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New Pet Society Items – September 19th September 19, 2010

This week in Pet Society, the trip to Japan continues and our pets will also visit China!

In the outdoor shop, the “just arrived” items are a Japanese garden flower pot and a luminous tree with Chinese lanterns.

The “one week only” items are a Japanese garden parasol, Chinese early autumn garden table and stool, Japanese shrine gate, and a Japanese garden bench.  The parasol and garden bench wound look a lot nicer without the pink slime on them…I guess the slime is supposed to be cherry blossom petals?

In the mystery shop, there’s a Japanese garden mystery egg machine.

Also, please note that it’s the last week to buy mystery eggs from the stone age mystery egg machine.

In the market, the “one week only” items are a lotus painting and a buttercup plushie. The “just arrived” item is a tanuki plushie.

The limited edition item for coins is sashimi boat. The new collaborative item is a pawpaw revolution dance arcade.

In the food shop, you can buy a pink icecream mooncake and a chocolate pet mooncake.

In the clothing shop girl sections, the “just arrived” items are from the Pet Society Fall 2010 Collection. The clothing was designed by players as part of the fashionista competition. There’s the Le Rock & Chic Ensemble, the Autumn Bloom Outfit, Sweet Starry Night Pajama Outfit, Lord of the Bunnies Outfit, and Urban Chic Outfit. Aren’t they great!?

In the DIY store, the “one week only” item is the Chinese evening stone floor and the “just arrived” item is the Chinese evening orchard wallpaper..

Also “just arrived” is the Japanese tea room alcove.

My favorite items are the new plushies.  I love the new clothes too!

Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites?