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Bye-bye Petlings and a Few Pet Society Polls February 18, 2010

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I decided to sell both of my petlings back to the store.  Every time I logged into Pet Society, they looked pitiful and were begging for foods, and it wasn’t an enjoyable sight.  They were a bit too expensive for me and Momo.  I feel a bit bad about it, but maybe Momo is all the pet I need.

Bye-bye Lucky and Shady.  Hope the Pet Society shopkeepers finds you nice new homes.

Here are a few polls on petlings:

How many petlings do you currently own?

Currently, there’s  a five petling limit.  Do you want more than five petlings?

Have you considered selling or sold any of your petlings?


Beware Naughty Petlings February 5, 2010

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Sunny and Tisss commented that their petlings ate special foods that were out on display (while playing the game), so I wanted to share their warnings with everyone.  If you have a petling, then please be careful to keep him or her in a room that doesn’t have special foods that you’ve been saving or displaying.  Keeping your food on a table or shelf ensures that it’s safe from your pet, but the petlings can jump on tables, chairs, shelves, etc. and manage to eat foods kept just about anywhere.  I haven’t experienced this myself, and I really don’t want to!


Lucky the petling is all grown up..and has a new friend. February 3, 2010

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Today, I fed my petling Lucky for the fourth time, and received the news that he was all grown up.  Now Lucky’s no longer a pup; he’s a dog.

Here he is standing next to the owl that served as his measuring post as he grew up.  He’s taller than it now.

I learned that my doggy could be sold for 399 coins (I’m not selling him), and he can’t be recycled or gifted.

Then Momo decided to add to her family and buy a kitten at the store.

I lost my internet connection after I fed her, and never got to name her, so her official name is “kitten. ” I unofficially named her Shady.

The funny thing is that Lucky and Shady have matching coats, collars and eyes.  They seem to be getting along already. 🙂

Are any of you planning to buy a second petling?  If so, what kind of pet did you end up with?


Petling Update – Day 3 February 2, 2010

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Momo’s petling puppy is a little bigger today.  Here’s Lucky’s growth chart in pictures.  He’s still not fully grown though..maybe tomorrow.


Petlings Update Day 2 February 1, 2010

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Petlings Update: Day 2

After Momo fed her petling Lucky today, he grew a little bigger than he was yesterday.

On the left is a pic from yesterday, and on the right is a picture from Day 2. 😀


Pet Society Petlings January 31, 2010

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A new feature was added to Pet Society tonight.  Our pets can now take care of their own pets, called petlings.  According to the instructions in the garden shop, you can buy a kitten at level 5 and a puppy at level 10.

We have to feed the petling at least once every three days or it will run away.  If your petling runs away, you can find it by either posting a message to your Facebook feed and having a friend help you find it, or by paying coins to retrieve the petling.

Also, if you choose to buy a petling, it cannot be sold, gifted or recycled.  You can only grow one petling at a time, so if you want another, you’ll have to wait until the first is fully grown.  After your petling is fully grown, you can sell it for a approximately a quarter of its original price (but you still can’t gift or recycle it).

A petling takes four feedings (one per day) to grow to adulthood, so it will be fully grown at the beginning of the fourth day after buying it. Foods for the petlings are labeled in the food shop. To feed your petling, just drop the food over its head (make sure your pet isn’t nearby, or it might eat your petling’s food).

Momo bought a puppy.  It was really hungry for a bone, so Momo fed it one and it started to grow right away.

It grew into a little grey puppy that she named Lucky.

Lucky likes to hop around and jump on all of Momo’s furniture.

Has your pet decided to buy a Petling?  What does your petling look like?

Post a picture of a your pet and his/her petling in the Pet Society World’s Flickr Group. For details on how to join and post pictures to the group, check out this post.