Pet Society: Glitchy Burgers August 25, 2010

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As I posted earlier today, Momo made a bunch of burgers from the Build a Burger mystery egg items in Pet Society.  Tonight, when I logged into the game, my burgers were collapsing, and layers were out of place. The tomatoes and crowns have fallen.

This is how my burgers looked this morning:

This is how they look now:

Are your burgers glitchy too?  Or is it just mine that are misbehaving?


Pet Society Build a Burger Mystery Eggs

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Momo’s been buying eggs from the new Build a Burger mystery egg machine in Pet Society.  A single egg costs 200 coins, and you can get bonus eggs for buying 4 or 10 eggs at a time.

Inside the eggs, you can find the following 19 items:

Happy Burger Bun
Shocked Burger Bun
Cute Burger Bun
Sad Burger Bun
Confident Burger Bun
Bottom Burger Bun
Pink Bottom Burger Bun
Ketchup Burger
Cheese Burger
Grilled Sausage
Fried Chicken
Sliced Tomato
Cheese and Herbs
Green Salad
Top Flag
Top Cherry Tomato
Top Crowns
Top Olives

If you find all of the 19 build a burger items above, you’ll receive the Cherry Tomatoes as a completion reward!

The burger buns have the cutest faces, and they’re animated!  Momo cooked a lot of burgers.  Hideeni smelled the delicious burgers cooking and stopped by for dinner!

After all that cooking, Momo decided to throw a party for her friends.

Has your pet build a burger?  If so, please share a picture  in the Pet Society World Flickr Group. If you aren’t a member already, click here for details on how to join and post pictures to the group.


Pet Society Beehive Tree Update

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On Saturday, I posted about the Pet Society beehive tree’s missing bees.  I’m happy to spread the word that there’s news on the Playfish Forum regarding the beehive tree’s missing bees.  On August 26th, this problem will be fixed and the  animated bees will appear on our beehives trees!

I’m glad this issue will be fixed.  Momo’s excited to see the bees soon!