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New Pet Society Items – September 12th September 12, 2010

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This week in Pet Society, get ready to take another trip to Japan!

In the outdoor shop, there’s a sign to build a collaborative cherry tree bonsai.

You can buy an Okonomiyaki Takeaway.

There’s also a Japanese garden lantern, Japanese garden cooking pot, and a Japanese garden gong.

There’s a monkey thermal bath and an ornamental Japanese temple entrance.

In the mystery shop, along with the repeated Japanese garden lantern from the outdoor store, there’s a paper ceiling lamp and luminous fish Japanese lantern.

In the furniture store, the “just arrived” items are a steam cooker and a matsuri food stand.

In the market, there’s a sign reminding us to collect Hideeni’s moody fruit plushies. Also, a new limited item will be released tomorrow that sells for coins.  It’s the Pink Kappa Plushie.

There’s also a daruma decoration available for “one week only.” The “just arrived” items are the kappa plushie and kappa mask.

You can also purchase Hideeni’s moody fruit tree display.

In the clothing shop girl sections, the “one week only” items are the romantic hakama and romantic Japanese sandals.  The “just arrived” item is a red hakama outfit bundle.

The latest wig is the romantic Japanese wig.

In the DIY store, the “one week only” items are the blue and brown tatami wallpapers, and the “just arrived” items are the white tatami wallpaper and the Japanese stone wall.

The “one week only” item is the brown Japanese sliding door, and the “just arrived” item is the white Japanese sliding door.

Lastly, there’s a food stand sign in the fixtures and fittings section of the DIY store.

My favorite items this week are the new wig and the kappa plushies and mask.  Hideeni’s tree looks neat too.  I hope we can put other plushies on it besides the fruits! The lanterns are nice too.

Although I’d like to purchase the food from the latest food stand, I’m starting to think it’s pointless to keep buying stands because there’s nowhere for me to put them all.  I wish we could just buy food normally in the food shop instead of buying stands. What do you think?

I’m not sure how I feel about the bundles.  It’s nice when the bundle gives you a deal, but I’d still like to see what’s inside before purchasing the latest clothing bundle.   Also, on the subject of clothes, I can’t believe there are no clothes or wigs for boy pets again!

Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites?


46 Responses to “New Pet Society Items – September 12th”

  1. Amaya-chan Says:

    I’m glad there’s another Japan week! 😀 But yet again boy pets are being ignored…:(

    I agree, the wig is really cute! And for the food stands, I don’t have any place to put them either. They are really big compared to the Soda Machine. =/

    The kappa plushies are cute, and the Monkey Thermal Bath is animated (and not cash) which is good too. I think the only bad part about this week is that there’s no clothes for boy pets. Otherwise, this week’s items are very enjoyable. 😀

  2. Lemon Says:

    Ooohhhh :3 Okonomiyaki is really good in real life.
    Anyway, I like that there’s another Japanese theme. The items are pretty nice, although I agree: Boy pets are being ignored. D:

  3. ash Says:

    momo have you seen the adorable basset hound plushie today?? do you know how to get that? Its in the pet society’s fan page

  4. ash Says:

    I just want to received that free cute plushie coz last time i did not received the cute plushies (pink and blue plushies with birthday hats) from the pet society.. remember pet society’s 2nd birthday?? i dont know why but only few pet society players received the said items..

  5. ang Says:

    I love the new theme!! esp the lanterns from BMB and digging , the purple kimono and the moody fruits ^^ some of the items are from RC lol

  6. Hunter Dowell Says:

    I like this weeks items! Love the new plushies and Hideeni’s tree! I just wanted to let you guys know the glitch with the Wig Dye Stands no longer exists!!!! I bought the new wig thinking I could dye it and the stand I usually go to did not work! Just letting you readers know!

  7. Mojito Says:

    It’s kind of weird that the new stand is sold for coins, when pretty similar sushi stand from a while ago is sold for cash 😀 And I personally like the new one better…
    And about the bundles… I don’t see a reason why don’t they show the items also in the game, when everybody can see them on the blog on Thursday…

  8. Hawtee Qeat Says:

    The Kappa Mask blinks XD
    sooo cute 🙂
    Am I the last one to notice ? :p

  9. Yin Xia Says:

    I kind of love this week! 😀 Espescially the plushie and clothes. However the things are very expensive.. 😦

  10. lolol Says:

    have you have this happen to you ?
    Well today stela got the 3 piece outfit, and i only got one of the 3 piece outfit. stelas upset cause her outfit is not complete.

  11. JonnyPhoenix Says:

    for the first time since it launced, ive finally stopped playing pet society.

    firstly the playfish cash is ridiculous now.

    secondly i am SO BORED of all the repeated weekly themes. How many times have we had japan now?

    lastly, as you said PSG, once again, NO boy items. It seems like an age since we had any decent ones, let alone any whatsoever. Such a shame this game went sour. I used to love it.

    • Hi JonnyPhoenix, the game is feeling more and more sour for me too. 😦 My husband, and two male friends quit (all had boy pets) because there were never boy clothes.

      I agree about the Playfish Cash items…they are everywhere and the prices are ridiculous.

  12. Miranda Says:

    You can check out waht’s in the bundle at the official pet society blog!
    I bought it, and I think the animated butterfly is very cute:) but I didn’t like the dress and the sandals..
    (and you can find on every Thursday the next week’s new items at the official blog!:))

  13. i love ps Says:

    I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but, when I buy multiple Okonomiyaki I’m getting one less than I should and I’m wasting 100 coins on nothing. I bought 2 and received 1 last night and I just bought 3 and only received 2. I will just buy one at a time now. : )
    I love this weeks theme and realize PS is very Japanese. Most of my rooms have that influence b/c they put it out and I love it so much.

  14. Cjyhaha Says:

    Another fashion tip to be share:Wear the Kappa Mask with the previously released Little Frog Costume(except the hat)and voila!Your pet becomes a Kappa,neat huh?

  15. sophie Says:

    My trees eating my moody fruit??? i place them on the holders and they dissappear… anyone else had this problem??

  16. yumz Says:

    HI PSG!! i have a problem remember you uploaded a sum pix of ur haus i saw ur question i have a flickr account and a member in ur PSlink thingy
    everytime i try to upload a photoin it it doesnt send it i dont get it? OH YAH SUM TIMES the words are in spanish i dont understand spanish (well i know a little cus i saw dora since i was 5 i stopped watching it at 7 isn’t she suppose to be 10 she’s still in kindergaden! I MEAN IS DORA FAILING AND REAPEATING THE SAME GRADE??? IS SHE LIKE DUM??!!)i really wish i can show you my haus 😦 P.S. sorry for making this really long 😛

  17. arihoma Says:

    Awwww… I just went to Japan and Okonomiyaki, it’s a amazing!!!

  18. Owee Says:

    On the male clothes topic, Mark-the pet society mayor says :-

    “I’m afraid this is really a vote with your feet thing.

    So long as more female items are sold the amount made are proportional.

    If you want to see more male items… I understand your frustration completely but the only solution is to buy buy buy those male items.”

  19. Owee Says:

    Yeah, I gave the same reply like yours

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