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New Pet Society Items – September 12th September 12, 2010

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This week in Pet Society, get ready to take another trip to Japan!

In the outdoor shop, there’s a sign to build a collaborative cherry tree bonsai.

You can buy an Okonomiyaki Takeaway.

There’s also a Japanese garden lantern, Japanese garden cooking pot, and a Japanese garden gong.

There’s a monkey thermal bath and an ornamental Japanese temple entrance.

In the mystery shop, along with the repeated Japanese garden lantern from the outdoor store, there’s a paper ceiling lamp and luminous fish Japanese lantern.

In the furniture store, the “just arrived” items are a steam cooker and a matsuri food stand.

In the market, there’s a sign reminding us to collect Hideeni’s moody fruit plushies. Also, a new limited item will be released tomorrow that sells for coins.  It’s the Pink Kappa Plushie.

There’s also a daruma decoration available for “one week only.” The “just arrived” items are the kappa plushie and kappa mask.

You can also purchase Hideeni’s moody fruit tree display.

In the clothing shop girl sections, the “one week only” items are the romantic hakama and romantic Japanese sandals.  The “just arrived” item is a red hakama outfit bundle.

The latest wig is the romantic Japanese wig.

In the DIY store, the “one week only” items are the blue and brown tatami wallpapers, and the “just arrived” items are the white tatami wallpaper and the Japanese stone wall.

The “one week only” item is the brown Japanese sliding door, and the “just arrived” item is the white Japanese sliding door.

Lastly, there’s a food stand sign in the fixtures and fittings section of the DIY store.

My favorite items this week are the new wig and the kappa plushies and mask.  Hideeni’s tree looks neat too.  I hope we can put other plushies on it besides the fruits! The lanterns are nice too.

Although I’d like to purchase the food from the latest food stand, I’m starting to think it’s pointless to keep buying stands because there’s nowhere for me to put them all.  I wish we could just buy food normally in the food shop instead of buying stands. What do you think?

I’m not sure how I feel about the bundles.  It’s nice when the bundle gives you a deal, but I’d still like to see what’s inside before purchasing the latest clothing bundle.   Also, on the subject of clothes, I can’t believe there are no clothes or wigs for boy pets again!

Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites?


Adding Pet Society Friends and Trading

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I receive a lot of friend requests in my blog’s comments, so I thought I’d make a post on this topic.  I only feel comfortable adding my real life friends on facebook, and I’m sorry to turn down facebook friendship requests.

If readers of this blog want to add one another, then feel free to add your facebook info below, so you can befriend one another.  Another option for making Pet Society friends is the Playfish Forums, which has a “Find New Friends” section.  You have to be registered as a member there to view the section:

The Playfish Forum also has a Pet Society Trading section:
If you’re looking for an item, then more people will see your message there than if you post a comment about trading on my blog.

Hope this helps if you’re interested in adding friends and trading in Pet Society!


Pet Society Basset Hound Plushie

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If you’re a Facebook fan of Pet Society, then you’ll notice that Pet Society is giving away a free Basset Hound plushie. Click the link in your facebook news feed to retrieve it. 

Edited to add: There’s a glitch with this Pet Society item.  For more info, please see this update post.