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So Long from Pet Society World September 25, 2010

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Hi everyone,

Playing Pet Society hasn’t been enjoyable for me lately.  It’s been feeling like a chore instead of a game, and we all know that games shouldn’t be chores. They should be fun!  Although I’ll miss my Momo, I’ve decided to stop playing and blogging at Pet Society World.

Thanks to all my readers for your support, great comments, and for keeping me inspired for so long,
Pet Society Girl


179 Responses to “So Long from Pet Society World”

  1. Mariana Says:

    😦 we’ll miss you and momo

    • Julie Says:

      I’ll miss you and Momo, you both have brought a lot of joy to the game. Sorry to see you go, but it is understandable. Thank you for all your time and dedication to the game and all the fans that follow your blog. May happiness find you in another form other than PS 🙂


  2. Laura and Cookie Says:

    😦 We’d just started reading your blog, but we’ll both miss the little tidbits of information you send our way 🙂 You’ve had a lovely little community and we’ll miss you and Momo 😦

  3. beebee Says:

    its so sad that ur leaving! i look at your website every sunday, since you started! i am level 29 now, and you guys always kept me updated! will you be updating sometimes?

  4. ceres-gal Says:

    awww……….. we will miss you and momo

  5. moegymnast0723 Says:

    im soo sad 😥
    can you blog sometimes, atleast?

    • ang Says:

      me too super sad! I feel like a good friend is going far away! u don’t have to blog about PS just how ur doing ^^ or random thoughts!! ur presence will me smile 🙂

  6. Amaya-chan Says:

    We’ll miss you and Momo! 😀

  7. Lucy Says:

    NooOoOooooooooooooooOoooooooooooO please don´t leave
    all other pages of pet are nothing compare to yours

  8. Chloe Says:

    Oh, sad! I’ll miss Pet Society World!

  9. k Says:

    I don’t blame you. The more I buy the worse the lagging is. & yes, it feels like a chore….because of that.. for me anyways.

  10. Cookie Says:

    Awww! We’ll miss you =(

  11. C Says:

    I will miss you and your information. i enjoyyed your input on different Pet Society items, and news.

  12. A Says:

    im sorry to hear that! ive been using your website for several months and its so helpful 🙂
    thanks momo

  13. pinku Says:

    Awww.. sorry to hear you’re leaving!! I’m fast losing the interest in playing too.. the fact that you’re leaving might just be one of the final nails to the coffin~!

    Do take care! =)

  14. Gio Says:

    But Will The FLickr Pics still be with us?

  15. ShadowCat Says:

    We’ll miss you and Momo!! This blog has been so helpful to me. Take care! =]

  16. Alice Says:

    Why do you must go 😦
    We will miss you and momo :(( . . . a lot!

  17. Hunter Says:

    So long! I have really enjoyed your blog, I visit it atleast once a day, but totally understand the reason you are leaving. I am afraid that Pet Society is becoming something made of cash and work, not free and leisure play…I will keep playing and see what happens to the game, for now anyways!

    Thanks for being a great sorce of info for me, for about the last year!

    • ang Says:

      This blog has proven that the game can be fun w/o cash items that’s why I love it so so much! I think it’s great that it just portrays coin items and still shows that they are just as enjoyable as cash items. It’s really inspiring 🙂

  18. danna Says:

    sayonara…you will be missed

  19. what? please don’t leave!I love your blog….it inspires me to be a great blogger!:(…..gosh…but as they say there’s an end to everything…I feel like I’d sob :”(

  20. Thousands and thousands of readers will remember this blog forever. We’ll sure miss you 😥

    • At certain times I feel the same thing- I get bored of playing Pet Society. Don’t worry, although we’ll miss you, I know how you feel. 🙂

      This was the blog that inspired me to make my own, just like Pet Society Journalist!

  21. psgirlstinks Says:

    youstinkbecause u r leaving, everyone was counting on u, u just let them down. this makes me hate u x-(

    • Jennifer Says:

      That is way harsh. I understand where Pet society girl is coming from, the game is getting less and less fun. Don’t be so mean to her! There are other sites, they may not be as good as this one but they are there.

    • ang Says:

      maybe this is why she is leaving – because she feels pressured to keep updating and being on top of things on this blog that it’s becoming too consuming! This blog is full of wonderful people and a welcoming environment, please don’t pollute it with ur negativity!

  22. GreyKitten Says:

    Everybody will miss you and we hope you have good future. This blog was an inspiration to make my own blog.

    You will be missed by all your fans and readers. 😦

    Good bye…

  23. x3 Says:

    can you at least dont delete this blog? just leave it pls

  24. Captain Narwhalius Says:

    Dear Pet Society Girl,

    You have successfully created one of the best pet society blogs on the internet. Disregard any haters, they’re stupid and don’t deserve your time. Thank you for giving us PS lovers a place to find every single bit of information they needed to get their hands (and paws) on. Most of us seasoned players understand the need to take a break. I’ve done the same every now and then ever since I started playing. Please don’t forget us, we’ll never forget you. Once again, thank you for all your hard work and effort put towards this outstanding blog. We all will miss you and Momo dearly.

    Best of luck to you and your future,

    Captain Narwhalius of the Daggercakes

    • ang Says:

      awwwwwwwww!! that pretty much sums up all that we’re thinking 🙂 PS won’t be the same! Playing the game was only half the fun! This blog was honestly the other half!

  25. -pauline Says:

    Everyone, firstly i am not unpromoting PSW but i have a new site for you all to visit for PS. It is

    I’ll miss you Momo :[

  26. Vira Says:

    i’ll miss you and Momo
    thank you for everything!

  27. Kasey!(: Says:

    Please don’t leave! I’ve been reading your blog for more than a year!

  28. faileechan Says:

    dont leave us everyone counted on you
    do you remember the time i commented in ur blog?i wrote ” hey ! guys do you konw the original pet society blog ? its the pet society news , you can type on the adress , but ilove this blog more .thats why while loading the game i opened this two blog ,cause the pet society news sometimes update you whats up next week , and this blog comes with whats the event s hhope you still love petsocietyworld 🙂 🙂 “””” i really love this blog,,but few weeks ago im looking for more blog,,looking at their blog rolls,,and found out pet society anonymous etc. until i got this morning to the pet society journalist wrote something interesting ““`and i just found out that u were leaving and i looked ur blog and foun out it was real………….. PLS DONT LEAVE ……WE ALL LOVE UR BLOG….WEWILL ALL MISS YOU……

  29. faileechan Says:


  30. prince_don Says:

    it sad that you will be leaving 😦

    Pet Society Philippines is so proud of you! since the beginning of this Pet Society Journey, you were there. i was inspired making a blog because of this blog 🙂

    you are one of the few pet society blogs who i can say number 1 and is credible….

    so long pet society girl! 🙂
    greetings from the Philippines!

    love xx