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Update on Hideeni’s Shells in Pet Society September 5, 2010

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Here’s an update on Hideeni’s shells.  Momo finished her collection and took a picture of all the shells in Hideeni’s Shell Display Case. The display is oversized and sort of tacky, but since Momo bought it, she thought she should at least take one picture of it!

Here are the names of the shells from top to bottom (and left to right) with their resale values:

Aqua Cone – 9 coins
King’s Crown – 19 coins
Cockleshell – 19 coins
Clamshell – 9 coins
Pink Limpet – 9 coins
Nautilus Shell – 9 coins
Snail Shell – 9 coins
Tulip Shell – 29 coins
Button Shell – 333 coins!!
Star Shell – 9 coins
Golden Starfish – 9 coins
Water Whelk – 19 coins
Rose Coral – 29 coins
Rainbow Scallop – 19 coins
Nutmeg Shell – 29 coins

Have you and your pet found all of Hideeni’s shells?


20 Responses to “Update on Hideeni’s Shells in Pet Society”

  1. #UnoFan Says:

    I finished my last week!

  2. ang Says:

    Nice!! congrats ~ momo worked hard and now has all the collection ^^ I was so surprised when the button shell sold back for 333! haha nice 🙂

  3. Yin Xia Says:

    I hope that I can finish my collection soon.. Or I think Hiddeni is going to get a complete makeover soon.. 😦

  4. Cjyhaha Says:

    I only have three missing:rainbow scallop,king’s crown and snail shell.Hope I can complete in time!

  5. Vira Says:

    im lacking a cockleshell D;

    i love the starfish, it’s cute and it’s orange (my favourite colour)

  6. LaDy pAsTa Says:

    it took me loong to finish it 😦 but i finshed it atlast :D:D:D ❤
    yipee i worked hard for finishing a collection for the first time..
    im exited for the next collection!! -.o
    i wonder what it is and pet society girl i wanna add you 😀 pls

  7. nena Says:

    hey, that swimsuit that momo’s wearing, what is it called? and why I’ve never seen it before? lol 🙂

  8. nena Says:

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. LaDy pAsTa Says:

    ohhh.. its ok ;D i also add ppl i know 😀 srri

  10. Lucie Says:

    Well. I think it was a bit useless for doing the bathroom set because there’s no toilet seat!!!

  11. Lucie Says:

    Pet Society Girl I Look At All Of The Things Like this And I choose this xx This is greattt! 😀

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