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Pet Society Treasure Hunt on the Moon September 2, 2010

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Out pets can go hunting for Pet Society treasures in a new location: The Moon!  Momo’s really excited to go exploring this new treasure hunt location.

Here it is on the map. It’s nice that it’s a regular/coin shovel site.

I wish Momo and I could dig right away, but then we learned that we need to build a space rocket first.  Ugh, I wish it didn’t take 20 clicks to build the rocket!

Well, eventually Momo will be ready for her space adventure.  Is your pet going to the moon too?


Pet Society – Empty Cafe

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Today, Momo went to visit the Pet Society cafe.  There are a lot of updates in there.

First, a bunch of items are on clearance with “last week in stores!” signs.

You can visit the homes of the “Party with Pet Society” contest. These pets are seem to be a rich and famous crowd.

Strangely enough, the rest of the cafe is empty! Was it closed for this exclusive pet party?

Momo generally washes dirty pets for coins, so seeing the empty cafe is really troubling.  How will she and I earn coins to buy this week’s items?  It’s not that I like washing dirty pets, but right now, washing pets is one of the best ways to earn coins. Gardening and jumping hurdles aren’t worthwhile in comparison.

Does the empty cafe worry you and your pet?  What do you think of the homes of the rich and famous pets who won Playfish’s contest?