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Pet Society Stadium Sightings – July 24th July 25, 2009

Here are some previews of next week’s Pet Society clothing, as seen in the stadium.

Blue baby bib:

New hat:


7 Responses to “Pet Society Stadium Sightings – July 24th”

  1. […] items look like they match the upcoming baby clothes seen in the stadium.  I’m guessing there will be a baby theme […]

  2. Catalina Says:

    yeah, how do you know the new items for the Stadium Sightings??, Do you have another pet that doesn’t have any friends, because in that case they put another pets and maybe like this!

  3. Pet Society Girl Says:

    My husband has only 2 friends who play Pet Society, so I use his account to see the new clothes. The new clothes appear when you don’t have many friends and the game generates new pets to fill the stadium. It’s getting hard to find new clothes now though. There are so many different outfits.

  4. Catalina Says:

    awww, cool!!

  5. Catalina Says:

    I will make me some pet society with only one friend (me XD) and I will know it too!

  6. Cool Clothes Says:

    Wow it is surely will be a cool one,i hope i won’t missed it.

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