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Pet Society Deep Ocean Treasure Hunt Update September 8, 2010

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Here’s an update to my earlier post on the Deep Ocean Treasure Hunt. Momo completed her set of deep ocean treasures this week:

Here’s a list of the Deep Ocean treasures (as pictured above from top to bottom, and left to right) with their resale values:
Sealife Aquarium (7 parts) – 75 coins
Curly Long Wig – 300 coins
Deep Ocean Bathtub – 300 coins
Deep Ocean Bed – 300 coins
Water Drop Hat – 300 coins
Treasure Bait – 396 coins
Blue Mermaid Dress – 150 coins
Deep Ocean Chair – 150 coins
Deep Ocean Mirror – 150 coins
Deep Ocean Table – 150 coins
Happy Dolphin – 150 coins
Magic Mermaid Dress (Rare) – 3,750 coins
I think the water drop hat has a really cute animation, and I think Momo looks cute gliding around in the Magic Mermaid Dress.  I’m excited about fishing with the Treasure Bait.

Have you and your pet completed your deep ocean treasure set?