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New Pet Society Items – September 5th September 5, 2010

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This week’s Pet Society items have a retro video game theme, and there are lots of new items to re-decorate with.

In the outdoor shop, there’s a sign to build a collaborative space rocket. The other “just arrived” item is a glam outdoor bench. Four items are going to be removed from the store next week: the magic mushroom circle, bonfire, bamboo gazebo, and white marquee.

In the furniture store, the “one week only” items are the red designer shelf, red designer coffee table (both look pink to me), modern stool, and rattan basket decoration.

The “just arrived” items are the wooden designer shelf, modern coffee table, large sectional sofa, and red heart chair.

In the kitchen and bathroom section, there’s a wooden bathroom bundle box. You can buy the bundle or the individual items below.

The “just arrived” items include the wooden bathroom toiletry set, basket, sink, towel, stool, and chair, a wood-framed bathroom mirror, wood-based bathroom plant, and a wooden bathtub. You can also buy your pet a steel kettle.

In the bedroom section, the “just arrived” items are the wooden designer bed and wooden designer coffee table.

In the market, a new limited item will be released tomorrow that sells for coins.  It’s the Falling Blocks (a.k.a. Tetris) Arcade Game. The “one week only” item is the Save the Princess (a.k.a. Mario Bros.) Arcade Game. The “just arrived” items are the Fighter Arcade Game (a.k.a. Street Fighter) and Racer (a.k.a. Pole Position or Rad Racer) Arcade Game.

In the food shop, the “one week only” items are dark chocolate cookies, and the “just arrived” item is sparkling water.

In the clothing shop girl and boy’s sections, the “one week only” item is the blue pet pixel shirt, and the “just arrived” item is a white pet pixel shirt.

In the accessories section, the “one week only” items are the blue pet pixel mask, the yellow geeky glasses, and the orange pet pixel mask. The “just arrived” items are the tomato mask and black geeky glasses.

In the DIY store, the “just arrived” items are the light wood wallpaper and floor, and the pixel world wallpaper and floor.

The “one week only” item is the olive green leafy shelf, and the “just arrived” items are the bright green leafy shelf, and the cloud shelf.

My favorite items this week are the arcade games.  I love Nintendo!  I also like the tomato mask and the new shelves…I have some great ideas for decorating with them!

Do you like this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites?


28 Responses to “New Pet Society Items – September 5th”

  1. Mariana Says:

    I didn’t like them very much, they’re nice but I’ve never liked video games. I didn’t buy anything xD I’ll save my coins for next week.

  2. pinku Says:

    i know momo doesn’t buy pfc.. but not sure if any of her friends do.. cos there is this awesome awesome glitch (because it’s impossible that pf could be that nice!).. that if one of your friends own the wig dye station.. momo can get her wigs dyed ash, light or dark brown for free!!!!

    i think it’s great pinku has a very very generous friend who was willing to share the use of the dye station.. now pinku has 3 new dyed wigs to show off! XD

    have no idea if this glitch will be fixed.. and fingers crossed pf wont put a FAIL on the wigs dyed via the machine (they shouldn’t be able to right?).. in the meantime.. hope ppl can have some fun with it!! ^o^

  3. Cjyhaha Says:

    I know this is off topic but here a great fashion tip:Wear the whole Pink Kitchen Bundle and match it with a Retro Pink Glasses from the cheap mystery box,and if you can,use the recently released pink cute eyes(I’m not quite sure of the name though,it’s sparkly and have eyelashes.) for a much better look.

  4. yumz Says:

    hey PSG you forgot one item petling bunny ITS SO CUTE 😀 BUT too bad its 22 PF cash 😦 i hope you fixedit soon 🙂

  5. joeke Says:

    oh yeaaa, finally a week with items i have to DO something for because i wanna have them all 😀 I like the Wooden Bathroom Bundle, the shelves (Oooh, how i was waiting for something like this!), the pixel world wallpaper… Yaaay ^^

    thanks for sharing again, PSG 🙂

  6. Alba Says:

    i can´t buy the arcade that is limited edition, it tell me come back later, i have the money and they are not selling !!!!!!!

  7. ceres-gal Says:

    i thought the bath bundle is a steal… xD

    hahaha save the princess game = mario? XDD

  8. Evaristar Says:

    Hahhha i love this week’s items 😀
    Especially everything pixel-y. Its great nostalgia!

    This week is way better than last week with barely any coins items 😛

  9. Cjyhaha Says:

    Here’s a picture:

  10. Evaristar Says:

    😦 I spent 8000 coins for the arcade machine, which i got 20 minutes before it was out.. and i cant send it to a friend?!?!!

  11. PlushieLuver Says:

    I know this is EXTREMELY late, but the new large sectional sofa has a glitch. You can’t put ANYTHING in front of it ( I’m not sure ) if you put somthing on one side of the sofa that item would “float” or something X/

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