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Pet Society Mystery Items – September 9th September 10, 2010

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New items were added to the Pet Society mystery boxes yesterday. In the gold boxes, there’s a Red Japanese Ogre Mask and a Fish Bag Hat. In the purple boxes, there’s a Luminous Japanese Lantern.

Momo and I found all three of the new items. Here are pictures of the Red Japanese Ogre Mask and a Fish Bag Hat.

And here’s a picture of the Luminous Japanese Lantern with the lights on and off. It’s so pretty!

As I mentioned earlier, a huge list of mystery items were removed from the mystery boxes during yesterday’s update, so the probabilities of finding the new items seem to be much improved for me at least! Did you have better luck than before? Have you found any of the new items?


29 Responses to “Pet Society Mystery Items – September 9th”

  1. Ricky Says:

    I found all of three items and Dancing Pet Figurine! Yei!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I found all three as well, plus dalmatians and dancing pet figurines! I had one of each before, but that was all, and it took ages, but now I’ve found heaps more of them! Yay!!

  3. Vira Says:

    the like the goldfish in the bag

  4. Amaya-chan Says:

    I only got the lantern yesterday. I hope I’ll get more luck today! 😀

  5. Darkgothgirl Says:

    i got a fish bag hat today but i was looking for something else. but it also reminds me of the game in japan where you scoop fishes in nets but the nets break easily

  6. GreyKitten Says:

    I haven’t found anything yet.

  7. faileechan Says:

    the gold fish in the bag is good for decoration in your house
    but i havent got anything yet …………coz the enternet is soo low …….it take up about ten hours to load ……….just kidding it only about 15 minutes t0 30 i guess …..sorry my english is not good

  8. Christina Says:

    i got the fish bag hat!

  9. I found the Fish Bag Hat! 😀

  10. moegymnast0723 Says:

    i found the luminous lantern from the town forest weekly treasure

  11. Miranda Says:

    I found all the new items and I didn’t have to buy hundreds of boxes:D
    and it isn’t hard to get the new digging item..I have 3 accounts and Nyuffi (my pet) has got 5 of it…

  12. Cutie Pie Says:

    its easier to get items now and digging too

  13. ang Says:

    In the pursuit for the fish hat, I was able to find 2 dancing pet figurines! why is the fist hat so hard to get 😦 I even got the mask T_T

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