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Pet Society Treasure Hunt on the Moon September 2, 2010

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Out pets can go hunting for Pet Society treasures in a new location: The Moon!  Momo’s really excited to go exploring this new treasure hunt location.

Here it is on the map. It’s nice that it’s a regular/coin shovel site.

I wish Momo and I could dig right away, but then we learned that we need to build a space rocket first.  Ugh, I wish it didn’t take 20 clicks to build the rocket!

Well, eventually Momo will be ready for her space adventure.  Is your pet going to the moon too?


24 Responses to “Pet Society Treasure Hunt on the Moon”

  1. pbmarana Says:

    I’ll be getting ready for mine too. Luckily, I have ten accounts so I can make it in two days.

  2. kenneth karl sotomango Says:

    i am making mine too luckily my friends like to play pet society

  3. kenneth karl sotomango Says:

    i know what the treasures are space flag,purple U.F.O,cute red plushie,cute plushie that’s the treasure i know
    leave your comments

  4. Ebola Says:

    i already completed the collection, and its lovely here are the items: alien hat, flag, alien pod, red and pink alien plushies, space relax chair, commander chair, speca steering wheel, space floor and wallpaper, purple alien(glow in the dark) and the best is the animated robot (rare)

    this must be one of the best collections so far (though i feel that it was harder to complete than most collections)

    ps: here are some pics of my jungle and space themed rooms

  5. Cjyhaha Says:

    I’m so glad it’s not a Playfish Cash dig site,or else I would have trouble completing it like Deep Ocean.

  6. Kenneth karl sotomango Says:

    Hey ebola is there a building item in the moon like the dino skeleton in the town forest?

  7. GreyKitten Says:

    Only 2 people are helping me bulid the spaceship. 😦

  8. gavin Says:

    I got everything on the day i was able to dig there!
    the rare item is a white robot that roams freely around the floor 🙂

  9. nour Says:

    I got it and collected 20 friends the area is so COOL and their items are creapy

  10. kennethkarlsotomango Says:

    hey add me on facebook
    my picture is a jersey with the name sotomango and number 10

  11. Charm Says:

    please add me I need your help with pet society treasure hunt tnx! 🙂

  12. Lubo Says:

    My pet ben made it to get all the tresures in one day 🙂

  13. Lubo Says:

    the day i started digging

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