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Hideeni Bears Fruit in Pet Society September 10, 2010

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Hideeni must have grown tired of his octopus costume because he’s back, and this time he’s dressed as a pineapple! If we click him, then he’ll give out moody fruit plushies to our friends.

So far Momo’s found an Angry Orange Plushie.  There are a total of 12 moody fruit plushies to collect.

Momo likes her moody first plushie and can’t wait to get some more.

Have you and your pet found any moody fruit plushies yet?  What do you think of Hideeni’s latest look?

Super Fruit Fall


72 Responses to “Hideeni Bears Fruit in Pet Society”

  1. PlushieLuver Says:

    There’s a glitch in this Hideeni thing. If your friend has multiple posts about the plushie thing, you won’t be able to collect your plushie and they’ll just say ‘You have already received this gift’ 😦

  2. lalalay Says:

    i realised 2 😦

  3. lalalay Says:

    i just noticed something amazing. i was bored and i had like 5000 coins so i sspent it all on funpark and burger eggs. i got LOTS and i realised i had not received even 1 duplicate! amazing. i had all different items and very happy. am i just lucky or does evryone else have this?

  4. lalalay Says:

    i like hideenis outfit but he will always be ugly (im not being skin colours brown )

  5. Iris Says:

    have you realised hideeni always dresses.. like a girl.. no offence but srsly he does..

  6. Jaeyei Says:

    Does anyone know that what we’ll get after collecting 12 fruit plushie? :O I wsh they got a huge price 😀

  7. Noam Says:

    You’r awesome i just love what you doing,

    May I add you to buddy?

    The funny thing I got the Orange as my first fruit too =]

  8. Noam Says:

    Funny thing :

    Adorable Angry Orange.

  9. beckieface Says:

    the pineapple mask you get when you complete it is sooo cute:’)
    i have erm 6 of them i thinkD:
    better than the seashells (:

  10. ash Says:

    gosh i wish hideeni’s items can be gifted so we could easily share our doubled items to those who cannot find the item they like.. momo can i add you?

  11. Hunter Dowell Says:

    This is the first time in a long time since I’ve even liked what Hideeni’s giving away! I love the moody fruit! I only have a cherry and banana so far!

  12. Noam Says:

    I glad you so active!, Is there any way I can talk with you live? (Not Face to Face , more like a Facebook Messanger but a other way XD, You should add a Active Chat)
    I just have to say u doing a really awesome job with your blog I just love reading it

  13. lalalay Says:

    ive got a funny strawberry and worried apple so far! yay! so cute!

  14. lalalay Says:

    omg! the normal pets are back in the cafe! no more money shortages! hurrayyyyyy

  15. lolol Says:

    what has everyone got so far?
    i’ve got the lazy banana plushie, its so adorable.

  16. Lyssa Says:

    For some reason, I imagine the Pink Pineapple to taste like Pink Lemonade xD

  17. Noam Says:

    Momo , I’ve been opened a blog inspired by you
    it will be a honor if you will take a visit in it,

    and Awesome if you will public it in u’r site?

  18. ray Says:

    i got 11 now, I still need to get the Funny Strawberry Plushie to get all of them!

  19. candicoot Says:

    The fruit plushies are sooo cute!

  20. GreyKitten Says:

    I got the berry and the lemon. Susan likes the lemon more.

  21. Noam Says:

    ❤ Momo How much how I love Speedy , You'r pet is amazing =]

  22. jammie cyrus Says:

    I have the happy lemon

  23. Noam Says:

    Momo, my site name has been changed to “Life of Speedy”
    and the link is now :

    Thank you very much for helping me building my blog.

  24. PlushieLuver Says:

    Hmm… I also realised they have a typo error with the friendly cherries plushie

  25. jadz Says:

    may i just ask., can u have more than 1 moody plushies ? cuase want to collect 99 oranges if possible :))

  26. Fufu Says:

    YAY!!! Now I have the easter egg collection complete, the seashells, and now the moody fruits! What next?!?!?

  27. Yvonne Says:

    I have a random question about that ADORABLE LAMB in the corner of your first picture?
    Where did you get it??
    It’s so cute!!

  28. Ally Says:

    I haven’t gotten ANY plushies! But I really want them D: So far, I’m the only one who’s sharing.

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