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Pet Society Mystery Items – September 16th September 20, 2010

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New items were added to the Pet Society mystery boxes last Thursday. In the gold boxes, there’s a Mochi Bunny Plushie and a Pomelo Hat. In the purple boxes, there’s a Pink Bunny Ribbon.

Momo and I found all three of the new items:

Have you found any of the new items?


8 Responses to “Pet Society Mystery Items – September 16th”

  1. beckie. Says:

    i found two items, the Mochi Bunny Plushie and the Pink Bunny Ribbon but i cant find the hat D:

  2. Vira Says:

    Haven’t found any yet. but I only want the ribbon

  3. Yin Xia Says:

    The bunny looks cute, just that its ears..

  4. rocky Says:

    i only found the ribbon

  5. Pandina Says:

    my friend found both of the new items in the gmb in one go
    she said the pomelo hat looks ugly and i wanted it but she wont trade T-T
    anyway, happy mooncake festival!

  6. Pandina Says:

    and also, i think tehy updated the chances into finding 999 items because i bought 13 mystery boxes (gold) and 6 of them were 999

  7. rocky Says:

    hey guys!!!!!!!! i don’t mean to be a spoiler but next week at september 27 is school week (hey isn’t that obvious?)

  8. ray Says:

    There is a new fish on Mon! Yay!

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