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So Long from Pet Society World September 25, 2010

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Hi everyone,

Playing Pet Society hasn’t been enjoyable for me lately.  It’s been feeling like a chore instead of a game, and we all know that games shouldn’t be chores. They should be fun!  Although I’ll miss my Momo, I’ve decided to stop playing and blogging at Pet Society World.

Thanks to all my readers for your support, great comments, and for keeping me inspired for so long,
Pet Society Girl


179 Responses to “So Long from Pet Society World”

  1. Mariana Says:

    😦 we’ll miss you and momo

    • Julie Says:

      I’ll miss you and Momo, you both have brought a lot of joy to the game. Sorry to see you go, but it is understandable. Thank you for all your time and dedication to the game and all the fans that follow your blog. May happiness find you in another form other than PS 🙂


  2. Laura and Cookie Says:

    😦 We’d just started reading your blog, but we’ll both miss the little tidbits of information you send our way 🙂 You’ve had a lovely little community and we’ll miss you and Momo 😦

  3. beebee Says:

    its so sad that ur leaving! i look at your website every sunday, since you started! i am level 29 now, and you guys always kept me updated! will you be updating sometimes?

  4. ceres-gal Says:

    awww……….. we will miss you and momo

  5. moegymnast0723 Says:

    im soo sad 😥
    can you blog sometimes, atleast?

    • ang Says:

      me too super sad! I feel like a good friend is going far away! u don’t have to blog about PS just how ur doing ^^ or random thoughts!! ur presence will me smile 🙂

  6. Amaya-chan Says:

    We’ll miss you and Momo! 😀

  7. Lucy Says:

    NooOoOooooooooooooooOoooooooooooO please don´t leave
    all other pages of pet are nothing compare to yours

  8. Chloe Says:

    Oh, sad! I’ll miss Pet Society World!

  9. k Says:

    I don’t blame you. The more I buy the worse the lagging is. & yes, it feels like a chore….because of that.. for me anyways.

  10. Cookie Says:

    Awww! We’ll miss you =(

  11. C Says:

    I will miss you and your information. i enjoyyed your input on different Pet Society items, and news.

  12. A Says:

    im sorry to hear that! ive been using your website for several months and its so helpful 🙂
    thanks momo

  13. pinku Says:

    Awww.. sorry to hear you’re leaving!! I’m fast losing the interest in playing too.. the fact that you’re leaving might just be one of the final nails to the coffin~!

    Do take care! =)

  14. Gio Says:

    But Will The FLickr Pics still be with us?

  15. ShadowCat Says:

    We’ll miss you and Momo!! This blog has been so helpful to me. Take care! =]

  16. Alice Says:

    Why do you must go 😦
    We will miss you and momo :(( . . . a lot!

  17. Hunter Says:

    So long! I have really enjoyed your blog, I visit it atleast once a day, but totally understand the reason you are leaving. I am afraid that Pet Society is becoming something made of cash and work, not free and leisure play…I will keep playing and see what happens to the game, for now anyways!

    Thanks for being a great sorce of info for me, for about the last year!

    • ang Says:

      This blog has proven that the game can be fun w/o cash items that’s why I love it so so much! I think it’s great that it just portrays coin items and still shows that they are just as enjoyable as cash items. It’s really inspiring 🙂

  18. danna Says:

    sayonara…you will be missed

  19. what? please don’t leave!I love your blog….it inspires me to be a great blogger!:(…..gosh…but as they say there’s an end to everything…I feel like I’d sob :”(

  20. Thousands and thousands of readers will remember this blog forever. We’ll sure miss you 😥

    • At certain times I feel the same thing- I get bored of playing Pet Society. Don’t worry, although we’ll miss you, I know how you feel. 🙂

      This was the blog that inspired me to make my own, just like Pet Society Journalist!

  21. psgirlstinks Says:

    youstinkbecause u r leaving, everyone was counting on u, u just let them down. this makes me hate u x-(

    • Jennifer Says:

      That is way harsh. I understand where Pet society girl is coming from, the game is getting less and less fun. Don’t be so mean to her! There are other sites, they may not be as good as this one but they are there.

    • ang Says:

      maybe this is why she is leaving – because she feels pressured to keep updating and being on top of things on this blog that it’s becoming too consuming! This blog is full of wonderful people and a welcoming environment, please don’t pollute it with ur negativity!

  22. GreyKitten Says:

    Everybody will miss you and we hope you have good future. This blog was an inspiration to make my own blog.

    You will be missed by all your fans and readers. 😦

    Good bye…

  23. x3 Says:

    can you at least dont delete this blog? just leave it pls

  24. Captain Narwhalius Says:

    Dear Pet Society Girl,

    You have successfully created one of the best pet society blogs on the internet. Disregard any haters, they’re stupid and don’t deserve your time. Thank you for giving us PS lovers a place to find every single bit of information they needed to get their hands (and paws) on. Most of us seasoned players understand the need to take a break. I’ve done the same every now and then ever since I started playing. Please don’t forget us, we’ll never forget you. Once again, thank you for all your hard work and effort put towards this outstanding blog. We all will miss you and Momo dearly.

    Best of luck to you and your future,

    Captain Narwhalius of the Daggercakes

    • ang Says:

      awwwwwwwww!! that pretty much sums up all that we’re thinking 🙂 PS won’t be the same! Playing the game was only half the fun! This blog was honestly the other half!

  25. -pauline Says:

    Everyone, firstly i am not unpromoting PSW but i have a new site for you all to visit for PS. It is

    I’ll miss you Momo :[

  26. Vira Says:

    i’ll miss you and Momo
    thank you for everything!

  27. Kasey!(: Says:

    Please don’t leave! I’ve been reading your blog for more than a year!

  28. faileechan Says:

    dont leave us everyone counted on you
    do you remember the time i commented in ur blog?i wrote ” hey ! guys do you konw the original pet society blog ? its the pet society news , you can type on the adress , but ilove this blog more .thats why while loading the game i opened this two blog ,cause the pet society news sometimes update you whats up next week , and this blog comes with whats the event s hhope you still love petsocietyworld 🙂 🙂 “””” i really love this blog,,but few weeks ago im looking for more blog,,looking at their blog rolls,,and found out pet society anonymous etc. until i got this morning to the pet society journalist wrote something interesting ““`and i just found out that u were leaving and i looked ur blog and foun out it was real………….. PLS DONT LEAVE ……WE ALL LOVE UR BLOG….WEWILL ALL MISS YOU……

  29. faileechan Says:


  30. prince_don Says:

    it sad that you will be leaving 😦

    Pet Society Philippines is so proud of you! since the beginning of this Pet Society Journey, you were there. i was inspired making a blog because of this blog 🙂

    you are one of the few pet society blogs who i can say number 1 and is credible….

    so long pet society girl! 🙂
    greetings from the Philippines!

    love xx

  31. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE!!!!! YOU CAN’T LEAVE US, WE’VE BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH TOGETHER!!!!!!! 😥 😥 😥 PLEASE DON’T GO!!!! 😦 IT WOULD MAKE ME SOOOOOOO 😀 🙂 IF YOU STAYED!!!! Pet Society will get A LOT more fun come the Holidays!!! Ex: Thanksgiving, Halloween & Xmas!!!! and there’s sure to be more exciting new themes coming up!!!! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE, WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  32. Lady GaGa Says:

    aw..when i see the post, i almost start to cry..because everyday,when i opened the mozilla,you are in my saved tabs so i can click you sad..Thank you because you help my pet to be beautiful now..

    • ang Says:

      mine too! I have it under bookmark as well! this is the first thing I turn too!! I just love reading the comments and looking at momo and her shopping, decorations 🙂

  33. Jennifer Says:

    I’m sad to hear you are going! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and found it incredibly helpful for ages now. I’ll miss you and Momo heaps 😦 Good luck and take care.

    I hope you don’t mind me doing this, but for anyone who is interested, there is another awesome site at now that petsocietyworld is finishing.

  34. faileechan and lee xiomara b. marinay Says:

    Dear Pet Society World Blogger/Girl & also momo,

    First of all i would like to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG … I know that it is more than a year that u r blogging and i know that u may got tired blogging …. (but can u give me ur aCCount and pass ? JUST KIDDING)…. well……..pls DONT LEAVE US ,or dont stop blogging or even dont leave ur best pet momo …..All of us wont forget u and momo and we will miss u too,……since i saw ur blog i and roll in ur blogroll,,,, ur blog is the NO.1,,and now that ur leaving ,,i repeat I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS BLOG AND MOMO,,,,,pls take care and good luck………..
    Reader from the Philippines
    & truely yours 😦 ): ,,
    ~~Lee Xiomara Marinay & FaiLeeChan

  35. Vienietta Says:

    Oh NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    But I totally undertstand! PS has been loading us with pf cash items galore…. kinda took the beauty out of the game 😦

    We’e going to miss you and momo 😦

  36. jojo Says:

    oh, now there isn’t a single blog that keeps uploading.Without your help,my pet society wouldn’t have been this good.Sweet memories, jojo

  37. Erin Says:

    awwwwwww I will miss u! I agree it is feeling more like a chore too there is are never any decent new coin items any more! I seem to go on it once ever 3 days now and thats if I’m lucky! I always loved how ur blog updated us every monday with all the new items ect please don’t go 😦 😦 😦 😦
    I will miss u heaps!

  38. ang Says:

    oh no what happened? I enjoyed ur blog so much!! I hope u come back and share ur joys with us! Best wishes and I’ll always remember the fun I had here! This was the first PS blog I turn to and still is besides the PF forum for updates and sharing! I’ll miss u and Momo so so much!!! T_T xoxo~!

  39. ang Says:

    awww I was looking back at ur very first posts and momo was wearing this outfit! You really tied ur ending with the beginning! I’m so curious about u now like if ur a student, or mother, or where u live 😛 I respect ur privacy tho. This blog will forever remain in my heart!

  40. DearDeer Says:

    Thank you Pet Society Girl, for bringing me so many happy memories and useful information about Pet Society.
    I feel extremely sad about your leaving… I will come here at least once a week to see if there will be any new posts.(hope I will find surprises)
    BTW, I’m sure Pet Society will be full of fun during Halloween and Christmas! Will you pick up playing by that time?

  41. ray Says:

    Hello Pet Society Girl! We all love your blog very much! Without u, all our pets won’t have today! Please come back! We all love you and Momo! 😦

  42. Jazzmine Says:

    awww… yeah I agree with you pet society girl… it’s not fun anymore… but I will definitely miss your updates…

  43. Kastor Says:

    Oh 😦 We will miss you 😦

  44. Lyssa Says:

    I’ll miss your updates :> But I feel like it’s not very fun either anymore.

  45. Why is every1 quiting the PS blogging first Petsociety star now you ! D:

  46. I know how you feel, PS Girl. I’ve also been thinking of leaving my blog. Good luck in your next project, and if it involves blogging, let us know how we can find it.

  47. Vesper Says:

    I’ve always loved the information in your blog. D: But I do understand. I will miss you and Momo. Best of luck in your future endeavours!

  48. PrincessGirl Says:

    Awww, I’ll miss you but thanks for blogging for so long 🙂 It was definitely fun for me to read it! Good luck to anything you do in the future 🙂

  49. Owee Says:

    Im soooooooo sad. All blogs are being deserted, first my list used to be 5 blogs,then it was 2 blogs, now its only 1 (pet society anonymous) Will miss you and Momo, it was fun at your blog 🙂 Regards,
    Owee 🙂

  50. burger Says:

    This is so sad. This is the first blog i’ve found about Pet Society…found it first before i discovered there is an official blog. You really made a connection with people like me who don’t play with Playfish cash, who finds swapping items uncomfortable. Sometimes I also feel like playing Pet Society is a chore but I keep myself updated with the news. I only play again when I like the new items. Most of the new items are not appealing anyways…

    I’ll miss your blog.

    Could you give me one of your rare mermaid dress? i’ve been having a hard time digging for that. 😦

  51. Colleen Says:

    I will miss Momo. Thank you for keeping such a nice blog for everyone. I really enjoyed it! 🙂

  52. sarah Says:

    😦 i visit this blog so often that all i need to do is type ‘p’ into my address bar and is the first link that appears. thanks for providing hours of entertainment and insight for a closet pet society fan 🙂 i will miss your updates dearly!

  53. dulcinea_101 Says:

    that has hapened to me that i get in a stage that i dont like pet society anymore for a while and it passes, i know you will come back anyday and keep blogging.. ill miss you momo

  54. Steph K. Says:

    Oh, wow. What? This is kind of a shock. I totally wasn’t expecting this.

    It’s a shame that you’ve decided to quit blogging and playing PS, but it’s totally understandable — everything gets tiring eventually, and I don’t think Pet Society is as fun as it used to be. It was so much better when everything was simpler, without Playfish Cash or any of that rubbish.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog very much, from the few months I’ve been here. I’ll miss checking it for news and info, but all the same, I hope that you’re happy with your decision, Pet Society Girl. All the best.

  55. Thank you Pet Society Girl for everything! 😉 We’ve been through a lot, I was your BIGGEST FAN! I would check back everyday to see if anything new is posted. I guess I’ll have to go to the official Website for info now. (
    Take care, I hope that you’ll come back someday! 😉 We’ll miss you loads! 😦

  56. Constance Says:


  57. Marti Says:

    We will miss you a lot.
    I always visit this page..
    you are right, this is not as fun as it used to be.


    wow this is so weird, I began to feel the same way too. Then I decided to check ur blog to see anything new!

  59. Pandina Says:

    we miss you…… i check ur blog every weeek but now you don’t go on i dont think it’s worth it anymore…

  60. Krissy Says:

    I will miss u & Momo for suer, so far this has been the cleanest blog w/o cheats and I enjoy very much, like most of other fans I also keep u on my favorite tab. Will miss u & Momo a whole lot 😦

  61. Hui Ning Says:

    Bye Momo
    Bye Pet Society girl
    I will miss you both 😦
    ” sob “

  62. MAD Says:

    before i deleted my facebook a couple of months ago, i played Pet Society for at least 20 hours a week.and even though i didnt play anymore, i still came here just so i could know what was happening. now that youre leaving i think i can finally let go. thanks for feeding my addiction 🙂

  63. JL Says:

    Don`t LEAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. yumz Says:

    Oh MY Gosh first my dog now this!?!?!?!?! 2010 is not my favorite year! im losing evrything :'(((( good bye momo and petsociety girl i hope you have good life together without you blog im gonna miss updates,momo and you :'(!!!!!

    • yumz Says:

      petsociety users ain’t last forever everytime i look at your updates and dont live in united states staying with momo is greatesst fun and dont last forever i loved your updates and pictures even tho love phtograghers it doesn’t mean you have delete this blog and watch my pet dog i was perusing and now im browsing i knew this day would come…………….. i hope you love it

  65. Owee Says:

    😦 😦 😦 😦


  66. tigres Says:

    we will miss you alot ….. 😦

  67. crystal Says:

    Hi PSG, I started reading your blog back when you first started! I quit playing about 4 months ago, when it started feeling like a chore to me too. But today, I decided to come back to your blog from my bookmarks and see that you too have quit the game. Ah well. It’s all Playfish’s fault for making everything too expensive, slow, full of bugs, and most importantly, the themes and items keep REPEATING! That’s why I just got really bored. I used to even buy lots of CCs. Anyway, good luck with your next project, whatever it might be. Maybe you could still blog, like some of the other commenters suggested. It would be nice to still hear what you’re up to. Hugs from a loyal reader.

  68. LooLooo Says:

    I cant believe your leaving 😥 We will alll miss you so much.

  69. lulu Says:

    thanks for the memories, momo. hope you find something else that’s fun to do! we’ll all miss you 🙂

  70. lilian Says:

    I quit some time ago, i know how you feel, they make you notify your friends too much ,and all that playcash stuff…

    I came here today cause i got a mail from playfish about school stuff, and came here hoping to check it out. But I guess this is the end of it for us then? 😀

  71. john Says:

    Good luck PSG and Momo. My Coco will truly miss you! It’s true though, playing PS at times has become like a chore. Like I’m forced to look for coins to buy items each week, or to keep on clicking to get collaborative items. But yes, your blog really reflects what PS should be about, a fun leisure activity! I hope we can see you both again one day 🙂 Playfish, take notice of what you’re doing. You just lost one of your best fans.

  72. ang Says:

    please come back to say Hi every once a while 🙂 xoxo~! missing u!!

  73. You know what they say guys: “All good things must come to an end!” 😦

  74. zarah Says:

    awww. that’s sad cause i find your site very informative. like you, playing FB games is like a chore for me too, that’s why i gave up on my other FB games like mafia wars, farmville, hotel city, towner etc. but i did not gave up pet soc and resto city. i understand your sentiments because playing FB games is too time consuming, i mean, we also have a life outside facebook right? :))

    its sad but we have to let you and momo go, we don’t want you to do something you don’t enjoy anymore 😦

  75. Farngky Says:

    I wiil always miss U and MoMo. TT TT

  76. Nichelle Says:

    Sorry to hear you’re leaving! You’re blog has been such a great source of information! Take care of yourself.

  77. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    i’m gonna miss you!!! this is the only site that always gets updated. i’ve tried looking for other sites when yours wasn’t available but all the other sites weren’t as good. yours was the only one i can count on but now you’re leaving 😦 . but at least you won’t have to do something you don’t want to do anymore. and i agree pet society is getting really boring 😦 . this site was the one that made me keep playing. i was getting bored already about last year but when i found this site, i found out how fun pet society really is and now you’re not gonna blog anymore. thanks for making this blog!

    another pet society world fan,

  78. Nooey Nightwalker Rawkz Says:


  79. WingsofMemories Says:

    We’ll miss you and Momo. Thanks for keeping it up for as long as you did. HUGS!

  80. nouran Says:

    I feel the same i will miss u thnxsssssssssss

  81. xerxes Says:

    PSG I was also inspired with your blog and keeping me updated time to time here in pet society especially the fish list and everything new…
    We will miss you and momo… thank you…

  82. Atashi Says:

    Goodbye Momo & PSG. We’ll miss you.

    You’re our Pet Society God =)

  83. Gaby Says:

    I’m definitely going to miss you and momo! But you’re right, Pet Society should be fun and relaxing, and not a chore.

    Good luck!

  84. petsocietylover Says:

    aww so bad you’re leaving, i used to read your blog every monday and i really enjoyed it! well thank you a lot for all the useful information you gave us, it was fun reading the blog…well take care 🙂

  85. Lucie Says:

    pet society girl and momo if you leave i am 😥 Your the best site in the WHOLE WORLD. i never will regret saying this :(x ill never forget you , look how many people have posted! look how many people love you just please STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Fatal Star Says:

    awwww im gonna miss you and momo

  87. Christina Says:

    awww im going to miss pet society world 😦

    so youre never coming back to write on pet society world EVER?

    P.S. u dont have to answer because u said ur not gonna go on petsocietyworld 😦

  88. Mali Says:

    I’ll miss you and Momo. But if it’s like that well Life has to go on. 🙂
    You will surely find a new activity.
    Your blog is super. If you want, you can do a new one with your new passion. 🙂

  89. varaya Says:

    first of all i would like to thank for all information that you give us. i came in and read all news every day, it ‘s very useful for all players. i agreed w/you but i still love my pet. don’t leave us forever…please….god bless you!

  90. tiger Says:

    what going to happend to the site after your gone?

  91. Pamela Says:

    For some reason I feel like a part of the game has died for me..
    Will miss you and momo!

  92. Misha Says:

    please noooooooo!!
    i’ll miss you and Momo >.<

  93. Fenrixion Says:

    So long!! Hope you will always be happy. 🙂

  94. trilezkij Says:

    Oh, that’s a pity. But I understand what you mean – Pet Society often feels like a competition, since all the things got more expensive or only buyable with Playfish Cash. It’s not really enjoyable if you have to earn money all the time, because otherwise you wouldn’t get all the nice things.

    I enjoyed your blog (altough I know it only for a few weeks now), because you showed the new mystery items und put a lot of love into this game. But it’s still just a game, and putting to much effort into it isn’t healthy. I wish you all the best!

  95. *Mrs. ViCorn* Says:

    Dear PS Girl:
    Reading your blog has been for me a very enyojable activity.
    I liked to post pictures of my Renesmee and talking with someone (you and other guys) about a game that I really liked. This notice doesn’t makes me happy, but I won’t try to stop you, ’cause it’s you life and your decision. This is probably the last time I’ll post anything with the name “Mrs. Vicorn” on it. You and Momo made me happy a lot of time, but I knew this day will come sometime. I wish you luck and happiness at everything you do. If sometime you want to post anything here again (even if it’s not related to PS) me and a thousand of people we’ll be happy about it. If you want someone to talk to, here you can find them, including me. I feel sorry that this time is really goodbye. I don’t know you, but I feel like I’m losing a really close friend. I know this wasn’t easy to you, so don’t feel sorry for me and the other readers, reading your blog has been a pleasure for me.
    I know you are not Ps Girl anymore, but for me and for a lot of guys you will always be.
    I’ll miss you and Momo.

    • ang Says:

      awww T_T well said!! I’m gonna miss u too Mrs. Vicorn! ur the one who shared info about the Mexican Food Subscription I believe. wow it’s truly a community here and I will miss this blog so much!

      • *Mrs ViCorn* Says:

        Yep! That was me!!
        Aww, I’m gonna miss you guys SO MUCH !! 😥

        • ang Says:

          The Halloween Special week 1 will begin in 12 mins!! I wish PSG could play with us! I’ll always think of her when I play the game and I just can’t help but check back on the blog! *we’ll all be with each other in spirit* 🙂 the game is only have the fun, u guys are the better half <3~!

  96. Jellybean Says:

    Thank you for your hard work PSG! We will indeed miss you and Momo. Best for the future!

  97. nikol Says:

    PSG thanx for all this that you share to your blog…… i’ll miss you and Momo!!!!!!! Hope you will always be happy….you and….MOMO ARE 1#

  98. gigi Says:

    sorry to see you go PSG… hope it’s just a ‘break’ tho… 😉 just a few minutes ago my Mikey went for a neighborhood walk bumping trees & it’s halloween time again! reminded me that it’s been a year since I joined– thought that whole tree bumping thing was pretty cool… so much has changed, but this was a nice reminder of the good old days lol

  99. caramelo Says:

    i feel so sad 😥 but thanks for all you shared with us. wish u all the best 🙂

  100. Cutie Pie Says:

    i have nothing to say im sad ive been reading this blog checking almost everyday on it and now it is goodbye

  101. Crunchy Says:

    Awwww goodbye momo, but we never know if you miss momo in the future right? 🙂

  102. pink fluffy Says:

    shocking news.. love your blog about ps.. it has been so helpful to me always.. sigh.. sorry to see you leave the game behind.. i’ll miss your news and tipps a lot.. take care! ♥

  103. Doraemon Fans Says:

    add me on facebook? i very love this site… or u can let us help u writing blog?

    • Doraemon Says:

      when u started this blog, it is very less fans, but u write write, blogging, blogging for long time, they will be many fans… that is very hard to get so many fans… so pet society girl… dun go? or… at least have a place to let us contact u… or u can write blog when u like… u dun think a blog with so many thing… memories… had destroyed? i hope pet society girl can come back… or atleast have a email or something that we can contact… thanks…

  104. Alexis Says:

    You’ll be greatly missed. Bon voyage. ❤

  105. Alex Says:

    Hey i have a blog :
    That’s my blog of PS in Spanish .
    I realy love your blog and i go to miss it ! 😦


  106. Pichu Says:

    =( Aww man plz don’t leave!! Halloween has just arrived! Pet Society never looked cooler! ='( Pichu will miss Momo!!

  107. • Alεjandяiitah-AmY.RoSe Says:

    This is very sad …

    Well, keep a blog is not so easy, how to hang the spoilers and demases, takes away a great time uu

    It pains me to leave my Lunita Rose, and I left Fanny thrown out and I still feel sorry (for the collapse of friends on Facebook will not let me see it)

    Miss you in the blog! 😥

    Kisses and Hugs ! Mitsuki Rose & Lunita Rose

  108. illina Says:

    ooh too sad… 😦
    i’ll miss you and momo

  109. Silvermist Says:

    Hi psgirl! I have not been playing ps for many weeks and decided to drop in on your blog for a quick update on what I have missed. I feel a strange emptiness knowing that you and momo will not be playing ps anymore. Thank you for all your handwork and sharing. You and momo will be sorely missed!

  110. Allison Rae Says:

    bummer! I mostly checked in to check out the fish list. I was really big on collecting the fish. This blog has been a lot easier to get info on then others though. I totally get that you are burned out on it.. I feel that way about some of the games I play, but for some reason I keep playing. Took me forever to quit farm town. I hope you find a game that is fun 🙂 Thanks for all the info you have given me for the past year, cause that is how long I have been playing.

  111. ps Says:

    respect and thanks for your hardworks! You and momo will be missed!

  112. LooLooo Says:

    i came to look at the halloween stuff and then remebered this :/ I had poste dup there anywya ^ still sad youve left. Could you not do a last halloween special? Me and Hetty will miss you, thankyou for all the updates 😥

  113. LooLooo Says:

    i came to look at the halloween stuff and then remebered this :/ I had posted up there anyway ^ still sad you’ve left. Could you not do a last halloween special? Me and Hetty will miss you, thankyou for all the updates 😥

    ^ that had loads of mistakes so i redid it 🙂

  114. lucyloo Says:

    Oh no! Mommo Mummy and Mommo, i will miss you so..I thank you for all hard work posting upates ane tidbits, i depended on them but that just lazy of me. I too am trying to cut down on the time i spend on pet society a well as yoville and petville. all of these games have added more and more for real cash items and its very dissapointing. Thanks again for all your dedication to my favorite game. take care and have fun

  115. Tara Says:

    Me, my aunt, and my cousin would be willing to take this site over for you, and keep it updated. 🙂

  116. marvin Says:

    gimme your items!!! my pet name is JokoSuparman!!!

  117. AquaDrehz Says:

    I’m from Thai. I love U blog so much. It’s give me many info.
    I understand U feeling. Hope to see you another game again.
    So long, pal(Paw).

  118. momo and pet society Girl please dont leave us…. ever since you left i haven’t had a decent week with tips from you

  119. Noam / Speedy Says:

    Speedy and I will so miss you, I understand what you saying it less then a game right now, Hopefully playfish will add some features anyway hope you will come back =(, Love
    Speedy and Noam.

  120. scrappy Says:

    awwwwwww man i would miss all the tips and new stuff we dont know about without you

  121. Jenn Says:


    Why not bring someone else on board to help you out?

    I would be absolutely willing to help keep the blog going.

    If you wanted to take a break, then others could carry on for you?

    Just a suggestion, you don’t necessarily have to.

    LOVE the blog!

  122. Noam / Speedy Says:

    If someone interested in reading other blogs,
    You can check out Speedy’s blog I update it Daily .

  123. vivi Says:

    thanks for all ur information
    althought it make me sad
    but i know how tired if we must find all the info about digging items
    and mysterious items of this week
    also mystery eggs also posting that in your web
    so long ps girl and momo T_T

  124. Sweety Says:

    please!!! come back!!! i’m begging!!!! it’s so sad not reading you 😦

  125. Choco Bunny Says:

    awww i’ll remember ur blog forever plzz don’t goooo

  126. vicki Says:


  127. anonymous Says:

    hey, ive always oved ur blog
    verry sad ur not doing anymore 😦
    oh well, good luck for your future 🙂

  128. LaurieMcMaurie Says:

    I have read your blog for ages and I’m so sorry to see you and Momo go. Don’t hesitate to come back if you change your mind! We’ll all be waiting I’m sure. Best wishes

  129. Chica Pet Society Says:

    ohhhh i’m very sad !
    you cant be a halloween’s pet !
    I go to miss you and momo T_T

  130. Alex Says:

    I think you should let someone take over the site like someone suggested they would up there ^ There are no blogs anywhere near as good as this 🙂 Ignore all those who force you to come back, its your decision and i kinda agree with you anyway, ill probably quit soon :/

  131. Henrietta(my pet) Says:

    i keep coming cause i forget this

  132. Chadz 14 Says:

    Good Bye~

  133. Christina Says:

    Im so sad!
    I can’t believe youre just just,just giving up like that!
    but i understand

  134. Reiia Says:

    I already gave up before. So bored. Not fun anymore. I found your blog long time ago. I think our pet’s age is same.. XD. I always lookin for you. You’re my goal. Thank you so much for your best. Sorry for hear your leaving. Take care. 🙂

  135. squeezysinker29 Says:

    I only just started reading your blog and I was very sad when I heard you were leaving. Your blog was fantastic and I’ll miss you and Momo and your blog was great when it lasted.

  136. Mewsal Says:

    I’ll miss your helpful information and updates 😦 Thank you so much for your help!

  137. caluu! Says:

    Oh no! i miss momo 😦 I’m so bad, but thanks 4everything Ps Girl.. I’m gotta miss you so much… Byee byee.. Kiss 😦 muah muah, calu.

  138. Alex Says:

    T_T Like 6 months !

  139. ghis34 Says:

    bonsoir peut t’on installer Pet Society sur wordpress ?? et si oui comment ??
    merci de me répondre belle soirée à tous ghis(*^-^*)

  140. yjy Says:

    awww I quit Pet Society the same day as Momo did D=

  141. Kerka and Celeenah Says:

    Awww…thats soo sad, i’ve been reading your some of your blog and it’s fun to know about you and your pet. But I understand that. I’m not commenting because the internet is a little bit dangerous. I’m only commenting now. Sorry to hear that your quitting pet society. hope you find a new game that won’t seem like a chore! 🙂 thanks for using your time to post and make us happy! I wish you the best of luck!

  142. Kerka and Celeenah Says:

    I’ll miss you and momo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  143. Kyra and Kelly Says:

    your blog is cool, i’ve been reading some of them and it’s been fun too. HOPE THAT momo’s not feeling lonely! thanks for spending time with us. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  144. steven Says:

    its been a year since you quit in which i quit shortly after, and ive recently opened pet society, and couldnt help but find myself think about this blog…

  145. I Think The Main Reasons Its Boring You Is.

    To Many Good Items Are Playfish Cash

    And Also The Need To Add More Places To Visit And Maybe More Mission Things 4 Your Book

    And Being Able To Play With Friends At Same Time Or Not Should Be A Feature.

    It Should Have Button Saying Visit Or Play With Friend.

    Visiting You Would Do The Normal Thing So Hugs Fight And What Not And Get Money

    Play You Could Do Whatever Talk Do Shopping Together Trades And That Type Of Thing.

    I Know Alot Of People Hate This Idea Im Gonna Say But Its My Opinion

    There Should Be Different Classes 4 Your Pet Or Jobs

    Example Below Is

    Classses = Gardening with more added to it, fishing with more added, Treasure Hunting Same Thing

    So Basicaly You Could Be Gardener Or Fisher Or What Not

    And For Jobs You Could Do Stuff Like Clean Houses Outside Or Fined The Sneaky Character At A Police Station… It Be For Little Kids Still To

    It Be Like Fined The Guy That Stole The Pie XD Ahaha.

    Well You Shall Be Missed. Should Still Play Though Giving Up Aint The Answer I Did That When I Couldnt Get My Playfish Cash But I Came Back Not To Long After Ahaha

    Well Bye 4 Now ^_^

  146. Alex Says:

    I miss you !!!!
    More than a year!
    Happy Halloween Momo !

  147. PetSocietyObsession Says:

    Sad… I guess I can steal Momo’s look then

  148. PetSocietyObsession Says:

    But still, we miss you…

    • petvillesociety Says:

      I used to go on this a lot back in 2009/10
      I was going on PetSocietyObsession’s blog but it’s closed

  149. pet society lover Says:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I still go on it and look at it because I like looking at old pet society stuff. Thank you so much, Pet Society Girl! You and Momo Rock!

  150. aww…I liked your blog a lot and I still read it because the posts are all so interesting!
    You gave me inspiration to create a pet society fan blog myself, which is at
    Momo and you were awesome!

  151. Ang Says:

    This is the same Ang 🙂

    After all this time I still have ur blog as a favorite and I just came across it! Since working fulltime since Oct 2010, I’ve been playing PS less and haven’t traded at the forum at all. I still enjoy the reminiscence of ur website and I remember the joy and anticipation of ur blog each week. Please give us an update of how ur doing 🙂 Take care and happy lunar new year!!

  152. Hello everyone! I am doing well, and I hope all of you are doing great too! Thanks so much for your kind words and wishes.

    I am glad that many of you still visit once in a while to reminisce about old items. I will not delete my blog and hope everyone will continue to enjoy it. Please note that when my domain expires this summer (July 26, 2012), the URL to view this blog will become .

    • Nicoletta Says:

      I love it! I spent hours just reading this blog instead of playing the actual game xD Glad that you came back to visit too! 🙂

    • Ang Says:

      Pet Society Girl,

      You came back to say hi 🙂 Great to hear from you! Are u playing any other games of have other blogs? Thanks for the update, it’s been some time 🙂 I’m still playing PS although not trading. PS is a lot better than before, we get free Blue Coins every week if we sign in 5 consecutive days, also, instead of asking friends for help to get an item, we can do it ourself by signing in after certain time periods. Many improvements but still not the same as back in the days with u! Miss you and wishing u happiness!

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