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Pet Society Faerie Mystery Eggs June 29, 2009

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The new Pet Society faerie mystery egg machine has such pretty things in it!  I think there are 12 faerie items in all.

Momo’s wearing all of her faerie items: faerie headband, faerie dress, faerie rings and faerie shoes.  It’s too bad there isn’t an faerie outfit for boys too.

I redecorated my first room with my new faerie decorations: faerie wallpaper, faerie acorn lamps, faerie leaf carpets, faerie bed, faerie door, faerie windows, faerie tables and faerie bottles.

Momo’s headband is just like one I have in real life (I made it myself):



Pet Society Firework Effect

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Momo drank the firework potion in the Pet Society mystery store, and this is how she looks now.  She has fireworks popping around her all the time.


New Pet Society Items – June 28th June 28, 2009

It’s a fun week of new releases in Pet Society.  This week, our pets are gearing up for Canada Day and Independence Day (US).

In the food store are celebration cakes, maple syrup (yum!), popcorn and star-shaped balloons!

The DIY store has a starry sky wallpaper that’s darker than the old one.  There’s a party marquee in the garden store.  I love the mountie doll in the furniture store!

Here are the new clothes from the clothing store.  Our pet’s can dress up like colonists or like the statue of liberty.


Here’s Momo admiring her delicious cakes and cupcakes on her tiered cake rack.


The gadget store has really cool items this week: a star sparkler and a confetti cannon.  The best thing is that both items can be used multiple times and don’t wear out!


Here’s Momo playing with her new toys!  You can just play with one at once.

petsocietygadget2-06-28-09 petsocietygadget3-06-28-09

The mystery store has a new magic food called “firework potion.”  There’s also a new fairie mystery egg machine.  Unlike the old machines, the items from the new machine can be gifted to your friends!


So far, I opened one egg and got this cute headband in it!


What do you think of the new items?


Pet Society Mystery Items – June 26th June 27, 2009

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It looks like Pet Society is gearing up for Canada Day on July 1st and Independence Day (US) on July 4th. The new mystery items are a maple ribbon and star shades in the gold boxes!  I read that there’s a star balloon in the purple boxes, but I haven’t found one yet.

Here’s Momo wearing two of the new mystery items:


Stadium Sightings – June 27th

Here are images of some upcoming clothes that were seen in the stadium!

Statue of Liberty gown :

Renaissance hat:


Renaissance dress:


Military coat:
Buckled shoes:



Recycling and Eco Box Info June 26, 2009

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Someone asked a question on eco boxes in the comments, so I thought I’d write a post with info on recycling and eco boxes.  Recycling was introduced in Pet Society on April 9, 2009.

How recycling works:

If you have an item you don’t like or need in your storage chest, then you can drag it into the green recycling box to receive recycling points. You will receive twice as many recycling points for an item as the item’s coin value. For instance, if you recycle a retro green polo, which costs 200 coins, you’ll receive 400 recycling points.

If you want to calculate the number of expected recycling points, I’ve made two equations that are helpful. The calculations are most accurate for store-bought items, and sometimes they calculations are just 1 or 2 coins off. For fish (and pond items), you’ll receive slightly more recycling points that expected from the equations below.

To calculate your recycle points, you can use the following formulas:

Let R = recycle points, P=store price, and S=re-sale price.
The two formulas to calculate recycling points are: R=2P or R=6S.

(meaning recycling points are twice the store price, or recycling points are six times the re-sale price).

Once you collect 10,000 recycling points, you can cash out to receive one small eco box. You need to collect 20,000 recycling points for a medium eco box, and 30,000 recycling points for a large eco box. When you cash out, the recycling points will be deducted from your total to bu the eco box you’ve chosen.

From each type of eco box (small, medium, large), you have  random chance of receiving one of five items.  The items found in each type of eco box are shown below:




If you receive an item from the eco box that you don’t like, you can recycle or sell the item. Keep in mind that you won’t get the same number of recycling points that you used to buy the eco box. For instance, the seedling doll costs 10,000 recycling points, but if you recycle a seedling doll, you’ll only get 5,000 recycling points back, or you can sell it for 833 coins.

The info and images are from The Pet Society Database.

Hope this page is helpful to you!!


The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition)


Pet Society Updates

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Another great feature introduced during the last Pet Society maintenance is the ability to buy (or sell) more than one item at a time.  This will really come in handy when I’m grocery shopping in the food store!


Another really cool thing is that we can try on clothes before buying them.  For example, now I can see how my pet would look in the wedding dress in the luxury store before buying it for 7500 coins:



Apple Pie – New in the Pet Society Cafe

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After today’s Pet Society updates, there were a few new changes to the game.  One is the addition of apple pie to the cafe!



Pet Society Michael Jackson Tribute June 25, 2009

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Momo was sad to hear of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson’s deaths today.  In tribute, she tried to dress up like Michael Jackson (note the one white glove).

In the background, you can also see the bird popping out of the cuckoo clock (found in the large eco boxes).  I never knew that the bird popper out of the clock until today. What a surprise!



Ocean Floor June 24, 2009

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I think the new ocean floor is really amusing.  I used it to create a flood in Momo’s bathroom.  She’s not too worried about cleaning it up!