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Pet Society Treasure Hunting Update – July 8th July 11, 2010

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The Pet Society treasure hunting feature was updated last Thursday with a new “weekly” item at the “town forest” digging site.  The new item is the Marie Antoinette Fan.  Momo Antoinette is holding the fan in the picture below.

Have you dug up a Marie Antoinette Fan?


Pet Society Candy Piñatas May 2, 2010

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This week, there are two candy-filled piñatas in the Pet Society mystery and food shops. If you buy one, you’ll receive a different delicious candy each day for the next ten days.  Yum!

Momo and I bought two piñatas, so we get two of the same candy per day.  I’ll update this post with the new candies each day!

May 3 – Strawberry Candy
May 4 – Apple Candy
May 5 – Orange Candy
May 6 – Strawberry Lollipop
May 7 – Lemon Lollipop
May 8 – Orange Lollipop
May 9 – Berry Lollipop
May 10 – Double Chocolate Truffle
May 11 – Double Sugar Truffle
May 12 – Double Caramel Truffle

Did your pet buy a candy piñata?


Pet Society Mexican Food Delivery Subscription

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If your pet buys a Pet Society Mexican Food Delivery Subscription, then over the course of the next ten days, you’ll receive a different tasty Mexican dish each day.  Yum!

Momo and I love Mexican food, so we paid the 1750 coin subscription fee.  I’ll update this post with the new foods each day!

May 3 – Chiles en Nogada
May 4 – Chocolate Xocolatl
May 5 – Beef Enchilada
May 6 – Fresh Tomato Salsa
May 7 – Mexican Corn on the Cob
May 8 – Burrito
May 9 – Spicy Nachos
May 10 – Agave Drink
May 11 – Cafe de Olla
May 12 – Quesadillas

Is your pet going to order the Mexican Food Delivery Subscription?

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New Pet Society Items – May 2nd

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The new Pet Society items were added to the stores today. Will your pet celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

In the garden shop, the “just arrived” item is a chili peppers pot. The new “this week special” is a Daisy May Pole.  Also, the “this week’s special” items from last week are still in the store, so if you missed out on the skull cave and cream teepee, you may have another week to buy them

In the furniture store, “this week’s specials” are a serape wall hanging, blue Mexican wooden table and chair, colorful decorative maracas, and a sun and moon wall decor.

The “just arrived” are a sombrero wall decor, traditional terracotta collection, and a colorful Mexican wooden table and chair.

In the mystery store, there’s a Spring Faerie mystery egg machine.

In the market, “this week’s specials” are a pet catrina plushie and a May Day cow plushie. The “just arrived” item is the black chihuahua plushie.

There’s also a Mother’s Day daisy bouquet and card, and light pink and white heart balloons.

In the food shop, “this week’s special” is a Mexican Food Delivery subscription, a pink candy pinata, a candy pinata, and a Mother’s Day heart cake.

In the clothing shop girl’s section, “this week’s specials” are a white lily flower crown, and a bright Mexican dress and shoes. The “just arrived” items are a red Mexican dress and pink lily flower crown.

In the boys’ section, “this week’s specials” include a colorful sombrero, Mexican bandit shirt, Mexican mustache, Mexican brown boots, a black mariachi shirt, pants and shoes, a bright blue luchador mask and pants, and a red luchador top, cloak and boots. The “just arrived” items include a white mariachi shirt, pants and shoes.

In the DIY store, “this week’s special” is a colorful Mexican rug, and the “just arrived” item are a pink Mexican rug, a light stucco wallpaper, and red dark terracotta floor.

It looks like a fun and colorful week this week. Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites?


Hideeni Hopes Dashed April 23, 2010

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I’ve been trying for weeks to find Momo a rainbow egg by clicking the Hideeni posts from her friends.  It was the last egg we needed to complete our Easter egg collection. A couple days ago, I clicked a new posting and got this message with a picture of a rainbow egg that said I already received this egg from a friend that day.  Unfortunately, I never did get a rainbow egg, in spite of what the message said. Now, my hopes of ever getting a rainbow egg are lost.

I found it hard to collect all the eggs, since there seems to be a new rule that you can only collect one Hideeni gift per friend per day.

I also have trouble telling which posts I’ve clicked and which I haven’t, although I have very view friends who post Hideeni messages.  I can’t imagine how confusing it would be if I had hundreds of friends playing!

How about the rest of you?  Did you complete your Easter egg collection?


Abrupt End to Friend Street’s Easter Egg Hunt in Pet Society April 1, 2010

The Easter egg hunt in the friend street was ended earlier than planned. According to a Playfish Admin, the egg hunt was ended early because some players were hacking the eggs to get coins. I find it ridiculous that Playfish didn’t change the price of the eggs to 0 coins, and instead chose to punish all of its players. This change only affects the eggs that used to be found in the trees on Friend Street, and it does not affect eggs collected from Hideeni.

Unfortunately, Hideeni’s Easter eggs are also having issues. Right now, if you click on the button to share the news that you found Hideeni, the window will disappear and no one will be able to collect any eggs.

Updated to add: The Hideeni problem has been fixed and we can collect eggs found by our friends again.


Pet Society Easter Egg Decorations

Did you decorate any Easter eggs in Pet Society? Here are three Easter eggs that Momo and I decorated using the basic eggs available in the mystery shop and decorations from the Easter Egg Mystery Egg machine. I don’t think they turned out that great.

I’d love to see how others have decorated their Easter eggs! I’m sure that many of you have come up with more creative and pretty ways to decorate the basic eggs.  Please share a picture of your Easter eggs in the Pet Society World Flickr Group. If you aren’t a member already, click here for details on how to join and post pictures to the group.


Pet Society Easter Egg Trees and Eggs March 25, 2010

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A few people have asked what the Easter egg trees look like.  Momo and I decided not to grow any because we want to save plots for flowers and veggies, but here’s a picture of the tree types of trees and their corresponding Easter eggs, which I adapted from the official PS blog. You have a chance of growing one of the three trees below from the “holiday special” Easter egg tree seed. The trees have a fun, swirly shape and pastel colors.

Have you and your pet grown an Easter egg tree? If so, which colored tree(s) did you grow?

Courtesy of Nenaah, who posted pictures in the Flickr group, here’s a picture of her pet Bunnypoo with the blue chocolate Easter egg tree and the homegrown blue chocolate egg. Thanks Nenaah!

The homegrown blue chocolate egg sells for 85 coins.


Pet Society Easter Greenhouse News and Mystery Item Removals March 23, 2010

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A Playfish admin announced that they mistake in labeling the Easter Green Houses as Holiday Special. It’s actually a “This Week’s Special” item and will be removed from the shops on at the end of this week.

A group of mystery items will be removed this week (generally this occurs on Thursday or Friday). The following St Patrick’s Day mystery items will be removed from the boxes along with three others:

Gold mystery box items – Star Shades, Glossy Red Surfboard Decor, Shamrock Rug
Purple mystery box items – Water Filter Jug, White Shamrock Cushion

I’m not sure if the Cute Mushrooms Decor will be removed too, since I’m not sure if it’s considered a St. Patrick’s Day mystery item. I’ll edit this post if I learn more!

The St. Patrick’s Day items are being removed too soon for my taste.


Pet Society Easter Egg Mystery Eggs

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There’s new Easter Egg mystery eggs machine in both the furniture and mystery shops in Pet Society. The eggs and their contents are giftable. Inside the eggs are decorations to place on three types of basic eggs. All of these items are “Easter Specials,” which means they’ll be on available in stores until April 11th 2010 at midnight GMT.

Each Easter Egg mystery egg costs 400 coins.

I found 22 Easter Egg decorative items from the mystery eggs as shown below:

The Easter Egg decorations sell back for values between 133 and 199 coins.

Easter Egg Mystery Egg Item Resale Values
Blue Sugar Smile – 133 coins
Pink Sugar Smile – 166 coins
White Sugar Roses – 133 coins
Pink Sugar Roses – 133 coins
Chocolate Frosting Twirls – 133 coins
Vanilla Frosting Twirls – 133 coins
Blue Egg Ribbon – 199 coins
Pink Egg Ribbon – 199 coins
Pink Bunny Decor – 133 coins
Chick Egg Decor – 133 coins
Pink Egg Rosette – 199 coins
Purple Egg Rosette – 199 coins
White Bunny Decor – 133 coins
Chocolate Frosting Swirl – 166 coins
Vanilla Frosting Swirl – 133 coins
Strawberry Frosting Swirl – 166 coins
Small Purple Ribbon – 133 coins
Small Pink Ribbon – 133 coins
Small Yellow Ribbon – 133 coins
White Frosting Decoration – 133 coins
Cream Decoration – 133 coins
Chocolate Cream Decoration – 133 coins

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