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Pet Society Treasure Hunting Update – September 9th September 11, 2010

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The Pet Society treasure hunting feature was updated a couple days ago with new “weekly” item at the “Town Forest” digging site. The new item is the Luminous Pink Japanese Lantern.

Momo found the Luminous Pink Japanese Lantern shown on the left below (to the right is the similar Luminous Japanese Lantern, which can be found in the blue mystery boxes):

Did you find the latest treasure? Did you have an easier time finding this treasure than previous ones?  I was happy that it seemed a bit easier this week to find the weekly item!


30 Responses to “Pet Society Treasure Hunting Update – September 9th”

  1. GreyKitten Says:

    Which one do you like more? I haven’t found any of the two yet. 😦

  2. lalalay Says:

    i found the pink on first go! this week has been very lucky for me!

  3. Christina Says:

    I got both of them!

  4. Mariana Says:

    I love momo’s dress!!! I guess it´s not available anymore right?

  5. moegymnast0723 Says:

    i got them too
    btw if people doesnt have the dancing pet figureine, i have 4 so i can trade!

  6. Owee Says:

    I always found weekly digging items now so easily! Since after the Gretel doll (Which I found only 1 and after so much hardworking), I digged more than 3 monkey hats,4 Mayor Hats,2 Diamond headbands, 1 Book of Spells (easily found),3 Nostalgic games, 2 of these pink lanterns and more other

  7. jammie cyrus Says:

    Owee and moegymnasto723 owee plzz give me one diamond headband and and moe can u give me a dancing pet figurine my name is jammie cyrus in facebook

  8. jammie cyrus Says:

    Can owee and moegymnasto723 I want to things moegymnast give me a dancing pet figurine and owee plzz give me one of ur diamojnd headband plzzzzzZz I need them my name is jammie cyrus in facebook

  9. GreyKitten Says:

    Hey Momo, I made a blog called Pet Society Canada. Check it out if you want to. Here is the link:

    Can you also put a link to my blog in the Friends of Pet Society World, please?

  10. ang Says:

    these are my fave digging item ^^

  11. Owee Says:

    Thanks, now weekly digging items for me are so easy to find 😉 but I dont have much luck finding rare digging items

  12. Caramelo Says:

    Hello everyone, i used to play off line to see if i could get more *999 items but now it doesn’t work anylonger, is there any other tactic/suggestion u can give to find the new mystery items?

  13. jammie cyrus Says:

    i have this pink lantern!

  14. rocky Says:

    i got both of them!

  15. Anu Molina Says:

    q lindo es el pet

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