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Pet Society Basset Hound Plushie Glitch September 13, 2010

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Pet Society fans were subjected to Playfish’s latest sloppiness in yet another glitch. Apparently the Basset Hound Plushie released yesterday expired way sooner than it should have, and after receiving hundreds of complaints, Pet Society will re-do the feed.  Watch for this free item on the Pet Society Facebook fan page where there will be a link to click and receive the plushie.  Hopefully, it’ll work for everyone this time.

Here’s the official spin on this latest issue.


16 Responses to “Pet Society Basset Hound Plushie Glitch”

  1. ana Says:

    Hello there, i know this doesn’t have anything ti do with the topic but i just have to report something. whenever i send somebody white chocolate cookies they get pet geisha toy. every single time. do you know anything about it?
    thank you.

  2. Vira Says:

    I also have something to ask that is off topic.
    In the little house on the right; you know how a tick appears on the room you are in? Well, when I go to Room 9 the tick is always backwards. Does anyone else get that? I think it’s very weird o.O

  3. Noam / Speedy Says:

    MOMO, something bad going on! my blog got 00 visits 3 days in a row, even you (my favorite >.<) didn't came in , Speedy and I really sad.

  4. Fenrixion Says:

    Hey!! the winners for the fall clothing designing contest are now out! Get ready to go on a shopping spree!! 😀

  5. Fenrixion Says:

    ooh and one more. I checked Petsociety’s blog..and looks like next week we aren’t gonna have new clothes for our pets.Well i’m not too sure about that but the link’s here.
    Apparently Playfish thinks that the fall winner’s clothes are more than enough for us normal players next week. *sigh* 😦

  6. yumz Says:

    umm i have this glitch in my kitchen its kinda wierd 0_o here’s a photo of it

    • Wow, that’s strange to see a floating item. Are a lot of your items missing?

      • yumz Says:

        yup.. 😦 its such a rip off i have a feeling that petsociety is getting glitchy!!!
        well sometimesin free time i play sims3 :p do u play sims3 you should watch the trailer but still a rip off

        • yumz Says:

          oh and petsociety girl last august i did’nt get a chance to play pet society for
          2 or 3 weeks!!! cus i gotten the dengue fever 😦 that time i missed lthe limited items! 😦 have you stop plyn petsociety longer how i have?

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