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Pet Society Brown Home Dye Station September 6, 2010

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I wanted to share a great tip that pinku provided in the comments!

Even if you don’t use Playfish Cash, if you have a friend with a new brown home dye stations, then your pet can use it for free!! You can use it to dye your wigs three shades of brown (ash, light brown, and dark brown).

I hope one of the rich pets in the cafe buys one soon, so we’ll all have access to dye our wigs! Cross your fingers that fingers Playfish won’t change this on us. 😀

Thanks pinku!!

Edited to add (Sept. 9, 2010): Pet Society ruined the fun, so we can no longer dye wigs at friends’ dye stations. So lame.


38 Responses to “Pet Society Brown Home Dye Station”

  1. lalalay Says:

    woot woot first comment!!!!!!
    i didnt know there were dye stations. i only thought there were just single dyes. wen did thee stations come out?

  2. lalalay Says:

    oh sorry just saw it no worries ^_^

  3. jadz Says:

    wow that’s cool!! tnx for sharing ps girl ;P

  4. jadz Says:

    tnx for the info ps girl :))))

  5. beckieface Says:

    i found this out erla.
    i thought it would make you pay but it doesnt.
    im not sure how long it will be like this for so take advantage while you can ;3.

  6. Chloe Says:

    omg awesome! It’s been a secret dream of mine to have Lady PawPaw wigs in like all the colors but I don’t get PF cash so I only had 1 that a friend dyed for me. Now I have all the brown ones, at least! Yay!

  7. Amaya-chan Says:

    Oh, how nice! 😀 I hope some of my friends who use cash buy it, or maybe the pets in the Cafe. 😀

  8. Evaristar Says:

    Awesome 😀
    On one of my accounts (that has about 800 people playing PS on it) i couldnt find anyone with it though 😦 Does anyone know someone with it who doesnt mind adding strangers?

  9. pinku Says:

    Glad momo (and others) found it useful!!! Fingers crossed PF won’t be ‘fixing’ the ‘glitch’ anytime soon.. how awesome would it be to have other colours.. like shades of red.. blue and pink~ and let them still be free for others~!!! LOL

  10. Cjyhaha Says:

    It’s been announced at the forum that this is a glitch and they told us to enjoy while it lasts,so better use that brown home dye station quickly!

  11. Ranran Says:

    Does any1 know who I can add it quickly 2 use the hair dye station?

  12. Penangite Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! =)
    I just visited the brown colour winner pet at the cafe (the one in the middle) and she has the brown dye station in her extra room 2.

  13. Amaya-chan Says:

    The glitch doesn’t work anymore. 😦

  14. Carol Jenish Says:

    Hello 🙂
    I’m just wondering how do you actually dye your wig using the wig dying station? I can’t work out how? Do you drop you wig on it or what?


    • Amaya-chan Says:

      Actually, the pet needs to wear the wig that you want to dye, click on the dying station, and then choose the color. However, I read somewhere that the glitch would be fixed in the next update. I thought this meant on Monday, but instead it meant Thursday, which was yesterday. So now the glitch is fixed. ):

    • Hi Carol, unfortunately, using friends’ dye stations doesn’t work anymore. 😦 Before Thursday’s update, you could put the wig you wanted to dye on your pet, and then chose the color, and it would dye the wig your pet was wearing.

  15. michelle Says:

    awwww i was still looking for a friend who had one zzzzz luck is hard for me

  16. evajoy Says:

    Thx. None of my PS friends are that rich so I don’t think I’ll be able to try this out.

  17. Argeline Says:

    hey i want the all dye color table please give them a coins not a playfish cash 😦 i dont want it really when they are playfish cash it’s okay when their prize is 50.000 😥 please

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