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Hideeni Bears Fruit in Pet Society September 10, 2010

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Hideeni must have grown tired of his octopus costume because he’s back, and this time he’s dressed as a pineapple! If we click him, then he’ll give out moody fruit plushies to our friends.

So far Momo’s found an Angry Orange Plushie.  There are a total of 12 moody fruit plushies to collect.

Momo likes her moody first plushie and can’t wait to get some more.

Have you and your pet found any moody fruit plushies yet?  What do you think of Hideeni’s latest look?

Super Fruit Fall


Pet Society – Lottery Update – Puppies!

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Among today’s updates in Pet Society, the lottery wheel has finally been updated with a new prize!  As I posted earlier, I was tired of getting white kittens, and I’m glad to see a new prize on the wheel.

Has anyone won the prize yet?


Upcoming Pet Society Mystery Box Removals September 7, 2010

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A huge number of mystery items are going to be cleared out of the Pet Society mystery boxes this Thursday according to a Playfish Admin.  I noticed that some of the items are already gone like the Pink Retro Chair and Red Retro Typewriter.  Thankfully, a lot of the mystery box junk is going to be removed.  Along with the junk, quite a few nice, expensive, and some relatively new items will also be removed.

Momo and I are going to go through the list to make sure we have all the items we want!  Hope everyone finds the items they want before they’re gone!

Here’s the full list of mystery items that will be removed Thursday:

Red Mystery Boxes
Capsules Detergent
Modern Rug
Rare Steak
Strawberry Milk
Golden Star Decor
Blue Thermos
Red Summer Shades
Colorful Lucky Charm
BBQ Hot Sauce
Romantic Blue Bracelet
Apple Hat
Big Black Ribbon
Black Ribbon
Blue Balloon
Leather Wrist Strap
Orange Juice
Patchy Carpet
Pine Bookshelf
Pink Donut
Simple Shelf
Simple Table
Slouch Couch
Summer Armchair
Milk Tank
Baseball Cap
Black Sweat Band
Blue Bracelet
Orange Bowl Shirt
Pleasant Window
Red Bow
Retro Green Polo
Simple Door
Simple T-Shirt
White Cap
Wooden Stool
Worn Grey Armchair
Black Slacks
Oak Floor Boards
Plain Window
Posh Bow
Red Pants
Sad Sack Shirt
All-Star Vest
Bedside Table
Big Pink Ribbon
Black’n’White Bangles
Comfortable Couch
Cream Carpet
Rainbow Band
Red Pearl Bracelet
Robust Cactus
Wooden Door

Purple/Blue Mystery Boxes
Raspberry Juice
Blue Balloon
Ebony Bracelet
Fragrant Hyacinth
Green Band
Leather Wrist Strap
Modern Rug
Pine Bookshelf
Pointed Bonnet
Alpine Boy Hat
Blue Striped Jug
Tribal Pants
Scout Shirt
Green Window Canopy
Brass Doorbell
Tiki Fence
Tiki Welcome Sign
Blue Pyjama Pants
Red Space Boots
Blue Beads Top
All-Star Vest
Bedside Table
Black Sweat Band
Black’n’White Bangles
Blooming Bush
Blue Bracelet
Builder’s Helmet
Burgundy Wallpaper
Comfortable Couch
Cream Carpet
Crimson Bracelet
Delicate Tulip
Dotted Wallpaper
Exquisite Orchid
Gold Balloon
Golden Heart Balloon
Green Rug
Grey Carpet
Modern Armchair
Oak Floor Boards
Pink Sweat Band
Plaid Chair
Plain Window
Playful T-Shirt
Posh Bow
Rainbow Band
Rainbow Bangles
Red Bow
Red Pearl Bracelet
Red Sun Tunic
Red T-Shirt
Retro Green Polo
Robust Cactus
Silver Bracelet
Simple T-Shirt
Slouch Couch
Smart White Shirt
Stainless Steel Small Bin
Strawberry Rug
Stylish Silver Band
Summer Armchair
Summer Chair
Teal Wallpaper
White Baby Hat
White Sweat Band
Wooden Door
Clown Balloon
‘Pea Green’ Bean Bag
Arabic Smock
Beech Floor Boards
Black Suit Pants
Blue Bow
Blue Origami Hat
Blue Pearl Bracelet
Blue Plastic Watch
Cap Mushroom
Chic Beret
Circus Wallpaper
Classic Tuxedo Pants
Dancing daisy
Double Cream Wallpaper
Flourishing Bush
Gold Star Perfume Bottle
Green Mat
Jester’s Hat
Mademoiselle’s Bonnet
Modern Black Couch
Modern Dining Chair
Modern Red Couch
Old Barrel
Old Bucket
Orange Pearls
Origami Hat
Pale Floor Boards
Parisian Windows
Party Hat
Pink Carpet
Playful Fish Shirt
Portable Radio
Purple Bow
Purple Shirt
Quirky Beanie
Retro Radio
Rubber Duck
Sixties Shift
Summer Skies Wallpaper
Viking Helmet
Warm Hat
White Bonnet
White Carpet
Black Digital Watch
Black Rubber Duck
Blue Bubbles Wallpaper
Blue Checkered Rug
Brain Shirt
Cave Shirt
Executive Chair
Lattice Window
Old School Candlestick
Pink Plastic Watch
Pink Suit Jacket
Red Digital Watch
Stone tiles
Summer Hat
Sweet Orange Tree
Swimming Shorts
Winter Coat
Big Gold Bracelet
Green tile Wallpaper
Leather Executive Chair
Rainbow Stone tiles
White police Hat
Bathroom Floor tiles
Brown tile Wallpaper
Princess Dress
Racoon Hat
Rattle Drum Deco
Star Headband
Black French Beret
Independence Day Party Hat
Rose Headband
Letter Blocks
Cute Bowls
Golden 2010 Balloon
Groovy Carpet
Hot Spring Bucket
Modern Vase Decor
Oval Rug
Rainbow Skateboard Decor
Snowboard Decor
Sunflowers Hat
Sunscreen Decor
Sweetheart Teacup
Classic Shield
Cactus On A Rock
Flowers Wheelbarrow
Purple Party Balloon
Cactus Luchador Mask
Contemporary Zig-Zag Bookshelf
Kitchen Utensils
Classy Grey Headband
Red Festive Drum
Pink Kite

Gold Mystery Boxes
White Recliner
Mushroom Table
Tiki Lamp
Gas Lantern
Terra Cotta Pot
Jousting Lance Decor
Black Galactic Helmet
Versailles Wig
Tribal Headdress
Gat Hat
Blue Tang Suit
Wonderland Tunic
Scout Shirt
Metal Floor
Black Framed Window
Tiki Window
Small White Pedestal
Green Window Canopy
Brass Doorbell
Tiki Bench
Koala Doll
Tiki Torch
Tiki Folding Screen
Zip Through Denim Dress
Blue Pyjama Pants
White Out Space Dress
Red Hot Space Suit
Red Space Pants
‘Kidney’ Bean Bag
All-Star T-Shirt
Arabic Smock
Arched Window
Blooming Bush
Blue Pearl Bracelet
Burgundy Wallpaper
Chef’s Hat
Circus Wallpaper
Classic Jeans
Elegant Gold Band
Flowering Bush
Jellyfish Baby
Modern Black Couch
Modern Dining Chair
Old Barrel
Old Bucket
Origami Hat
Parisian Windows
Party Hat
Pink Carpet
Portable Radio
Rainbow Bangles
Retro Radio
Rubber Duck
School Portrait
Sixties Shift
Stylish Silver Band
Ten Gallon Stetson
White Bonnet
Bathroom Floor tiles
Black Rubber Duck
Brown tile Wallpaper
Cave Shirt
Cute Chair
Desert Cactus
Elegant Door
Fauntleroy Jacket
Glass Door
Grilled Door
Lattice Window
Leather Executive Chair
Maid Dress
Old School Candlestick
Perfect White Pearls
Princess Dress
Princess Picnic Mat
Propeller Cap
Racoon Hat
Rainbow Stone tiles
Red Blossom
Stone tiles
White police Hat
Winter Coat
Brick Wallpaper
Classic Princess Dress
Colourful Clock
Cutoff Shorts
Dungeon Window
French Maid’s Cap
Pretty Eye Glasses
Spike Arm Band
Sports Shorts
Stone Flooring
Venetian Window
Wooden Bed
Bamboo Window
Biggest Brain Bust
Elephant Doll
Chic Bonsai
Floral Hat
Golden Half Mask
Jester Doll
Luxurious Armchair
Ornate Door
Penguin Doll
Pet Wall Scroll
Playful Fish Hat
Square Floor Tiles
White Kitchen Table
Daisy Watch
Leather Dining Chair
Elegant Chocolate Fountain
French Bear Plushie
Pink Tasseled Cushion
Pink Party Balloons
Pink Mini Fridge
Floral Garland
Hula Dancer Plushie
Swan Rubber Ring
Donut Headpiece
Grape Vines
Rockhopper Penguin Plushie
Pink Fairy Dress
Brown Teddy Plushie
2010 Balloon Hat
Knitting Basket
Afternoon Tea Pot
Beige Laundry Bin
Cactus Baby
Chilli Floating Candle
Groovy Shades
Hot Water Bottle
Lion Plushie
Nutcracker Soldier Teddy
Old Ship Bookcase
Party Balloons Decor
Pet Skincare Set Decor
Pink Big Office Chair
Robin Plushie
Scarecrow Mask
Shopping Bag Decor
Shower Basket Decor
Swan Plushie
Sweetheart Teapot
Aviator Goggles
Alien Mask
Black Carnival Mask
Cute Cow Plushie
Tea Tray
Mayor Chef Plushie
Easter Egg Headgear
Pink Bunny Hairband
Sleepy Cat Hat
Cute Blue Bonnet
White Sombrero
Mexican Chihuahua Plushie
Skyline Print
Giant Monster Plushie
Colorful Boom Box
Pink Lotus Candle
Pink Retro Chair
Red Retro Typewriter


Pet Society – Empty Cafe September 2, 2010

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Today, Momo went to visit the Pet Society cafe.  There are a lot of updates in there.

First, a bunch of items are on clearance with “last week in stores!” signs.

You can visit the homes of the “Party with Pet Society” contest. These pets are seem to be a rich and famous crowd.

Strangely enough, the rest of the cafe is empty! Was it closed for this exclusive pet party?

Momo generally washes dirty pets for coins, so seeing the empty cafe is really troubling.  How will she and I earn coins to buy this week’s items?  It’s not that I like washing dirty pets, but right now, washing pets is one of the best ways to earn coins. Gardening and jumping hurdles aren’t worthwhile in comparison.

Does the empty cafe worry you and your pet?  What do you think of the homes of the rich and famous pets who won Playfish’s contest?


Pet Society Updates – August 26th August 26, 2010

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There’s a new way to shop in Pet Society. If you’re visiting a friend’s house and see an item that you like, then you can click the shopping basket icon on the left side of the screen.  It’ll bring up a window to “Go on a shopping spree!”

This will allow you to view all the items in your friend’s room that are currently available in the stores. Any currently available items will have a dark brown outline around them.

When you mouse over an item that you like, you’ll see its price, and you can choose to purchase it directly from your friend’s house.

What do you think of the new shopping feature?  Do you think you’ll like shopping at your friend’s house, or do you prefer shopping and browsing in the Pet Society stores?


Pet Society Updates – August 13th August 13, 2010

There were a number of Pet Society updates today.  The maximum level has been raised to 100 now! I hope we’ll earn some new rooms for reaching higher levels, but I haven’t heard anything about this yet.

Although the Pet Society officials announced yesterday that the Jubble rings would be sold for coins through Monday at midnight GMT, they were changed to Playfish cash with today’s update.  😦 This update really stinks.

A Diamond Ring Headband was added to the “Town Forest” as the latest weekly treasure hunt item.

Also, a button headband was added as the free gift to send to your friends.


Pet Society Jubble Ring Update August 11, 2010

A Pet Society Official has posted a Jubble Ring update on the Playfish forum.  As of Monday at midnight GMT, the Jubble rings currently being sold for coins will be sold for Playfish Cash coins.

If you buy a Jubble ring before Monday for coins, then you won’t lose your ring.  After Monday, you won’t be able to gift any Jubble rings in your inventory, so if you have one you’d like to give to a friend, you should gift the item before Monday.

Here’s the full post for more details.

I’m really annoyed.  I guess Playfish made a mistake in releasing them for coins, but why can’t they leave the Jubble rings as they are?  Maybe they realized their popularity and want to make money off them.  It really annoys be that they spread information via their forum and not by sending out an in-game message to all players.  I think they way they distribute their information is unfair. Be sure to tell any of your friends who are saving up for a jubble ring that they won’t be sold for coins much longer.

For everyone’s reference, the Jubble rings come in three varieties. There are green, blue, and pink Jubbles.

Momo and I have the blue and green Jubbles  so far, so we’re going to try to get the last one for coins before time runs out.  The Jubbles are really cute, and they follow Momo everywhere.  I wish they would remain coin items.

What do you think?


Pet Society Mystery Box/Egg Updates – August 6th August 6, 2010

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There’s a brand new mystery box and mystery egg feature.  It’s hard to get used to the changes.  I tried the new feature out this afternoon, and think it has both good and bad points.

One of the negative points is that the feature has added more clutter to the playing screen.

By clicking the new button, you can look at all your mystery items (unfortunately, the names of the items aren’t included). I think it’s a plus that we can see how many items of certain sets that we’re missing.

You can buy mystery boxes/eggs from the new screen or from the store. Purchases from the store  will also pull up the new screen.  For buying 3 or 10 gold boxes, you’ll receive free boxes with your purchase. That’s a nice new feature (though I’ll miss my old method of buying six boxes at a time)!

Our pets can’t open the boxes/eggs by themselves anymore.  Now you can only open boxes and eggs through this mystery egg/box screen. The mystery items you open will appear on the left side of the screen. Unfortunately, the name of the mystery items are nowhere to be found while opening boxes. While you can brag about or gift the new item, you can’t sell the item.  I think a selling feature would be far more useful than bragging (a feature I’ll never use)!

I bought a bunch of mystery boxes today, and I didn’t find a single item that re-sold for 999 coins!  I think that trying to find new mystery items is near impossible, and I’m really sad that the probability of finding junk is so so much higher than finding valuable items. I don’t think mystery box hunting is nearly as much fun as it used to be. 😦

Well, here’s my summary of  positive and negative points for the new mystery item feature.

Ability to see all mystery items classified in one screen
Bonuses when purchasing certain quantities of boxes/eggs

Finding new or valuable items is nearly impossible after the update
Mystery item names are not available in the list or after opening a box/egg (how will we find new items in our inventory if we don’t know their names?)
Inability to sell new or old mystery items through this feature (it would be great to be able to sell duplicate mystery items easily)
New icon adds more clutter on the playing screen
Pets are not involved in opening boxes/eggs
Feature would be more useful if incorporated into the inventory chests, so that we could find and interact with items from a certain set, instead of just viewing them.

I used to love opening mystery boxes, but these updates took the fun out of opening mystery boxes.  Momo lost far more coins than usual, and didn’t find any nice items today.

What do you think?


Pet Society Updates – August 6th

There are a lot of new updates in Pet Society today.  When you log into the game, you’ll see a picture for the upcoming “Fantasy Week,” which looks like loads of fun!

There’s only one new free gift this week, the wizard bear plushie:

One last update was posted by a Playfish official on their forum. “From next week all Limited Items will be time-limited rather then # limited. This means that from next week, the Limited Items will be available for 24 hours. Note, this may of course change in the future, but this is the plan from next week onward.”

I think this is great news for all the players who are at work, school or asleep during the previous limited item releases.  I’m glad everyone has a fair chance to buy the limited edition items. 🙂


Pet Society Updates – July 29th July 29, 2010

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There were lots of updates in Pet Society today. The newsletter invites us to build a party invitation for Pet Society’s 2nd birthday party.  Hideeni’s back from his short vacation with seashells to share.  Also, there’s are new colors and looks available for our pets at the stylist!  You can finally have a black pet if you want to!!

The values on the lottery wheel have been changed.  I think this new wheel shows the real probability of getting a high number of coins.  The old wheel was rigged, and though it had many high values on it, the probability of getting the high values could not be predicted from the wheel (the probability of winning was very low).

The settings expands out horizontally instead of vertically, so it won’t get in the way of the right and left arrows anymore.

Below the settings button is a new button to “build your own party invitation now!”

It only takes six clicks to make an invitation, but I’m getting really sick of sending requests to friends all the time. At least this will be easier for me than getting the hippo.

The new weekly treasure hunt item in the “Town Forest” is the Mayor’s Hat. Happy hunting!

What do you think of the new updates?