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Pet Society – White Kittens August 31, 2010

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Momo spun the lottery wheel last week, and got yet another white kitten.  It used to be exciting to get a plushie, but since the wheel has had the same prize on it for so long, winning white kittens is really dull now.  Right now, Momo has a total of 14 white kittens, and I might have sold some extras before. It seems as though Pet Society has completely forgotten to update the plushie prize on the lottery wheel.  I’d love it if there was a new prize soon!

How many white kittens do you have?  Do you want the lottery plushie prize to switch to something new?


32 Responses to “Pet Society – White Kittens”


    I agree with you! We’ve had the kitty for about 6 months now!

  2. Cjyhaha Says:

    I have about four of it,I hope we have a new one,or else my pet is running out of plushies to play(My pet plays the ones I put around the rooms to decorate,so it’s kinda annoying that she moves it around…).

  3. jammie cyrus Says:

    hey! momo the new items of the mystery box the dancing pet figurine,the groundhog will be there in the mystery box for 1 week or for everyday coz i need the dancing pet figurine soon! and really the white kitten plushies are kinda boring i need some other pushies~

  4. Jann Says:

    23… oh.. wait… 24 now.. =/

    I used to think that the kitty was so cute… but now is just… boring… =(

  5. JohnnyZ Says:

    i now have 30 cats in my inventory
    but i have given away 10 to my neighbors and sold about 10
    they are really boring 😦

  6. jammie cyrus Says:

    thanx.. momo for u ur good luck
    i got the magical pink mermaid dress and magical pixie wings!

  7. ceres-gal Says:

    i keep about 3 or 4 kitties and sold the rest xD

  8. Sung Yun Says:

    how can we add you as our friend in pet society? If that is you want to 🙂

  9. Can Says:

    I just thought the same thing! 😀

  10. Kristyn Says:

    The white kitten is beautiful. I remember hoping that I’d be able to get one before they changed the prize… which is kind of ironic now. XD

    But yes, I hope they change it soon.

  11. Ivan Says:

    This is completly unrelated but… I just opened 13 GMBs and I didn’t get a single 999 item 😦

  12. Yea, I pretty board with it too! 😦 I hope they change it to something more “WOW”! and more exciting! You know?

  13. Pandina Says:

    i think the white kitten is just a bonus for spinning the wheel because u can sell it for 99 coins
    tho really not much

  14. ang Says:

    I always sell mine back for cash~ I have a few but I’m kinda tired of the same plushie 😛 They should update already!

  15. yumz Says:

    they should change the loading they get drained sumtimes 😦 does yours too? and i miss the old items and turn them to shiny things the playfish their making it unfair why can they give any playfish cash some times you what i mean? 😦

    • I have trouble loading the game once in a while too. I don’t like the shiny, plastic appearance of many new items. I’d love it if they gave some Playfish cash away in the lottery, but I doubt it will ever happen.

  16. Hadhi Says:

    I was just thinking about it.Pet Society is taking no interest in those matters.They aren’t taking any interest in trophies,cafe,cooking,stickers etc.They could also have made some other prizes for the lottery.

  17. ash Says:

    hi momo can i add u???

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