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Pet Society – Lottery Update – Puppies! September 10, 2010

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Among today’s updates in Pet Society, the lottery wheel has finally been updated with a new prize!  As I posted earlier, I was tired of getting white kittens, and I’m glad to see a new prize on the wheel.

Has anyone won the prize yet?


19 Responses to “Pet Society – Lottery Update – Puppies!”

  1. milfeulle Says:

    I got the new prize on my first spin ! :DD

    I’m so glad they updated it .. I have TWENTY-TWO WHITE KITTEN PLUSHIES in my inventory…

  2. tigres Says:

    what is it?

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I got it too, it’s really cute!

  4. lalalay Says:

    i got in first go at new lottery. i didnt even try.

  5. puhka Says:

    I liked the cat

  6. Noam Says:

    Momo, Speedy want to open his own blog, or He can send some of his news to your email and you will publish it here?

    You inspired me and Speedy much to help the world with
    our funniest XD

    • Hi Noam, you don’t have to email anything to me. If you want to make your own blog, then you can build your very own one at wordpress or blogger. Let me know if you and Speedy decide to make your own Pet Society blog, and I’ll add a link to your blog on the sidebar. 😀

  7. Can Says:

    Actually, I think Playfish reads your blog, petsocietygirl. I can’t remember about what it was now but, it happened before too! 😀

  8. Christina Says:

    the 1st time i spun the lottery,i got it the 1st time!

  9. GreyKitten Says:

    I almost got the puppy. 😦 Better luck next time.

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