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Pet Society – Empty Cafe September 2, 2010

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Today, Momo went to visit the Pet Society cafe.  There are a lot of updates in there.

First, a bunch of items are on clearance with “last week in stores!” signs.

You can visit the homes of the “Party with Pet Society” contest. These pets are seem to be a rich and famous crowd.

Strangely enough, the rest of the cafe is empty! Was it closed for this exclusive pet party?

Momo generally washes dirty pets for coins, so seeing the empty cafe is really troubling.  How will she and I earn coins to buy this week’s items?  It’s not that I like washing dirty pets, but right now, washing pets is one of the best ways to earn coins. Gardening and jumping hurdles aren’t worthwhile in comparison.

Does the empty cafe worry you and your pet?  What do you think of the homes of the rich and famous pets who won Playfish’s contest?


17 Responses to “Pet Society – Empty Cafe”

  1. Amaya-chan Says:

    I also visit the Cafe to earn money as well. I hope this wouldn’t stay for long. =/

    But…their houses are so prettyful! *o*

  2. terry Says:

    the house of rich and famous are so beautiful because all of them are hacker.Playfish should ban them from playing it is unfair instead give them competition winner.they didn’t earn the money in pet society they cheat

  3. Nova Says:

    It’s frustrating that they get the whole place to themselves! I also clean them up for coins, so I was disappointed to see the place empty…
    But I wouldn’t accuse strangers to be hackers; some people have the money to buy however much playfish cash they want.

    P.S. Did you notice how the items are just floating on midair? I thought the place was bugged at first!

  4. Hmmm…I noticed that too….I visited the winners and they were soooo grand!I think that they’re too rich for me! 😦 BTW I wish I could visit the outside world again… know what I mean,right?…Oh! and Pet So. Girl in case u forgot….leila ysobel (Pet Society Journalist) and Munchkins are the same person….:) that’s all…

  5. Stella Says:

    I feel like there should be a bouncer and a velvet rope in the cafe, those rich pets don’t need all that room! I wish Playfish would think a little before doing things like this. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way 🙂

  6. lalalay Says:

    i dont like those rich snobby pets. u no wat i think.? they wasted their money on useless ugly and space taking furniture. if i won, i would slowly spend it, an only on things that dont cramp my whole house. and i wount buy so many they look ugly

    • We all have different tastes. I wouldn’t make my house crowded either…but since we’re limited on rooms, I guess they wanted to display as much as possible. I don’t mind leaving items in my inventory chest.

  7. lalalay Says:

    first thing i would do is to complete my jubble collection :). a shame u cant gift otherwise i would have given to my friends as well

  8. Choco Bunny Says:

    i go to the cafe to wash pets and somtimes to buy things from their house because sometimes i can’t be bothered to buy from the shop + i wa trying to look for somone who had the home brown dye thinggy too bad the fixed it 😦 at least u can see people at the cafe now tho

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