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Pet Society – Fortune Mystery Eggs August 31, 2009

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There’s a new mystery eggs machine in the mystery shop.  The eggs are Fortune mystery eggs.  They’re also giftable!


Each egg costs 600 coins.  Pretty pricey.


Here is the list of the eleven fortune mystery egg items (updated September 3rd with the new fortune teller crystal ball)


Momo is ready to tell you your fortune!


Updated September 3, 2009 to add the fortune teller crystal ball.


New Pet Society Items – August 30th August 30, 2009

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The weekly Pet Society items are now in the stores!

In the DIY shop, there’s a new Rosy Cute Curtain. There are also loads of items for sale in a 25% off clearance sale for their last week in the stores:


In the clothing store, there’s a Baju Meyalu and White Trousers, a Sonkok, and a Baju Kurung.


In the food shop, the “this week’s special item” is nyonya kuih.


In the furniture store, there’s a nice mix of fun stuff.  The “this week’s special” items include a Wau Bulan, Cat Lady Wall Sticker, Star Wand Decor and a Green Mineral Bottle Decor.


There’s also a new Unicorn Doll, Heart Wall Decor, Rosy Cute Chair, Table and Ottoman, a Purple Jar Decor, an Hourglass Decor, A Lab Poster, and Pink Mineral and Grey Mineral Bottle Decors.  I especially love the science things!


The luxury shop, there’s a cute bookcase and a rosy cute sofa.


In the mystery shop, there’s a new fortune egg machine!


In the gadget shop, there’s a new rosy cute lamp and a white cute lamp:


What do you think of the new items?


Pet Society Mystery Items – August 28th

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New mystery items were released on Friday.  I took a while, but I managed to find two of them.  In the expensive gold boxes, two new items were added: a magic bunny hat and a flying pet wall sticker (Quidditch anyone?). In the purple boxes, the new item is a hibiscus hair pin (I haven’t found it yet!).



Pet Society Stadium Sightings of New Items – August 28th August 28, 2009

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Here are the upcoming preview clothes I spotted in the Pet Society stadium. There’s a new t-shirt and new clothing. 🙂

New World Wildlife Fund shirt:

New outfit:

New Dress:


New hat:


Pet Society Fishing – List of New Fishes Released August 28th (Set 6)

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There were a new items released into the Pet Society pond today.  I’ve found only two new fish.  If you catch any other fish, then let me know in the comments!

Regular Fish – can be caught using any type of bait:

Red Demekin Goldfish

Decor Item – can be caught using any type of bait:

Sea Slug:

For more info on these and other fish, please visit Pet Society World’s Fish List.


Pet Society Shopkeepers Discuss Pandas

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The Pet Society shopkeepers are all talking about endangered pandas today.  Similar to the previous donations for seals, I think next week there will be panda items and contributions taken for the World Wildlife Fund to help pandas.

Check out what the shopkeepers are saying:











New Hibiscus Flower in Pet Society

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I’ve heard that there’s a new hibiscus flower that can be grown from the flower seeds in the garden store.  I planted a few seeds and I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if I can grow one. 🙂